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106- Dr. John Demartini- Finding Your Own Highest Value To Generate Purpose and Authenticity In Your Life

Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast we welcome Dr. John Demartini, expert on human consciousness. Ben and Dr. Martini go deep on the human consciousness and everything that it takes to allow you to do what you are meant to be doing. Listen in on Dr. Demartini’s framework for finding your true values and how he lives his life to change the world. Today's Episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms. For all of your mushroom, mushroom coffee and tea needs visit foursigmatic.com/muscle...


105- Ben's Top Tips to Optimize Sleep

Ben gives his greatest tips to optimize your sleep. He discusses everything from mushrooms to supplements and of course environmental optimization. The key factors that effect your sleep are light sources and stimulants removing those as it gets closer to bedtime will be a huge benefit to getting better sleep. Additionally reducing EMFs, stressors and of course supplementation will help you get better rest and let you get the most out of your day! This episode is brought to you by Four...


104- Don Saldino- How to Build a Super Hero Physique, Become a Great Coach, and Motivate the People Around You

Don Saldino, owner of Drive 495 Club in NYC and the go to personal trainer for super heroes joins us today to talk about his recent Muscle & Fitness cover, what it takes to build a super hero physique and how to become a great coach. Ben and Don discuss flexibility in coaching, all the skills a trainer needs to learn post certification and running successful training businesses. This episode was made possible by Thrive Market. Visit ThriveMarket.com/MuscleExpert to receive 25% off of your...


103- Kristin Comella- Stem Cells: What Are They; The Implications in Healing, Anti-Aging, and Recovery

We got to meet up with one of the leading stem cell doctors while at Paleo FX last month. Dr. Kristin Comella of the US Stem Cell clinic sat down with us to give us a rapid fire discussion on one of the newest, most misunderstood practices in modern medicine. Dr. Comella dispels the myths and gives us some great insight on the recovery, anti-aging and healing potentials of stem cell procedures. 1:30- Stem Cells have become a bit of a buzz word recently in the medical community. How long...


102- Mike Desanti- Lessons in Life, Manhood and Consciousness

Mike Desanti wears many hats, he is a health coach, gratitude and consciousness specialist and even an author of children's books. Mike and Ben have a great discussion on elevating your consciousness, the rituals Mike has used for his rights of passage, how he lives a life of gratitude and understanding, and much more. Make sure to listen to the end to hear about Mike's men's retreat and how he has used his platform as an author of children's books to teach impactful life lessons to their...


101- Dr. Jimmy Bagley- Muscle Fiber Type Adaptation, AMPK and MTOR Balance and Muscle Fiber Research

Dr. Jimmy Bagley is a researcher for the Muscle Phys Lab in San Fransisco as well as an Assistant Professor at San Fransisco State University. Dr. Bagley is one of the top researchers looking into muscle fiber types. He and Ben discuss how to optimize your fiber types for the sport you are pursuing, adapting muscle fibers and how to best stimulate MTOR and AMPK. 4:20- The ability to change your muscle fiber type composition and how a set of twins wound up with completely different fiber...


100th Episode- Ben's Top 20 Takeaways from the First 100 Episodes

To celebrate the 100th episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast, Ben dives into all the biggest takeaways from the best guests in the world. Ben recaps the 20 most important things that he has learned through our first 100 episodes.


99- Troy McClain- What Makes a Man

Entrepreneur Troy McClain joins us on the Muscle Expert Podcast to discuss tradition, personal ownership and the success mindset. After one morning spent with Troy we knew that we had to have him on the show. His insight into what it takes to be successful in business as well as life is unique and extremely insightful. Tune in for a great discussion on fading traditions, how to raise a generation of kids with respect and self-ownership, and how to pick a circle that will drive you, inspire...


98- Roland Pankewich and Dr. Ted Achacoso- Microbiome Masterclass, How to Live a Life that Supports Gut Health

Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Dr. Ted Achacoso and welcome back Roland Pankewich! On today’s episode we go deep on gut health and the microbiome. We discuss how to combat leaky gut syndrome, the nutrition requirements to have a healthy microbiome, the negative effects of glyphosate on our world, and how a rest and digest period is necessary for a healthy microbiome. 3:45- The cross talk between the gut micro biome and mitochondria during exercise. How your microbiome grows. 9:15-...


97- Ryan Glatt- How to Approach Training to Improve Your Brain Health

Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Ryan Glatt! Ryan is formerly with the Peak Brain Institute and currently is a programmer for SmartFit writing protocols for improving cognitive performance while working out. Ryan and Ben discuss ways to take control of your brain health to improve cognition through motor learning, exercise and daily mindfulness. Time Stamps: 3:00 Why Ryan got into corrective exercise and neurology. 7:15- Ryan’s approach to mental and physical health. 10:55- How we can...


95- Dr. Loretta Breuning- Overcoming Our Mammal Brain

Dr. Loretta Breuning is an expert on the mammal brain and the reasons why our brain chemistry responds to different stimulus. She has written multiple books including I Mammal, Habits of a Happy Brain, and the Science of Positivity. Dr. Breuning and Ben go deep on how our neurochemicals influence our actions and how we can take control over them. Listen now to learn how to take control over your evolution. 3:30- Our animal brain. The reasons why our neurotransmitters act the way they do....


94- Bedros Keuilian- How to Man Up, Dominate Business and Crush Life

We have a LIVE edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast coming your way today. Bedros Keuilian graced us with his presence at Muscle Intelligence headquarters to bring us a great insight on what he does best, growing businesses at an incredible rate and living life at an incredibly high level. Bedros shows us the meaning of what it is to live a “fighter jet life”, gives us insight on what a great morning routine looks like and answers some great questions from our Facebook Live. 3:15- Why...


93- Dr Jose Antonio- A Look Into the Latest Research with the President of the ISSN

93- Dr Jose Antonio- A Look Into the Latest Research with the President of the ISSN Dr. Jose Antonio is the President of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Today he joins us to discuss the latest research going on with ISSN scientists as well as what he is working on. Dr. Antonio has conducted numerous studies on the effect of high protein diets in athletes. Tune it to hear all about them as well as his experience in the VERY controversial topic of peanut butter overfeeding....


92- Dr. Ralph Esposito- The Man Doc’s Deep Dive on Testosterone

Dr. Ralph Esposito is one of the leading physicians in the field of testosterone optimization. Dr. Esposito gives us one of our deepest dives to date on testosterone, the negative effects of t replacement, environmental factors that effect testosterone, and the link between estrogens, testosterone and prostate cancer. 3:45- What is low testosterone? Do your T numbers matter or is free testosterone more important? 6:30- The importance of free testosterone. 8:15- What is DHT? Does it deserve...


91- Mike Matthews



90- Viada, Shallow- The Mindset of Success and Pushing the Limits of Human Performance

Alex Viada and Dr. Jordan Shallow are back for another great episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast. This time around they join Ben in discussing what it takes to be great. Being an elite athlete has it’s struggles and for these three it is no exception. This episode they talk about staying focused during the lulls of the process, the evolution of your training, what separates good from great and how Ben stays motivated now that he isn’t training for the Olympia. 2:10- Why Alex has decided...


88- Philip Mckernan- Finding Clarity, Pursuing Your Purpose and Discovering Happiness

Philip Mckernan works with some of the highest functioning people on the planet, from Olympians to CEOs, the Pentagon and entrepreneurs just to name a few. Philip helps them find a work/life balance and clarity in what they should be doing. Tune in to hear Ben and Philip discuss what it takes to find clarity, the steps you need to take to get out of your way and pursue what you are meant to be doing and how to look in the mirror and determine if you are REALLY happy. Time Stamps- 2:06-...


86- John Amaral- The Connection Between the Energy World and Our Physical Selves

John Amaral is the go to energy worker for Celebrities, Athletes, and Billionaires. On this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast, John and Ben introduce us to the energy that controls our existence. John gives great insight on how emotional energy can influence or even cause injuries, prohibit cellular communication, and keep you from living your greatest life. Make sure to listen to the end to catch some easy ways to take inventory of your inner body and heal past injuries. Time Stamps:...


85- Pedram Shojai- The Urban Monk on Mindfulness, Consciousness, Business and the Flaws of “Clearing Karma”

Pedram Shojai, the author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Urban Monk, joins us to discuss the disconnect between eastern and western cultures. Pedram is the constant evolver, leaving college for the monkhood and leaving that to rejoin western culture to study the effects of mindfulness, start a successful business and become a dad. Pedram shows us the steps to start living a more mindful life in the modern world, how to overcome living a results based life and the benefits of...


84- Dave Tate- A Conversation with a Personal Hero

Dave Tate, one of the top powerlifting coaches in the world and founder of Elite FTS, sits down with Ben to discuss a variety of topics. Discussed are the lessons learned from fitness and how they translate to running a business, raising kids to become the greatest version of themselves and the mentality of being world class. 1:15- What lessons from fitness translate to running a business? And how to keep your ego from interfering with your business. 5:00- Dave’s advice on running a...


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