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The_Truth-EP15-Dealing With Depression

Depression is not a foreign object to most people. A lot of us are waking up to it and going to sleep to it on a daily basis. I know what that's like because i've been dealing with depression for many years. I signed up back in February of 2007 and decided that my depression was not going to beat me, I was going to beat it. In this episode I talk about my depression, what it looks like and how I overcome it as well as things that we can put in place immediately to help you over comes yours!


Trading_War_Stories_EP7-Driving Down The Bike Lane

Between KP smuggling drugs through the airport post 911 and Hoff riding a mountain bike with 2 flats across town to pick up drugs, this episode is nothing short of legendary. Both guys speak about thelma and louise who were two childhood female friends that continue to be friends to both. One of them was arrested at a weekend getaway in the night for driving drunk on a bike lane. Lots of stories, lots of laughs, tune in!


The_Truth_Ep14-Blood Suckers

Often times we choose to place ourselves around people who are negative and degrading. These types of individuals are only around us because we offer them something their selfish ways need. It's easy to recognize these people because they are usually talking about other people in a negative way, including their "friends." We must remove these people from our lives.


Trading_War_Stories-EP6-We Only Want Fire

Early in the days of Tony Hoffman selling drugs. Another big name drug dealer tried to force Tony to push his products. In this episode Tony and Keith talk about the consequences that came with Tony's refusal to touch anything less that the best.


The_Truth_EP13-Interview with Miguel Ocegueda_Former Bulldog Gang Member

Continuing K.P and I interview series, we interview a former Fresno Bulldog Gang member and walk through his journey into recovery. Miguel brings over 11 years of recovery to the table and has not had an easy walk at life but through his story we receive a strong message that recovery is possible.


The_Truth_EP12-Why Success Needs To Be Personal

When you start at the bottom of your journey and you start to work your way up a lot of things will change. Especially when it comes to those who surround you. Your success, whatever that may look like needs to be built on personal reasons and not the opinions of others because over time those around you may alter their opinions about your success. Listen in this episode why success needs to be personal


Trading_War_Stories_EP5-The Apartment Part 2

Continuing on from the Apartment episode, Tony and KP talk about some of the heaviest stories Tony has experience. This includes an incident with a person who stole from Tony and the time he was stabbed in a drug deal gone bad.


The_Truth_EP11-Bouncing Back From A Low Point In Life

What do you do when you've reached a low point in your life? Realistically you have two options, sink or swim. It's easy to say, "I'm swimming" and yet most people do not swim, they sink. In this episode I talk about getting out of low points in your life and how to understand the emotional battles that are keeping you stuck where you are.


Trading_War_Stories_EP4-The apartment

The apartment that Tony Hoffman lived in for a short period of time was a wild place. In this episode Tony talks about a gang task force raiding his apartment and other activities that took place here. KP joins with some of his thoughts about the apartment.


The_Truth-EP10-Relax It's Okay

Life events occur that are completely out of our control. Are natural response is generally to think of everything int he worst case scenario. Learn how to take a step back and let things happen and focus on whats in front of you


Trading_War_Stories-EP3_The Trap House

The trap house was the location that Tony Hoffman lived at after his parents kicked him out of the house for finding a high volume of drugs he was selling. This was the location that a lot of drug use and sales occurred. Tony and Mr. KP detail out some of the stories that happened while Tony was living at the trap house.


The_Truth_EP9-The War on Self Acceptance

The modern culture of social media makes it harder for us to answer a very simple question, "Who am I." There is a constant chase to achieve what we see online, tv and in magazines. We are constantly comparing our lives to others instead of searching within ourselves to figure out who we are and what we offer the world. This war on self acceptance is holding us back but there is a solution in this episode.


The_Truth_EP3-F The Opinions

Everyone has something to say about what we should do, what we are doing or what we are going to do, yet none of these opinions matter. Here is why