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Myths, Mating, & Mindset: Redesigning Relationships from the Inside Out

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Blending a mixture of erotic short stories, expert advice, and private conversations with real people, Devon encourages you to think outside the box and design your relationships from the ground up. For private coaching, visit

Blending a mixture of erotic short stories, expert advice, and private conversations with real people, Devon encourages you to think outside the box and design your relationships from the ground up. For private coaching, visit
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Blending a mixture of erotic short stories, expert advice, and private conversations with real people, Devon encourages you to think outside the box and design your relationships from the ground up. For private coaching, visit






SEXY STORY - London Sex Slave

In today's erotic short story, Daniel, a 40-something year old man travels to London in the aftermath of his divorce to experience what it would be like to be a woman's sex slave, and he finds a bargain when Mistress Anna shares him with her colleagues for the night. Starting next month on September 4th, I will be releasing my erotic stories for Patreon members only. But don't worry! Membership starts at just $2 per month - so only $1 per episode! With that small contribution, you'll have...


Insights from a Polyamorous Couple

Listen to this private conversation with a newly polyamorous couple about how they transitioned from traditional monogamy into polyamory, and what they've learned about this relationship style and love in general. We talk about the desire to cheat, how to establish boundaries, the uncertainty of relationship longevity, the importance of honesty, and the partner possessiveness a lot of us struggle with. They also give some tips for meeting and connecting with other like-minded individuals who...


SEXY STORY - Sex on a Cruise Ship

(Warning: this episode contains explicit content) Today’s episode of Myths, Mating, & Mindset is one of our sexy short stories. This time, it’s about a dancer on a cruise ship named Kim who falls for her boss, and winds up feeling the freedom of surrender. I would absolutely LOVE it if you would write me a review on iTunes to show some love and support for the show. Your enthusiasm for my work means a lot to me, and keeping the show alive with shares, likes, and reviews is what keeps my...


How to Stop Having Painful Sex and Start Having Tighter, More Pleasurable Sex, w/ Dr. Monika

Want to stop having painful sex, both anal and vaginal, and even use orgasms as pain relievers? Former vagina coach, Dr. Monika Stefanowicz, helps women and men who experience pelvic pain reclaim their sex lives. She teaches her patients how to improve bladder control (postpartum or otherwise), how to have tighter sex, and how to compassionately view ourselves in relation to chronic pain to enjoy sexual pleasure again. Dr. Monika is not your typical doctor who can often seem unapproachable...


SEXY STORY - Laney Dominates 5 Men

Today’s episode of Myths, Mating, and Mindset is an erotic short story about a woman named Laney who has always fantasized about having a room full of sexy men that she gets to use for her pleasure, making them wait in line to please her. And she finally gets her wish.


BDSM & Kink in Relationships

BDSM, Kink, and Fetishes are the topics I have the pleasure of exploring on today’s episode of Myths, Mating, & Mindset with Sex Therapist, Dr. Melvin Phillips. We unpack some common misconceptions about the psychology of kink, the roles of dominance and submission, how pleasure and pain relate, and how to play safely and consensually. Dr. Phillips offers advice and guidance on how to introduce BDSM and kink into your relationships and where to find like-minded people near you. Visit Dr....


Desire Resorts: Open Relationships and Ethical Non-Monogamy

Let’s talk opening up relationships! Today's podcast is about our sexy vacation to Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya. We're talking about how to navigate the conversation of opening up your relationship, how to communicate your wants & wishes inside and outside the bedroom, your wandering desire for others, and how to invite another couple/single to play with you while staying at a sexy resort like Desire. Visit my website and book a private coaching session with me at


Sex & Masculinity (Pt 2 of 2)

This is part 2 of our conversation on masculinity where we get real about the challenges men face with strict gender conformity and how it ties in with relationships. Today we’re focusing on sex - the myths, the misconceptions, and the reflections. We unpack some of the biases and challenges that men face in the bedroom. Here are a few of the ideas we discuss: Boys’ first experiences with porn and sexual excitement - who is teaching boys about sexual education?Exploring Erectile...


By Men For Men - Challenges of Masculinity (Pt 1 of 2)

Today, I’m sitting down with a room full of diverse men to talk about the challenges of masculinity. The reason I wanted to facilitate this discussion is to bring to light some of the points and perspectives on what it means to be a man in modern day, told by men. Everyone, regardless of how they present or identify, should have a vested interest in loosening the tight grip of patriarchal masculinity because it not only hurts women and LGBTQ people, but it hurts men, too. Here are a few of...


Transgression, Crushes, and Monogamish

Today, I’m talking about transgression - what’s behind it, why do we do it, and how do we make sense of it within committed relationships. And because you can’t really talk about transgression without mentioning monogamy and attraction for others, we’re talking about that, too. Oh, and a disclaimer before you hear this episode: the vibe we’re putting off in this episode did not happen overnight. It took years for us to be this open, honest, and playful with each other, and we wouldn’t have...


Amazing Female Orgasms with Hot Sex Advisor Susan Bratton

Today, I talk with trusted hot sex advisor to millions, the famous Susan Bratton, as she shares all the ways women can orgasm, how to initiate dirty talk, her favorite sex toys, and much more. Susan is a champion and advocate for all who desire passionate relationships. Considered the “Dear Abby of Sex,” Susan’s fresh approach and original ideas have helped millions of people of all ages and across the gender spectrum transform sex into passion.


SEXY STORY - A Taste of Transgression: One Woman's Sexual Conflict

This episode is an erotic story about one woman who found herself enticed by the forbidden: her roommate’s boyfriend. This moral dilemma left her puzzled and conflicted as to why this transgression was so alluring. As a coach who is greatly inspired by Esther Perel, I've always known that the world is not black and white, strictly good or bad. There's an infinite amount of grey that complicates our human experience, and when we immediately condemn and demonize before we have even sought to...


Religion and Sexual Shame: One Couple’s Story of Sexual Repression

If you've ever struggled with guilt or shame around your sexuality that has roots in your religion, listen to this couple share their embarrassing and raw struggles with managing sexual desire while conflicting with the shaming messages from their faith. Creators of the "Show Up Naked" podcast, Eric & Stephanie Molletta, confess to all the humiliating details surrounding the shame & guilt of their religious past.


Toxic Masculinity - Redefining Gender Roles & Myths of Male Sexuality

As the #MeToo movement progresses, men are feeling anxious about navigating the current climate with gender norms changing and masculinity being under scrutiny. Today, I’m discussing toxic masculinity, redefining gender roles, and how some of our sexual stereotypes about men directly impact their sex lives in a negative way. I'm not going to encourage sensitivity or discarding masculinity altogether, but the parts that continue to be toxic to men, women, and children have to go.


The End of an Affair

Today’s show is based on a true story about an affair. Marco, a successful businessman, finds himself unexpectedly in the throws of an affair, and is left conflicted about the dilemmas facing his marriage. My hope is that that through the telling of this story, we might add a little complexity and helpful insight to an age-old dilemma for the sake of relationships everywhere, especially for anyone who has ever loved. (Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of...


Legacies of Sexual Abuse: How to Reshape Your Story and Speak Your Truth with Lynn Everard

My guest today shares a dark family secret ridden with shame - he was birthed out of INCEST. He opens up about his experiences with an alcoholic father and learning the shocking truth about where he came from. Lynn Everard is now an author, a life coach, and a speaker, hoping to share his heartfelt message with the world about how speaking your truth could save your life. You can find more information on my guest here: and watch the video of our convo here:...


Hidden Meanings of Sexual Fantasies - Part 2

I'm exploring some psychological theories behind some of the most popular sexual fantasies. Here are a few of the ones I cover on this podcast: 1.Rape Fantasies 2.S&M 3.Master/Slave 4.Diapered & Babied 5.Asphyxiation 6.Golden/Brown Showers 7.Group Sex 8.Incest Educate yourself on where your fantasies come from and what they might mean, but be cautious not to use sexual fantasy interpretations as a one-size-fits-all explanation, as it depends on the person and their unique...


Hidden Meanings of Sexual Fantasies - Part 1

If you're the least bit curious to know where your biggest sexual fantasies probably come from, I promise you'll want to hear this one. On this two-part episode, I explain how and why we create our sexual fantasies by exploring the deeper, pathogenic beliefs that we develop about ourselves in relation to our primary caregivers in childhood, and how something you might least expect is the one necessary ingredient to becoming sexually aroused.


Come Sh** Next to Me: Coprophilia & Homoeroticism

My online dating connoisseur is back to tell about a couple of her more surprising encounters, namely a couple of suitors' preferences for coprophilia (a sexual affinity for defecation, ie poop) and homoeroticism (a same-sex erotic attraction, but not necessarily acted upon). This conversation is both comical (when we need some relief - no pun intended), and an honest conversation about some common sexual fears, fantasies, and cultural stigmas that deserve some examination and understanding....


SEXY STORY - Her Little Red Thong

Today’s episode is another erotic story about a hot college student named Russ who finally hooked up with his sexy gym crush late one night after a sweaty workout.