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Podcast Episode: Overcoming Procrastination

Everyone puts things off until the last minute sometimes, but procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions. Procrastination in large part reflects our perennial struggle with self-control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we'll feel tomorrow, or the next day. "I don't feel like it" takes precedence over goals; however, it then begets a downward spiral of negative emotions that deter future effort. Perfectionists are often...


Podcast Episode Reboot: Shame/Guilt Part I

Feelings of guilt and shame can be intense when we are depressed. Our perception of the past becomes skewed and these guilty and shameful feelings can become such a burden that we feel overwhelmed, unable to see realistically. We have decided to reboot one of our popular episodes on the emotion series. In todays episode Jake discusses the emotion of Guilt and Shame. In brief, shame tells us that we failed to meet someone else’s expectations, and guilt tells us to make a repair for failing...


Podcast Episode: How Non-Attachment is the Key to a Happy Relationship & Life

Non-attachment is a highly beneficial state of mind in all fields of life, and in our relationship with people, with possessions, and even with our own physical body. Non-attachment is a state of mind that will help you both in times of joy and sorrow. Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain, of comfort and hardship. We cling to pleasure, hoping that it will never leave, and we are overwhelmed by pain, fearing that it will never end. In today's episode Jake discusses and gives essential...


Podcast Episode: The Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with children is challenging, but a bit of forethought can help reduce parental stress. If your child is old enough, involve them in planning for the trip so they can get excited about it. Make sure to include enough family events and child-oriented activities to amuse them while on holidays. In todays episode Jake discusses and gives essential points when traveling with children. He is also joined by a very special guest who gives us his personal experience on traveling. Hope...


Podcast Episode: Why Couples Counselling?

We all know romantic relationships are hard work. Like anything that is important to us we need to continuously work on it. Marriage and family therapy is based on the idea that mental health issues and family problems are best treated in a relationship context. Everyone is part of a larger system of relationships that includes partners, other family members, friends and even people in the broader community. Life is a web of relationships. In todays episode Jake discuses relationships and...


Podcast Episode: School Counseling and Student Achievement: The Impact of School Counselors

In this episode Jake is joined by Katie Baskerville and Dana Livermont from Rapid City, South Dakota as they discuss school counseling and what school counselors do. A school counselor is a member of the education team, and is someone who gives valuable assistance to students, helping them with their academic goals, their social and personal development, and with their career development. They work in public or private elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. School counselors...


Noggin Notes and SanoMind Episode: What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), whoa that is a mouthful! Have you heard of EMDR Therapy? As a therapeutic approach, EMDR is based on several theories of psychotherapy, including concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). During an EMDR session, the therapist will ask the client to recall difficult thoughts and emotions. He or she will then instruct the client to continue thinking about these traumatic thoughts or past events while having the client to move their...


Podcast Episode: Young People, Mental Health and Sports

In this episode Jake interview John Malcolm from SafeEmbrace, were they discuss their different outreach programs through prevention education in the communities. They specifically go over their sports program teaching coaches and athletes in schools on how to develop them on how to be better people. Safe Embrace is a full service family violence intervention and prevention program. They offer emergency shelter, 24 hour crisis intervention, legal advocacy and counseling. If you are looking...


Podcast Episode: Tracing the History of Stigma

In this episode Jake discusses and takes us back in history, to understand how and why mental illness is stigmatized. Just like physical health, mental health has a significant impact on our well-being, and especially among youth, which has been an increasingly prevalent concern. Two hundred years ago, mental illness was not an ailment that drew much sympathy from the public. To those who were mentally ill in the Western world, specifically Britain, and her colonies, were ostracized and...


Podcast Episode: Surviving The Storm: Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious trauma happens when we accumulate and carry the stories of trauma including images, sounds, and resonant details we have heard, which then come to inform our worldview. The symptoms can appear much like those of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but also encompass changes in frame of reference, identity, sense of safety, ability to trust, self-esteem, intimacy, and a sense of control. In our latest episode Jake discusses the effects of Vicarious Trauma. Hope you enjoy the...


Noggin Notes and SanoMind Episode: Breaking the Mental Health Stigma

So what is this stigma we want to break? It is negative attitudes and beliefs towards people who have a mental health condition. It can lead to discrimination and those inflicted with a condition failing to seek or believe in treatment. How terrifying is it that if you wake up tomorrow with the a disease of the mind that it might affect the way people will treat you. We are happy to introduce the first of many crossover episodes we will be having with SanoMind! On this episode we have...


Podcast Episode Reboot: Content versus Process with special guest Jesse Lott

This week we would like to reboot an episode that Jake had with guest Jesse Lott from Zephyr Wellness, to discuss deeper on the topic of Content versus Process. It is not the language often spoken of in the world of relationships, but I think it is a highly relevant issue to address. It’s the idea of ‘how’ to do something, more than ‘what specifically to do.’ When two people can totally be authentic with each other giving each other space to be completely genuine to one another, this is...


Podcast Episode 51:Seeking Authenticity

We have all identified who we are and what our world is, whether we are aware of it or not. While our identity may seem static, objective, and given in truth it is fluid, subjective, and chosen. Jake discusses authenticity and breaks down the meaning of the analytic self. Hope you enjoy the podcast and please go ahead subscribe and give us a review of our show. You can write a review on iTunes.


Podcast Episode 50: Refueling Your Engine: Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

It is important that you check in with yourself periodically. If you do not then you may not realize that things are changing or getting out of control. Checking in with yourself allows you the opportunity to evaluate where you are in your recovery or life in general. You may find that you need to readjust what step of your action plan you are on or try different coping tools. Jake breaks it down and discusses the concepts of self care, burnouts and compassion fatigue. Hope you enjoy the...


Podcast Episode 49: Projection Discussion

Projection: An automatic process whereby contents of one’s own unconscious are perceived to be in others. Just as we tend to assume that the world is as we see it, we naïvely suppose that people are as we imagine them to be. All the contents of our unconscious are constantly being projected into our surroundings, and it is only by recognizing certain properties of the objects as projections or imagos that we are able to distinguish them from the real properties of the objects. Jake goes...


Podcast Episode 48: Immigration Stress

Jake welcomes Carmen English, she is a immigration attorney in Reno Nevada. They discuss in depth how the process of immigration can affect an individual’s mental health. Stress is a major factor for all and it is usually job-related, but for immigrants, stress can be different. The human mind is same, no matter where one comes from. The stress of trying to find one’s footing in a new environment, the lack of social and family support, financial stress; different child rearing patterns due...


Podcast Episode Reboot: Fear

Shortly after posting the anxiety episode people asked about the roots of anxiety, which we often see as the emotion of fear. This week we see fit to follow up with a reboot of Episode 8 and we invite you to explore all the emotions in our emotional functioning series. Jake discusses the emotion of fear in this episode. What is the adaptive function of fear? What does fear tell us is going on in our environment? In brief, fear tells us that there’s a threat or a danger present. It’s...


Podcast Episode 47: Anxiety: 5 Tips to help Prioritize

Everyone feels anxious now and then. In moderation, anxiety can help you stay alert, focused, and motivate you to solve problems. It’s a normal emotion. For example, you may feel nervous when faced with a problem at work, before taking a test, or before making an important decision. It is when anxiety is constant or overwhelming when it interferes with your relationships and daily activities you’ve likely crossed the line from normal anxiety into the territory of an anxiety...


Podcast Episode 46: Male Sex Trafficking and Sex Abuse

We had the honor of having on our show an extraordinary individual. Australian raised living in the USA, his life’s story has been so inspirational it has been featured on the multi-award winning documentary Stopping Traffic. Dr. John A. King is an award winning poet, activist on human trafficking. He has C-PTSD and run’s seminars on trafficking and PTSD. His latest book #DEALWITHIT is a no frills, raw journey of how Dr. John A. King went through a decade of childhood sexual abuse by his...


Podcast Episode 45: Why People Need Each Other Part II

In the second part of the show, Jake and Dave Reid, who is a Marriage and Family Therapist at Zephyr Wellness, continue the discussion on the Attachment Theory and how we are unable to regulate our emotions as individuals, we must have people help us process our emotions. You may never have considered the way you attach yourself to others, described by psychologists as your ‘attachment style’, but it’s probably about time you did, because it affects every aspect of our relationships, from...