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Feed your body and mind with feel good, snappy podcasts on everything that matters. Never be stuck for a conversation starter either.


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Feed your body and mind with feel good, snappy podcasts on everything that matters. Never be stuck for a conversation starter either.




EPISODE 16 AIR FRYERS – Are they worth it

Air Fryers – are they worth it or just another kitchen gadget that’s got a lot of hype? Part of the problem is in the name as they do so much more than just fry! Listen to see how to use your air fryer to make things like a plum crumble. Hear



Hi, everyone, welcome to the Breathe Better podcast. While this podcast won’t change your life, I think it will get you to think about how you breathe in a whole new way. So sit back, relax, close your lips, and try and breathe only through your nose for the duration of this podcast. Everyone can...



When I say the word BARRE what comes to mind first? Well of course that would depend on the context, it could be the bar where you order your drinks, it could be something that’s been raised as in a higher standard has been set in some area, it could be about being called to...


EPISODE 13 The Alcohol Free Sometimes podcast

Are you alcohol free sometimes? Fix yourself a drink sit back and take a moment to listen to this ALCOHOL FREE SOMETIMES PODCAST from Dubai with me Monica Kapila your host and Erica Doyle owner and founder of the Drink Dry Store in Dubai. I completed dry January for the first time in my life...


EPISODE 12 Gluten Free Porridge NO OATS

If you’re bored of your usual bowl of breakfast and want some gluten free porridge ideas with NO OATS BUT you still want to tick your: HEALTHY GLUTEN FREE HAS TO FILL ME UP boxes, Then learn how to make this Linseed, Sunflower Seed and Almond porridge in under 10 minutes. Versatile (you can add...


Episode 11 Vegan Ice Cream just 3 ingredients

Honestly easy vegan ice cream made with 3 main ingredients. This easy, peasy, vegan ice cream is cool, tasty, healthy ish and very versatile. So listen in to me teaching a teenager how to make it in under 5 minutes. That’s for soft serve straight from the mixing bowl. NO ICE CREAM maker needed either!...


Episode 10 The Power of Pilates

Learn about how the Power of Pilates can not only strengthen your core, but also help rewire your brain and potentially slow down or even reverse the inevitable loss of brain activity. Do you understand the difference between Yoga and Pilates? No neither did I but I do now. Definitely worth a 20 minute listen....


Episode 9 The Yin Thing

Learn how you could have a deeper sleep, slow down your mind and make space in bits of your body you never knew you had just, honestly The Yin Thing really is the NEW IN THING. You’ve heard of different types of yoga from Hatha to Hot but what’s the Yin Thing all about then?...


Episode 8 Matcha Tea – not just for drinking

Matcha Tea Learn all about matcha in under 10 minutes. Matcha Tea originally from China, is now associated with Japan. Matcha has been considered a super food long before the phrase super food itself became popular. BUT do you really understand wha


Episode 7 We Must Talk About KETO

KETO is one of those styles of eating that seems to be popular now. But what does KETO really mean and how can it be healthy if it means eating all that fat? Understand the facts about how KETO does and doesn’t work in under 15 minutes in this concise easy to listen to podcast. ...


Episode 6: Thermomix

1.What exactly is a thermomix? 2. What can it do that a good food processor can’t ? 3. How big is it – no more space on my counter either! 4. How much does it cost type of thing – This first of two episodes about The Thermomix. We mention a review that was written...


Episode 5: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

An easy but insightful chat about the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Enough to make you sound intelligent and food for thought if you do consider investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Learn how people are now paying for their weekly online grocery shop using Bitcoin and checking out with a crypto currency credit card. Did...


Episode 4: Eye Health – Zoom in now

How important is your Eye Health? A practical podcast sharing simple techniques to help you look after your eyes a bit better. A hugely important issue to address in this era of unprecedented screen time. That’s why I’m recording a podcast instead of writing a blog post. Try and make more use of the voice...


Episode 3: Invisaligns. What’s it really like and are they worth it?

Invisaligns are really popular with adults, listen to my experience of Invisaligns to help you make an informed decision. This chat will make you laugh too. Adult braces are a really big decision, especially if nothing hideous is out of place, really expensive too, what should you expect and how can you prepare a bit...


Episode 2: Vipasana Meditation – why bother?

How does Vipasana Meditation work and why you SHOULD bother with it, whether you think you need it or not. A practical chat on what to expect based on my recent experience of it. Trying to be physically still, literally is the first step towards being mentally still, more observation, less absorption. Train the muscle...


Episode 1: Ladies Nights Dubai

Welcome to our first episode of MonicMoments, talking about the concept of Ladies Nights as we experience them here in Dubai. Why did they start, where do they happen and do you have them where you live? For more ways on how you can save money in expensive Dubai, check out our page linked to...


MONIC MOMENTS What are these podcasts all about?

Listen to the introduction to hear what Monic Moments podcasts are all about. Focusing on maintaining a HEALTHY ZEST FOR LIVING WELL thereby generating better mental health and physical well being. Wellness that works and cool things to chat about, if this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place, come and Listen In...