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A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy

A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy




A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy






109 – Kwaku and Brock Do Communication Good

Kwaku & I started talking and let the convo go where it wanted. It drifted towards communication skills and the nuance involved in being an excellent clinical communicator.


108 – Creativity V Depression ft Erik Johnson

Erik is by far one of my favourite OT's on the planet and his honestly and vulnerability in this conversation simply confirmed that for me.


107 – Life and OT in the Arctic ft Rachel Schooley

Exploring how Rachel navigates living on traditional peoples land and working with their populations. This convo was absolutely eye opening and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


106 – Semantics and Platitudes in OT

So many times over my career I've heard cliche's and platitudes used by therapists and often wondered....do they know what that actually means? Recently I've had a number of discussions on this podcast about terms used that are used incorrectly OR used as lip service and I thought it was about time I did an episode and explored some of these.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Launching Occupied Plus+ on Patreon

I’m super excited to be announcing……. Occupied Plus+ Occupied Plus+ will have Patreon exclusive resources for those supporters looking to inject some extra value into their practice. For a long time I’ve wanted to expand the resources and value I can add to you, the listener. From this OccupiedPlus+ was born. From as little as $4 a month you become a member of the Occupied Plus+ Patreon. In there you will get access to resources from monthly Occupied Plus+ podcast episodes, Monthly AMA, a...


105 – OT Needs to be Doing Being and Becoming MORE ft Khalilah Johnson

There are many parts of OT that need improvement and we explore the lip service that is often payed to topics around inclusion with different populations.


104 – My Hospital Stay Reflection

December 2020 I had my first experience being admitted to hospital. It was eye opening to say the least and my experience highlighted for me certain things that I NEVER considered when working for the same hospital system.


103 – Lived Experience Inside Graffiti Culture ft Mr Toy Division

Mr Toy Division joins us on OCCUPIED to provide a "lived experience" of being a part of graffiti writing culture.


102 – Difficult Conversations & BPD ft Keir Harding

We discussed the complexities of the healthcare system and how that often fall short when working with people who are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.


101 – Comprehensive Kawa ft Dr Michael Iwama

The aim of this episode was to create a grassroots resource about how the Kawa came to fruition as I strongly believe that in order to get the most out of the model, understanding its roots is imperative.


100 – A Celebration of OT Podcasting

Right from the very start, I said if a handful of people learned something or took something away from the podcast it would be worth the time


099 – Sexualisation and Identity ft Sakshi Tickoo

This episode we explore the concept of sexualisation how that relates to identity and what this means for Occupational Therapy practitioners.


098 – What Does My Depression Look Like?

On December 8th I went public about my journey with depression. Some people asked for more, asked for an episode. So here it is.


097 – The OT Lifestyle Movement ft Rhiannon Crispe

Rhiannon Crispe describers herself as "a salty soul, health enthusiast, sun chaser and blessed mumma & wife. A dreamer and a doer. A goal setter and a go-getter. A change agent and a game changer. And also a proud Occupational Therapist and business owner."


096 – A New Look at Resolutions

I wanted to look at why soooo many people fail their resolutions and an alternative method that I use and you might find more successful!


095 – BEST OF 2020 – The Importance of Language in Disability

Having this discussion about language and how we as therapist use it to frame and situate our therapeutic relationship, power and recovery for the people that we work with.


094 – BEST OF 2020 – The Dark Side of Therapy Memes

I've spoken many times about the impact public portrayal of OT has on our profession. In my opinion, I can see how condoning some of these memes could be doing us damage.


093 – BEST OF 2020 – Dev and Brock Deep Dive into Gender Identity and Stigma

Dev is on a mission. A mission for inclusion. A mission for happiness. A mission for equal rights. A mission for acceptance.


092 – BEST OF 2020 – Unpacking Colonised Thinking

PLEASE NOTE: This episode discusses topics such as colonisation and racism in multiple forms. The guests would like to make it clear that this episode does not sit as a ‘standalone’ teaching tool. If you are planning to share it with your cohorts of students we encourage you to use it alongside other aspects of the curriculum with cultural responsiveness with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Have you ever considered the impact colonisation might have had on the indigenous...


091 – Falls Prevention and OT

Some of you will remember Erin from the Occupied 2020 Guide to Job Interviews....Well she's back! and this time we are delving into her true passion, falls prevention. This is an area I will openly admit that I didn't know much about the specifics of it so i absolutely loved this conversation. Erin is very occupation based in her views and practice and very practical in her advice. Give it a listen.