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What began as SkinOwl Founder, Annie Tevelin's, search for meaningful dialogue in a deluded space, evolved into a magnetic epicenter of inspirational entrepreneurs, wellness experts, and influential individuals from all backgrounds presenting vulnerability in a truly raw and transparent way. Join her for a deep dive into universal truths by way of humor, heartache, and hope.

What began as SkinOwl Founder, Annie Tevelin's, search for meaningful dialogue in a deluded space, evolved into a magnetic epicenter of inspirational entrepreneurs, wellness experts, and influential individuals from all backgrounds presenting vulnerability in a truly raw and transparent way. Join her for a deep dive into universal truths by way of humor, heartache, and hope.
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What began as SkinOwl Founder, Annie Tevelin's, search for meaningful dialogue in a deluded space, evolved into a magnetic epicenter of inspirational entrepreneurs, wellness experts, and influential individuals from all backgrounds presenting vulnerability in a truly raw and transparent way. Join her for a deep dive into universal truths by way of humor, heartache, and hope.




Ep. 58: Healing Acne In 30 Days, The Science Behind Skincare, + Finding What Motivates You With Annie Tevelin + Ava Johanna

Back in August, I had the honor of having LA-based yogi + mantra mentor, Ava Johanna in the studio to record one of my most memorable podcasts. A few weeks later, Ava asked me to come on her podcast, the Alchemized Life and talk about SkinOwl - the twists and turns, the challenges, and my incredibly frustrating journey with cystic acne which eventually spawned my decision to create a skincare line that would help other people as much as it helped me. What I loved most about this podcast was...


Ep. 57: Standing Up, Speaking Truths, + Spreading Love with Billie Lee

Happy, happy Monday my friends! That extra “happy” is due to the fact that I am joined in the studio today by TV personality and Transgender equality activist, Billie Lee! She is most well known for her past role and “I know who I am... Do you?” attitude on popular reality series, Vanderpump Rules. Sit back and prepare to be inspired as Billie shares her story and her philosophy that if you want to fully love yourself, “you have to begin where it all started.” A GIFT FOR YOU: This episode...


Ep. 56: Two of a KIND with Lauren Paul + Molly Thompson

Good Day, Friends. Welcome to Episode 56. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been looking forward to today’s conversation since before it was even on the books! The two warm, authentic, and inspirational women in the studio today are responsible for arguably the most powerful Kindness movement out there. In my eyes and in the eyes of many others, this makes these two women modern day heroes. Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson are the founders of the Kind Campaign, a non profit organization...


Ep. 55: Investigating + Uncovering Beauty Truths With Lexy Lebsack

It’s Episode 55 and we feel ALIVE! Partly because it rhymes, but mostly because my guest today is the brilliantly courageous and inspirational journalist, Lexy Lebsack! Lexy is the Senior Editor, as well as Correspondent and Producer of Refinery 29, a powerful online publication source for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She has also written for Vox, Women’s Wear Daily, Los Angeles Magazine, and more, not to mention having made appearances on Dr. Oz, KTLA Morning News, MTV, and the list...


Ep. 54: The Faith, Fearlessness, + Force That Is Terri Matthews

Get comfortable, take a deep breath and tune in as I sit down with the wise and indisputably dynamic, Terri Matthews who’s list of descriptors would make this a run on sentence. Terri is a motivational speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and author. She is an autism advocate and Host of television show, “On the Spectrum.” Oh, there’s more. Terri has established thriving businesses in nearly every major industry- clothing, hospitality, consulting, and technology, to name a few. And...


Ep. 53 - Embracing Hurt + Healing through Harmony with Susy Markoe Schieffelin

It’s Episode 53! If you know me, you know that I love a good comeback story, and this week’s conversation is just that. Listen as I sit down with Susy Markoe Schieffelin, Sound Bath Specialist and Founder of The Copper Vessel. Susy bravely discusses the weight of her anxiety, depression, and addiction, and how learning self love through practices like Yoga, Reiki, and Sound Baths helped her to rise from the ashes. She believes that we are the sum of all parts of our lives, and that...


Ep. 52: The One Year Annie-versary Special

It’s Off The Record Podcast’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Join Annie as she reminisces on development of the podcast’s mission and message over the past year, thanks to vulnerable conversations with her amazing guests and how speaking candidly about life and love has better helped her continue to find her identity in the Green Beauty industry and in her own life. Also discussed, a wild, 48 hour roller coaster of a false alarm on the 34th week of her pregnancy, hospital “go-bag” essentials, and a...


Ep. 51: Beckoning Great Change with Mishel Prada

It's Episode 51 and today's conversation is EPIC. I have the awesome honor of sitting down with fierce TV and film actress, MIshel Prada. Tune in as I chat intimately with Mishel about her inspirational role on hit TV show, 'Vida," growing up in the Sunshine State, and the value of breaking down barriers alongside championing your community. Mishel is a warrior and it is my belief that she will always live on behalf of justice and joy on the way there. Enjoy this beautiful woman's commentary...


Ep. 50: Surviving and Thriving With Ava Johanna

It's episode FIFTY folks! Holy moly, where has the time gone? We've got a special human in the studio to celebrate this milestone. Introducing LA-based yogi + mantra mentor, Ava Johanna. Tune in as I sit down with Ava to chat about the value of mental wellbeing, true partnerships, and rising from the ash. This is an inspirational podcast, to say the least; one that will remind every listener how life is a series of moments that eventually setbacks into celebration. Get ready to fall in love...


Ep 49: A Life Without Love, Lactose and Capers Starring Alicia Lee

Welcome to Episode 49 folks! Today's interview has been called 'art' by the LA Chronicle and 'something else' by my own mother. While I could go on and on about today's guest, Alicia Amelia Lee, I will leave you with this: She is a legend. She is destined for greatness. She is authentic, transparent, vulnerable, and ready to dish her life story for the first time ever. Join Alicia and I as we chat matters of love, the hat that halted Alicia's blogging career, Alicia's struggle to jog 'with...


Ep 48: All Facts No Hacks with Annie Tevelin

Listen in as Annie talks about her decision to induce at 39 weeks, the complexities of boosting posts on Facebook, the moment she airdropped a photo to a room full of people on her babymoon, and her reaction to jaw-dropping documentary, "The Great Hack." Special Promo: Big hugs to our sponsor, Kitchen Witch Broth, you can now receive 20% off their 5-Day Gut Reset Program with code OFFTHERECORD20. Just click this link ( to get started and input your code at checkout:...


Ep 47: Facing + Embracing With Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

It's Episode 47 poddy people! Grab your Kleenex and listen in as I sit down with Lauren Scruggs Kennedy to recount the evening she accidentally walked into a spinning airplane propeller, resulting in the loss of her left eye and part of her arm. Also discussed: Lauren's motivation to restore confidence and ignite faith in women with limb loss by providing beautiful cosmetic coverings for prostheses, Lauren's heart warming romance with husband, Jason Kennedy, and how life’s greatest tragedies...


Ep 46: Weighing In On Fatherhood, Foster Care and Forgiveness With Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince

It's Episode 46 poddy people! I've been waiting a long time for this episode to air, as it is one of inspiration, incredible storytelling, and sheer charm. Enter Dolvett Quince, New York Times Bestselling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Personal Development Expert. Listen in as Dolvett and I talk about growing up in foster care, his relationship with his adoptive parents, his 22 year old son Isiah, his tenure as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, and making...


Ep 45: Earthquakes, Dating & Diapers Oh My!

Lodi Dodi, We like to PODDY. It’s episode 45, y’all! If you like wildly bad puns like that one, then turn the volume up, put your foot on the dashboard, and get into it. Tune in as my husband Micah and I discuss the great lengths to which we went to survive the Great Los Angeles Quake of July 4th. Also discussed: Our 7 month pregnancy update, unsolicited astrological advice, loud personal conversations in public, dating and commitment (or lack thereof) in the modern world. Plus, a...


Ep 44: Serving Up The Blonde Files, Long Miles and Worthwhiles with Arielle Lorre

It's Episode 44 folks and today I have the pleasure of sitting down with The Blonde Files' Arielle Lorre! Tune in as we chat about finding love after heartbreak, living the sober life, life with TV writer/director Chuck Lorre, and what matters most when living in a Insta-world. Arielle is a Los Angeles based influencer who is best known for her platform and podcast via The Blonde Files. Listen in as Arielle and I dig deep into it ALL. This episode of Off The Record is sponsored by Pause,...


Ep 43: The Comedy, Coming of Age, and Comeback with Nicole Sciacca

Welcome to Ep 43 folks! Have you ever met someone and without hesitation, said to them, "Did we just become best friends?" This is how I feel about today's OTR guest, Nicole Sciacca (@nicolesciacca). She is equal parts charismatic, hilarious, brave, and resilient. She has stories and today we're going to hear just a few of what has made Nicole the woman and warrior she is today. Discussed today: The importance of mobility and movement, overcoming divorce and finding love again, life as a...


Ep 42: Rolling In The Deep with Neen Williams

It’s Episode 42 poddy people! Today is a VERY cool day, as I dive deep into the bold and beautiful life of professional skateboarder + wellness warrior, Neen Williams. Neen has a willingness, realness, and resilience that is second to none. Listen in as Neen and I discuss growing up in the 'not-so-nice' part of Chicago, the first days of skateboarding, embracing sobriety, and finding happiness in life's simplest moments. Today's podcast is sponsored by Kitchen Witch Bone Broth. Use code...


Ep. 41: Catching Up + Breaking Down Baby Mama Drama with Annie Tevelin

Welcome to Episode 41 folks! We've made it into the 40s! Today, I'm in the studio SOLO talking about a myriad of things, namely my parents listening to the podcast about me losing my virginity, debunking common pregnancy tales, and how quickly time is flying while my body makes a baby. It's 55 minutes of heartfelt, wholesome fun and I hope you enjoy every minute. Also discussed: Gaining weight while pregnant, SkinOwl's upcoming Parliament Project dinner hosted on July 18th in Los Angeles and...


Ep. 40: Unboxing The Fire, Fam and Fiest of Katie Kitchens

WWKERK. What would Katie Ann Ectchevarria Rosen Kitchens do? A heck of a lot. Why? Because she’s everything in one. She’s everything so many women strive to be. A mother. An entrepreneur. A writer. A play producer. A scholar. And my favorite, a human. Yes, contrary to popular belief, FabFitFun Founder, Katie Kitchens, is in fact, a human. She’s relatable. She’s reasonable. She’s well-rounded. And she has no problem telling someone that she is still figuring it all out, while keeping goal-...


Ep. 39: Never Too Soon With The True Spoon

Listen in as Celeste Thomas, aka @TheTrueSpoon, dishes on her plight with cystic acne, finding her person, and the complexities of mother-daughter relationships as we evolve. I believe it is in Celeste’s unique perspective as both a registered nurse and total skincare junkie that gives her HER X-factor. Celeste utilizes her medical background, evidenced based research expertise, passion for holistic wellness, and her constant quest for knowledge to meticulously comb through the noise and...