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Nate McPartlin on Nursing Assistant (CNA) Staffing (Episode #9)

Nate McPartlin discusses how CareerStaff can help get your CNA career off the ground using a staffing agency to gain experience, try new settings and explore locations close to home or across the country.


Janet Kennedy on Social Media in Healthcare (Episode #8)

Janet Kennedy and Patricia Laramee discuss strategies for effectively and responsibly using social media in healthcare. Janet Kennedy has been an early adopter of social media in various forms throughout her personal and professional life, but when she noticed that there was a need to educate healthcare providers on the responsible use of social media, Healthcare Marketing Network and Get Social Health were born! Join us as we discuss how Get Social Health can help healthcare businesses...


Dr. Eleanor Barbera on Mental Health in Elder Care (Episode #7)

Clinical psychologist Dr. Eleanor Barbera, PhD, devotes her career to improving the care of the elderly living in congregate care homes. Join us to find out how CNAs and other nursing home staffers can use psychological insights to create better long-term care for elders. Recognizing that she had a lot to offer but few willing listeners in her clinical setting, Dr. El set out to publish her thoughts and ideas online and a blog was born. Over the years, her blog has...


John Mastrojohn on Hospice and Palliative Care (Episode #6)

Hospice: it’s not just a place to die. In this episode, we sit down with John Mastrojohn, chief operating officer for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) to discuss his personal nursing journey and explore hospice and palliative care as a career option. John holds two master’s degrees — one in nursing administration and one in business administration, which makes him uniquely qualified to understand the challenges of leading this large organization without losing...


Kathy Quan on Home Care and Hospice Nursing (Episode #5)

Registered nurse Kathy Quan from The Nursing Site joins us on today's episode of the Nursing Assistant Podcast to discuss home care and hospice nursing, her journey from dancing to nursing, and her current role as a quality assurance nurse, blogger, and author of seven books. Kathy's goal is to help other nurses and healthcare professionals transition into different fields within nursing. After starting her writing career with, then transitioning that content into her own...


"Nerdy Nurse" Brittney Wilson on Nursing and Technology (Episode #4)

Registered nurse, author, blogger, international keynote speaker, and entrepreneur Brittney Wilson (aka the “Nerdy Nurse”) joins us on today’s episode of the Nursing Assistant Podcast to discuss nursing informatics, technology, and blogging. Brittney’s goal is to help other nurses and healthcare professionals gain confidence with technology. She does this through her Nerdy Nurse blog, her speaking engagements, and her two books — The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology and The Nurse’s Guide...


Jamie Davis the Podmedic (Episode #3)

Today we are joined by the Podmedic himself -- Jamie Davis, founder of MedicCast and host of the popular Nursing Notes Live Podcast. Jamie is an RN, educator, author, serial entrepreneur, media personality and world-renowned podcast host. On today's episode of the Nursing Assistant Podcast, he shares his journey into nursing, as well as his current endeavors as a media personality. Listen in as we explore a non-traditional nursing role and discover how our unique traits and experiences...


Joan Devine on Resident-Directed Care (Episode #2)

Pioneer Network's director of education Joan Devine, RN shares her personal journey into nursing and discusses the concept of resident-directed care, and how it differs from task-centered and person-centered care paradigms. The Pioneer Network is a national not-for-profit organization whose focus is educating caregivers to provide care that is truly centered on who the client is as a person, as well as their medical needs. Their mission is to empower residents and families to voice their...


Anne Sansevero on Geriatric Care Management and Caregiver-Client Matching (Episode #1)

Health Sense founder and CEO Anne Sansevero (RN, MA, GNP, CCM) discusses geriatric care management and caregiver-client matching. The Florida Health Care Association is our featured organization of the week for offering a CNA essay contest. Health Sense is a care management organization that coordinates all aspects of a patient’s care, de- mystifies the complex healthcare system and provides education to patients and their families to help them take control of their health and...