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On and Off Your Mat, Episode 5 : Fierce Kindness, Be a Positive Force for Change

For our 6th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Melanie Salvatore-August. Mel is a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, author and activist. We’ve met a few years back when I did my 300h, as she was part of the cohort of teacher. I felt a strong connection to her teachings so I decided to pick up her books. Today, we’re meeting to talk about her second book, Fierce Kindness, Be a Positive Force for Change. ABOUT OUR GUEST ​​ Mama, teacher, author and kindness activist, Mel has taught...


Meditation and Emotional Bandwidth

For our 5th episode I had the pleasure to sit down with Emily Leahy. Emily teaches meditation and other tools to help people feel more grounded and empowered while they reach they're fullest potential. Together, we talked about the role of sacredness, rituals and meditation to stay grounded, regulate and increase your emotional bandwidth. I would really appreciate you writing a review on iTunes to help other listeners find the podcast! This episode was graciously supported by Athleta® in...


The 4 Pillars of Yoga

For our 4th episode I had the pleasure to sit down with Nikki Estrada. Nikki Estrada has been a prominent fixture in the yoga scene for more than twenty years, lecturing and leading workshops, teacher trainings and immersions nationwide. Here are some of the questions she answered during this episode.


What's Up With Crystal Singing Bowls?

For our third episode, I had the pleasure to sit with Adriana Cerundolo to chat about Crystal Singing Bowls. The first time I went to Adriana's healing Crystal Bowl Sessions, I knew there was something really special about her. She combines the signing bowls with percussion and she sings. The results is beautifully unique, truly powerful and absolutely transformative. ​ I would really appreciate if you left a review on iTunes to help other listeners find the podcast! Click here if you...


What is your intuition telling you?

For our second episode, I had the chance to meet with Hillary Skibell to chat about Intuition. Hillary is a well-loved Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach. She studied at the Academy of Intuition Medicine and is known for her inspiring and soulful teaching that connects students to the deeper pulse and flow of life. QUESTIONS WE ANSWERED on this episode: How would you define what is intuition? What's the difference between Intuition, gut feeling and instinct? How do we learn to...


When you say yoga...

For our first episode, I'm meeting with 3 other newer teachers to talk about Yoga. What it means to them, how it's defined in literature and how it's seen by their students.