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US Opportunities to Contribute to UK Healthcare's Transformation

Just like that old pair of bell bottoms buried in the back corner of your closet, the healthcare system in the United Kingdom is rigidly stuck in the 1960s. But a new push from the government to radically digitize a system in dire need of a modern makeover is promoting consumer centricity and is making prevention a key care delivery focus. So say our guests on this episode of the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast. Tom Robinson, a San Francisco-based Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Health & Life Sciences...


An Inside Look at Mount Sinai’s Consumer-Centric Supply Chain

In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast, Niyum Gandhi, Executive Vice President and Chief Population Health Officer of Mount Sinai Health System, shares how Mount Sinai is providing value to its healthcare customers and creating consumer-centric healthcare services.


Karen DeSalvo on Being a (Female) Healthcare Executive

It’s our first female-only episode of the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast. We’re taking this opportunity to spark conversation about what it means to be a female healthcare leader, and to also examine some of the latest advancements addressing social determinants of health. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Karen DeSalvo, a primary care physician, Professor of Medicine and Population Health at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, former Acting Assistant Secretary of the US...


Aneesh Chopra Talks Apple Health's Plug-and-Play Ecosystem

Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney, the former (and very first) US Chief Technology Officer appointed by former US President, Barack Obama, and a keynote speaker at this year's Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit, shares his perspective on data sharing in healthcare, his excitement for the Apple Health movement, his views on Health Level Seven International, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, and more.


Thomas Jefferson University and Navvis Discuss Population Health Partnership

Dr. David B. Nash, Dean, Jefferson College of Population Health, and Dr. Stuart Baker, Executive Officer and President, Navvis, discuss the next wave of population health management programs. David and Stuart talk about their new joint professorship devoted to advancing population health management.


Is Blockchain Ready to Unleash Innovation in Healthcare?

John Halamka, MD, Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Healthcare System, and International Healthcare Innovation Professor, Harvard Medical School discusses how healthcare providers can harness the true potential of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain.


Alexa, How's My Health Today?

Sam Hanna, Professor of Healthcare Management, Policy, and Strategy at George Washington University, discusses harnessing precision medicine’s power and potential. He predicts voice recognition devices like Amazon’s Alexa -- who already knows so much about our daily lives -- may bridge precision medicine’s past and future. For more information on this episode, visit http://health.oliverwyman.com/transform-care/2018/08/podcast_alexa_hows_my_health_today.html.


Health Evolution Discusses Healthcare's Innovation Avalanche

Julie Murchinson, Chief Executive Officer of Health Evolution, examines how healthcare leaders’ perceptions are shifting away from the status quo, and discusses why healthcare’s ongoing transformation parallels Copernican Theory where unconventional thinking triggered an avalanche of innovative discovery. She also discusses how to build a community of leaders that drives the industry forward and accelerates change. Julie also chats about advancing executive engagement, driving diverse...


Comcast NBCUniversal And Independence Blue Cross Discuss Partnership

Independence Health Group and Comcast announced a unique partnership to create an innovative patient-centered technology and communications platform. We sit down with Brian Lobley, President of Commercial and Consumer Markets at Independence Blue Cross, and Don Mathis, General Manager of Growth at Comcast NBCUniversal, to discuss why two companies from such different ends of the spectrum came together, and what it’s like bringing a healthcare insider and outsider together as one.


Machine Learning and Palliative Care Solutions

Jeremy Powell, Chief Executive Officer of Acclivity Health, chats about how his company's machine learning and deep learning solution is helping physicians deliver appropriate palliative care. Jeremy shares some of his top solutions for better care delivery and explains what’s being done to ensure patients die on their own terms. For more information about today's episode, visit http://health.oliverwyman.com/transform-care/2018/06/acclivity.html to read a white paper from Jeremy’s company,...


Protecting Consumers from Stealthy Cybercriminals

Sam Hanna, Professor of Healthcare Management, Policy, and Strategy at George Washington University, chats about how protecting patient information will advance patient care. Cybercriminals in healthcare are stealthy. From being able to turn off someone’s pacemaker without warning, to secretly changing someone’s prescription dosage without a pharmacist’s knowledge, cyberattacks can be devastating for health consumers.


Human-Robot Interaction in Healthcare

Dr. Cory Kidd, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catalia Health, who holds a PhD in human-robot interaction from the MIT Media Lab, discusses how robotics and artificial intelligence are advancing aging and chronic disease management. Cory shares how his company’s solving real world healthcare challenges with interactive technologies. For more information on today's episode, visit http://health.oliverwyman.com/drive-innovation/2018/06/podcast_catalia_health.html.


Examining the Inner Workings of the Castlight / Jiff Partnership

John Doyle, Castlight’s Chief Executive Officer, and Derek Newell, Castlight’s President, share their thoughts on the greater implications of Castlight and Jiff’s strategic merger, and examine how Castlight is pushing the evolution of health benefit solutions.


Our Own Consumer Experts on Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Our resident healthcare consumer experts, Oliver Wyman Health & Life Sciences Partners, Sam Glick and Helen Leis, discuss new consumer research, what barriers prevent true consumer-centricity, and the bright spots and opportunities for organizations willing to stretch outside their comfort zone. Sam and Helen make sense of new consumer research and explore how incumbents can shift their worldview to meet consumers' evolving expectations.


Designing Healthcare for the Messy Reality of Life

Dr. Jennifer Schneider, Livongo’s Chief Medical Officer, discusses high-tech versus high touch, a better way to measure the ROI of innovation, and what’s next around the bend for Livongo.


Aetna’s Unique Strategy for Payer-Provider Partnerships

Brigitte Nettesheim, Aetna’s President of Transformative Markets, discusses the insurer’s strategy for payer-provider partnerships. Brigitte explains what makes these joint ventures different from earlier generations of partnerships. She also explores what it takes to go from a joint venture agreement to a truly collaborative partnership. And, she offers advice on how to structure "win-win" ventures.


What is Blockchain Anyway and How Will It Transform Healthcare?

Humana’s Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Kay, chats Blockchain 101 and its deployment in healthcare. He also explores where healthcare can be “radically simplified” and how health companies can take inspiration from consumers’ health hacks. Also, he outlines a how-to solution to incumbent-innovator collaboration.


Lessons from Financial Services on Winning Consumer Trust

Scott McDonald, Oliver Wyman’s Chief Executive Officer, discusses consumer trust. Scott shares a few memorable stories from his own experiences working in financial services. Learn what important lessons those in healthcare can learn from banking’s consumer missteps.


What Does Design Have to Do with Health Market Transformation? Everything.

Chris Waugh, Sutter Health’s Chief Innovation Officer, discusses the basics of human-centered design as a tool to examine the consumer journey and reimagine healthcare’s status quo. Here’s how health organizations can design a better healthcare experience by focusing less on individual patient encounters and more on the patient journey.


A Physician's Secret Weapon? The Cha-Cha

The secret to transitioning physicians' practice patterns and behavior is to follow the “I Decided to Cha-Cha” rule, says Farzad.Farzad Mostashari, MD, Aledade’s Chief Executive Officer. Farzad explores the role independent primary care physicians play in the shift to value-based care. He says independent primary care physicians are the key to market transformation.