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MST Podcast (Ep02): Amanda Le’Anne Brunzel

Amanda Le'Anne Brunzel | Dreamer On episode 2 of the MST Podcast, we talk with Amanda Le'Anne Brunzell about her MST experience in the navy, years of traumatic silence, and how she now uses her story and voice as an advocate for MST survivors. ABOUT THIS EPISODE The worst day of her life was when Amanda Le'Anne Brunzel was diagnosed with a brain tumor . . . and she was raped by a fellow sailor. Sure, she had been drinking to help process the shocking news of her medical condition. And...


MST Podcast (Ep01): Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones | There's Hope On episode 1 of the MST Podcast, sponsored by the Veterans Breakfast Club, host Lauren DelRicci talks with navy veteran Timothy Jones about his MST experience being raped and suffering the fallout among his peers after reporting the crime. Timothy shares his powerful story of survival from sinking to the depths of despair, rising with hopefulness, and realizing healthfulness within a community of supportive fellow veterans in Pittsburgh. ABOUT THIS EPISODE...