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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!" Show notes over at

Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!" Show notes over at
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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!" Show notes over at






Ep. 37: "Hero Talk" with Dr. Paul Etchison

Dr. Etchison is a former client but I can’t take the credit. The man is motivated and super-smart about the dental business side. I’m not talking about the numbers – he knows systems and how to be a good boss. Listen in as we talk about: Links from Today’s Show


Ep. 36: "Insurance Geek Out" with Colleen Huff- Round 2

Colleen Huff is back with me for another carrier round up. This is one for the insurance geeks! Finally, I found someone who loves teaching workman’s compensation reimbursement. It’s one of my least favorite types of claim but she loves it – who knew? Other discussions centered around: Paper appointment books (wayback talk!)Facebook groups’ bad adviceWhy you should get to know your dental society’s executive director and legal counsel – it makes a huge difference. Colleen walks us through...


Ep. 35: "Queen Bees and other employees we know and … love?' with Kevin Henry

In this episode, Teresa and Kevin discuss generations, employee caricatures and how change can suck. Are you typecasting your coworkers? We all do it but part of our growth as a manager is how we handle our professional interactions no matter our personal feelings. Kevin shares the different DiSC personalities and what he’s seen so far for each position. Dominance: managers and dentistsInfluence: RDHsSteadiness: dental assistantsCompliance: a mix but more clinical Teresa recalls a recent...


Ep. 34 "Money In, Money Out" with Susan Gunn, CFE

My guest today is Susan Gunn, CFE. That’s short for Certified Fraud Examiner. Our talk today isn’t all about fraud though. We talk about money, receivables and why ethics is an issue today. Susan is a prolific author and sought-after speaker in the dental industry. She’s one of my top financial go-to persons so keep her information handy! A couple of high points from our conversation: Hear what Susan and I both think about EFTs (electronic fund transfers). Her take on it comes from a...


Ep. 33 "All Things Implants: Dental, Breast and Why It’s All Related" with Kevin Henry

2:10 Dental implants longevity, what we know now vs what we knew then. Shout out to the Dental Hacks and their guest Dr. Frank Spear for the knowledge. Catch that ep here: Dental Hacks episode 16:30 Side conversation: If you’re wearing a tail are you in Portland? And if so, we tell you why you should travel with a lint roller. 19:00 Keep Portland Weird. Don’t ask, just do it. 21:05 Let’s talk breasts now. Breast implants and dentistry, specifically. Did you know there is a...


Ep. 32 "When Two Insurance Geeks Get Together" with Colleen Huff, FAADOM

Colleen Huff is our guest today and joins me to dish about dental insurance. She’s another insurance geek and has a good amount of tips to pass on in this episode. Listen in as we talk about your office and insurance: how to do it correctly and pitfalls to potentially avoid. 6:40 What is the most frequently heard insurance issue from dental offices? 16:07 The dental insurance industry as a whole is changing. What are some of these changes and the challenges they pose? 20:44 In-house...


Ep. 31 "Rockstar Team Management" with Laura Hatch

5:00 Employee Ingredients List - What makes the ideal candidate? 8:00 Let’s focus on team building. How can they best work together? 14:58 Laura’s 2nd Book will be coming in about a year but let’s talk about her FIRST book - Step Away From the Drill 20:22 Laura talks about other resources for the Doctor to understand what the front office is doing 24:26 Laura gives insight into tracking retention, new patients are great but what about the ones you have? 30:31 What numbers should you be...


Ep. 30 "How Veterinary Teams are Different From Us; Also, Root Canal, 3-D Printing and Testing Patient’s Blood Glucose" with Kevin Henry

Today’s podcast is a fun conversation about animals, movies and of course dentistry. 4:37 OSAP Training - make sure you are getting your yearly meetings on the schedule 7:24 What should you make sure you are paying attention to annually? 10:35 Blood Glucose Code - Am I supposed to be doing this? 12:36 Vet Industry is 6 years behind dentistry! They may not even have licenses as Vet Techs. 16:17 Vet Tech personality profiling - very hard industry to be in with low pay. 21:50 Quick Chat...


Ep. 29 "From Iceland to Homeland Dentistry" with Kevin Henry

Today’s podcast is a fun conversation about travel, history and of course dentistry. Timestamp 12:15 Christmas Traditions of Iceland! Timestamp 15:06 Teresa’s favorite Christmas movie is what? Timestamp 20:45 How was Greater New York and Christmas in NYC? Timestamp 21:50 Don’t let continuing education die out - these are still important! Timestamp 24:20 What is the common issue that dental team members are facing in their practices? Timestamp 26:54 If you feel stuck in your career...


Ep. 28 "Nobody told me that dentists retire 6 years later than the average American" with Reese Harper, CFP

Today’s podcast explores why retirement amongst dentists is growing more elusive. The average American retires at age 63 and the average dentist retires at age 69. The average American earns $56,5133 per year and the average dentist earns more than four-times the average American, at roughly $229,630. Why then are dentists making so much more than the average person but retiring so much later? 1:503:305:40 - 9:379:3811:05 - 27:5739:5027:57- 45:5045:52 Links from Today’s Show Reese...


Ep. 27 "So You Want To Start a Podcast?" with Kevin Henry

Today’s podcast is all about starting and creating Podcasts! Teresa welcomes back Kevin Henry to talk about where to start and what is needed to make your Podcast a real business. 17:3421:4022:1025:5729:2532:2035:37*Important* 37:12 Links from Today's Show: Kevin’s Website: Connect with Kevin on Social Media Twitter: @kgh23 Facebook: igniteda Podcast:


Ep. 26 "Marketing, Industry Standards and Marijuana in Dentistry" with Courtney Roberts

Today’s podcast is all about out of the box marketing and staying on top of the latest knowledge and equipment in an area that has many offices to choose from. Courtney shares some inside secrets on how to get those referrals in a highly competitive environment. Teresa welcomes her good friend, endodontic office manager and fellow small business owner to talk about growth and staying on top of industry standards. 10:0812:00*THIS IS HUGE* 14:0016:0018:4921:12 - 25:00*Nobody Told Me That!*...


Ep. 25 "You Can't Coach Quit" with Lynne Leggett

Today’s podcast is all about leadership, mindset, and coaching! Teresa welcomes longtime friend and insurance-minded colleague Lynne Leggett to talk about office culture and “team mindset.” They discuss these topics and more: 10:50- What is the difference between coaching and consulting?10:50Lynne likes to view herself as a “dental coach” - what does that mean?5:24She likes to view an office as a team this helps to put a positive spin on her consulting work. Employees don’t equal a...


Ep. 24 Software situations with Dayna Johnson of Novonee

This episode focuses on software and hardware issues faced by practices. Dayna talks about the most common software issues and why hardware choices are wrecking production across the country. Is paperless really, really possible? This episode is perfect for those who have yet to feel the pain of software snafus - learn how to avoid this! For those of us who have been through it (myself included) it's a good reminder of how to never do it again! Facebook: Novonee's Facebook page Novonee's...


Ep. 23 Schein Summit, Dealing with Patients and Best Buy/Amazon in healthcare

We cover a ton of material this episode: - Patient types - Employee types - Schein Summit and what technology is coming up - How Amazon/Pillpack and Best Buy/senior services could impact healthcare - Dealing with older parents - We do get a little goofy with high school reunion discussions! Links: Best Buy targets healthcare for seniors Amazon to acquire PillPackDiSC personality typesKevin's webinarFront Office Rocks


Ep. 22. Medical Pricing Conversations: What Can We Learn?

Kevin & Teresa talk about how Kevin's hangnail turned into a medical plan exploration. Can the dental industry learn from how medical has handled insurance's impact? Perhaps. The in-house savings plan and confusing carriers aren't specific to dental. We also discuss how there is no perfect answer for management situations and what to do with lifetime employees. The Day After - scary 80s movie Link to the ADA's webinar on the topic Link to AADOM's Fellowship Program


Ep. 21 Spotting bullies in the workplace: dental edition

We dig in to this very emotional topic that impacts dentistry. If you haven't had an issue - awesome. But more than likely you have or know someone who has. Share your stories with us via email as well: Recommended resources: Kevin's and Natalie Kaweckyj's series about bullying


Ep. 20 Non covered services benefits eligibility

Have you wondered what to do if you're in a state with a non-covered services law? Do you know your state's status? (LINKS BELOW!) Teresa answers this question along with some tips on talking to your patient about fee differences. The next viewer question is on checking benefits and eligibility. Establish these systems now to minimize future surprises. Recommended resources: Delta of AZ's policy on non-covered services (PDF)Delta of NJ's state by state listing (PDF)AAPD's chart of states...


Ep. 19. Check-in, Painful Office Stories and PANDA awareness (not the fluffy kind)

Kevin joins Teresa to see where we are with our 2018 goals. The conversation branches out to how you can improve your office life. Teresa shares one of her most painful memories of tough work times. Other topics: Mentioned resources: Teresa's FB page with links to all the authors mentioned in the book giveaway Mid- Atlantic P.A.N.D.A. (Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness)


Ep. 18. Conversations: Andrea Greer talks systems, outsourcing, CAD/CAM and cancer

Teresa is joined by speaker and consultant Andrea Greer for a candid talk on a range of topics. They cover family relationships in the office; why today's manager has it tough; and ends with a talk on how breast cancer affected Andrea's life. If cancer is a part of your life or a family member's life, you'll want to know how to help them. She gives candid insight into her own struggle. Also covered: CAD/CAM and treatment plan presentation tips. Don't miss it! Mentioned resources: Andrea's...