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A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy




A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy






165 – Celebrate the Little Wins

Never in my wildest dreams did I see us getting here. Last night we clocked over….half a million downloads!! That’s right…500,000 🫣


164 – OTAus2023 Reflections

1 Month on from the OT Australia National Conference in Cairns and these are some reflections from the event! Look after yourself, look after others, and always keep Occupied Brock@brockcookOTbrock.cook@me.com


163 – Do we all need to be Occupational Scientists?

Was listening to OT & Chill recently and something from this episode triggered my brain into thought!


162 – Trauma Informed Occupational Therapy ft Marie Bell

I explore my friend, Marie's, journey into working with kids with trauma and some of the considerations that need to be made by clinicians when working in this kind of area. Look after yourself, look after others, and always keep Occupied Brock@brockcookOTbrock.cook@me.com


161 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Assoc Prof Genevieve Pepin

The main aim of this presentation is to share the evolution of the role of occupational therapists in the field of eating disorders.


160 – Catching Up with Ms OT Flourish ft Mandy Chamberlain

If you're on social media and don't know Mandy then are you really on social media? Mandy is not only a beautiful person but has been in the online space helping therapists and students grow and learn into the profession.


159 – The Independence Myth

What does being Independent mean? why does it always seem to be an OT's goal for their clients? Is it even possible? A long time bug bear that I decided to have a deeper look into. Part of this ep looks at info from the included article.


158 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Karina Sanson-Fisher

Karina Sanson-Fisher Occupational therapist in Mulubinba (Newcastle), Australia Instagram @doing.therapy Session title Doing Drugs: Occupational therapy and alcohol and other drugs Session details This session explores an occupational therapy role working with people who use alcohol and other drugs, and provides my own experiences of finding and maintaining occupationally focussed practice in this space. For more and how to register for future seminars, see: https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/occupation/


157 – Lessons I’ve Learned Pushing OT Into The Digital World

Absolutely honoured to be asked to deliver the keynote for the Wisconsin OT Association virtual conference. This is that presentation as well as the Q&A at the end of it for your consumption.


156 – The Memory OT ft Allison Brush

If you're like me you are aware that memory is a thing. You may even know there are different types etc but for many this is the extent of it. Allison Brush IS the Memory OT. I came across her page on Insta where she puts out awesome content around the OT's role when working with people whose memory has been impacted. It seemed like something that I definitely had to find out more about and brought you along for the ride!


155 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Clare Hocking

Time for a secret sneaky episode! featuring the one and only Claire Hocking doing her All About Occupation Seminar For more and how to register for future seminars, see: https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/occupation/


154 – The State of the Profession

So I've been asked a fair bit about where I think the profession is at right now and where I think it's going. So here is a short and sweet exploration of that exact topic.....or is it....


153 – How To/Not to Enact Change in the Profession ft Clarice Grote

We explore OT's role in politics and how Clarice's background makes her the perfect therapist to break this down for me. We look at various practice areas and the impact the medical model is having on them as well as our opinions on the positive or negative aspects of this impact.


152 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Jaime Leite Junior

This seminar aims to create a dialogue about the possibilities of life faced by the population who experience dissidence of genders and sexualities.


151 – Can Anyone Be a Dope Leader?

Leadership is a topic that everyone has come across during their studies, career, sports engagement or just general life but how’s your knowledge about what it actually is?


150 – Why do we need to talk about Occupational Therapy?

A hot topic every April during OT month. Why does no-one know what we do? I want to look deeper into how this became a problem and what can we do to fix it.


149 – Rural Practice as a Newgrad ft Holly Gawthorne

You may have heard her on the Holly the OT podcast and if not then definitely get on that! Holly works in a super remote Australian town called Lightening Ridge. Her experience of the newgrad transition on top of working super remote is unique and one that everyone can take lessons from.


148 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Sakshi Tickoo

his session will focus on understanding the basics of sexuality and the various ways it translates into human occupations.


147 – Should Therapy be Conducted Outdoors

For some students virtual learning and, in turn, virtual therapy is the only option available. Zoom fatigue, anyone? ?‍♀️ This got us thinking…is this really the best way for students to be learning and what are some alternative means for providing client centered therapy. What about using resources that all of us have right at our fingertips: Nature! ??


146 – Eating Disorders Program Followup ft Carissa Gualano

Carissa returns to the podcast! During her last episode (OCCUPIED 123) she discussed her personal experience with eating disorders and was about to embark on her doctoral project. She has now completed that project and has come back to talk about how it went.