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Get the inside scoop of nursing school from someone who is going through it. Join nursing student, Melanie, each week for tips on everything from acing your Foundations class to getting your very first job as a nurse.

Get the inside scoop of nursing school from someone who is going through it. Join nursing student, Melanie, each week for tips on everything from acing your Foundations class to getting your very first job as a nurse.


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Get the inside scoop of nursing school from someone who is going through it. Join nursing student, Melanie, each week for tips on everything from acing your Foundations class to getting your very first job as a nurse.





Diabetes is an important topic in nursing school, and a common diagnosis that you’ll help treat in your future patients. In this podcast, I talk about the: Differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Complications such as Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease, and Nephropathy. How it's diagnosed (Hgb A1C test) Diabetic medications Purpose of insulin Triangle of treatment: Medication, exercise, and diet Signs and Symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia DKA and...


8 Secrets to Success in Nursing School

These are the 8 secrets to success I've learned in my year and a half of nursing school. Success is no accident. It takes hard work, but it helps to hear tips from someone who's gone before you on this journey. #1: Take advantage of the Halo Effect #2: How to choose your study group #3: Build a strong study system #4: Reminder notifications #5: Master assignment list #6: Study group rules #7: Strong support system #8: Prioritize health


Heart Failure

Even as nursing students in clinicals, we see so many patients affected by heart failure. This is definitely a biggie, and one you need to know. Today I'm breaking it down, and hitting the highlights of what you need to know as a nursing student about heart failure. Picmonic has some great resources to help you remember Heart Failure during test time. Click this link to check out Picmonic for free, or to get 20% off a subscription:...


My INSANELY Effective Study System

Today I’m sharing with you my insanely effective study system that I use for nursing school. This is a study system that is big on active learning, and NOT passive, time-wasting things. I’m NOT talking about re-reading or re-writing your notes. I’m NOT talking about getting cozy on the couch with your textbook and reading the chapter while highlighting. No. Those are passive learning techniques, and are not the best use of your time. In nursing school, you have precious little time, and...


You Need These Study Apps

"There's an app for that!" There's an app for everything, and today I’m talking about the top 3 apps you need as a nursing student. I’m about halfway through my nursing school program, and I am telling you - these apps have saved me so much time, and I truly believe they’ve been instrumental in helping me make A’s in my classes. Follow this link to check out Picmonic for free or sign up for a subscription with 20% off! Seriously,...


6 Reasons You Should Work During Nursing School

Deciding whether or not to work while you go to nursing school can be a difficult decision. Should you focus on studying? Should you get the experience of working? Today we’re talking about 6 reasons why you should work during nursing school, (and one situation where you shouldn’t.) Some people don’t have a choice. They’ve got rent to pay, or other people to support, and they have to work during nursing school just to stay afloat. But, maybe you are lucky enough to be living somewhere...


Chronic Kidney Disease

What do you need to know as a nursing student about Chronic Kidney Disease? Today I'm going to be talking about chronic kidney disease. When a patient has a problem with their kidneys, it can either be an acute problem or a chronic problem. So it could be acute kidney injury which can often be reversed and fixed or it could be chronic kidney disease and that is not reversible. With chronic kidney disease they will eventually need dialysis or a kidney transplant. Chronic kidney disease is...



Let's talk about Cirrhosis! Learn about the signs and symptoms, the complications, and what you, as the nurse, can do about it. Over 44,000 people die every year from cirrhosis, so it’s the 9th leading cause of death in the US. Cirrhosis is an incurable form of liver disease that happens slowly due to inflammation and scarring of the liver tissue. When you think of cirrhosis, think of scarring, or “Scarosis”. The main cause is chronic hepatitis C. The other two causes are: drinking too much...


Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism

This week, the most high-yield topic is hyper and hypothyroidism. You’ll see a lot of your test questions coming from this subject. I’m gonna talk about hyperthyroidism first, and then I’ll cover hypothyroidism. So, What is hyperthyroidism? It’s when your body makes too much of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. I’m not sure how much of the A&P you remember from forever ago, so to review how T3 & T4 are made, your hypothalamus in your brain releases Thyroid Releasing Hormone; this makes the...


8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Nursing Clinicals

If the hospitals in your area are allowing students to come in, then you’ll likely be starting your clinical rotations soon, if you haven’t already. Today I’m going to share some tips that will help you really get the most out of your nursing clinicals. Tip #1: Daily Goals Post-it-Note Tip #2: Ask to Watch or Do Tip #3: Don't correct the Nurses or Techs Tip #4: Be Brave Tip #5: Don't Cry Tip #6: Be a Team Player Tip #7: Keep a Clinical Journal Tip #8: Embrace Failure


Physical Assessment

Doing a head to toe assessment is something you will be doing day in and day out for the rest of your nursing career, so let’s learn how to do it quickly, and efficiently.


Tissue Integrity

For the 1st week of nursing school, the most high-yield topic is tissue integrity. Well, what is tissue integrity? It’s your skin’s ability to repair itself and stay healthy. Let's talk about it!


10 Essential Nursing Supplies

Today we’ll be talking about the 10 essential supplies you need for nursing school. Then I’ll run through about 15 more things that are nice to have. This list may be a little different for each school, so if your school gives you a supplies list, definitely go by that first. Now, I’m going to assume if you’ve made it through your prereqs, that you already have a backpack and pens and paper. If you don’t I highly recommend a rolling backpack. It may look dorky, but it will save your back...


What to Expect at Nursing School Orientation

Nursing school orientation is just one of the many things that is so different in 2020. At orientation, your professors will go over the dress code for skills lab and clinicals, the schedule that you could have for your clinical rotations, what skills lab will look like, the books and supplies you’ll need, and they’ll emphasize how much hard work you are going to need to put into nursing school.


You've Been Accepted! Now What?

Today we’re going to be talking about all the little requirements that have to be met in the months leading up to nursing school. This is after you’ve been accepted, but before the actual start date of your program. When you get your acceptance into nursing school, it’s so exciting, because you’ve worked so hard to get to that point, and you should celebrate! But, that acceptance is conditional on you completing a bunch of other requirements and turning them in by different due dates. I’m...