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One Sacred Pause with Jessica Winderl is a podcast dedicated to the yoga, wellness + meditation communites of Scandinavia. It is designed to bring real and raw dialogues about spirituality into the forefront of living our yoga off the mat.

One Sacred Pause with Jessica Winderl is a podcast dedicated to the yoga, wellness + meditation communites of Scandinavia. It is designed to bring real and raw dialogues about spirituality into the forefront of living our yoga off the mat.
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One Sacred Pause with Jessica Winderl is a podcast dedicated to the yoga, wellness + meditation communites of Scandinavia. It is designed to bring real and raw dialogues about spirituality into the forefront of living our yoga off the mat.




S3.E4: Mothering the Mother with Ayurvedic Doula Jenna Furnari

On this episode, Jessica chats with Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Jenna Furnari, all about how to use ayurveda during the postpartum period of pregnancy. Jenna works primarily as an ayurvedic postpartum doula, and trains other women to do the same (Jessica took her training, it is great!). She talks about the importance of the first 42 days after giving birth — how a new mother needs to rest, rebuild ojas/balance vata dosha, and bond with her baby. An ayurvedic...


S3.E3: Opening to Possibility, Healing + Breathwork with Erin Telford

Jessica is joined this week by her breathwork teacher + acupuncturist Erin Telford. Erin shares about her journey into breathwork and becoming a healer, why she loves this practice so deeply, and how she continues to be inspired by its potency. The women talk about what happens when we show up with courage and vulnerability, and are willing to step into a space of non-knowing. Breathwork holds up a mirror to our self-limiting beliefs, trauma, and pain, and then allows for the grace of...


S3.E2: Dharma, Raw Cake, and Living Your Passion with Tiril Refsum

Join Jessica and Tiril for an inspiring and heart-forward talk about taking chances, living your Dharma (sacred duty), and what happens when we are in alignment with our purpose. Tiril is a best-selling cookbook author and owner of Oslo Raw, which is a successful raw food cafe with two locations in Oslo. The women discuss saying yes to the call of your heart, even if you don’t know how things will turn out — how do we lean into trust of the unknown rather than fear of the...


S3.E1: {LIVE} Sleep Science + Meditation with Neuroscientist Laura Bojarskaitė

Welcome back to Season 3 of the One Sacred Pause Podcast! Listen in to the recording of a live podcast event where Jessica is joined with neuroscientist Laura Bojarskaitė to talk about the brain, brain health, and what happens while we sleep. Laura explains the concept of “brain washing”, where our brain gets washed while we sleep and clears debris and impressions from our day to allow up to wake up rested and energized. She also talks about yoga nidra meditation and the brain wave states we...


S2.E12: SEASON 2 FINALE - Yoga, Acupuncture, Seva + Friendship with Sea Marie Biladeau

The Season 2 Finale is an extended episode that Jessica recorded live in Colorado with one of her dearest friends, Sea Marie. Be a fly on the wall as these friends talk about all the subjects they love — the women talk about teaching yoga, what they love about being teachers, and why they teach. Sea shares her experiences of studying Five Elements Acupuncture, what her expectations were/are to becoming an acupuncturist, and the commitment of being in acupuncture school for 4+ years. The...


S2.E11: Rituals of Ayurveda + Natural Skincare with Paavani Ayurveda

This week Jessica is joined by the co-founders of a beautiful ayurvedic body care company called Paavani Ayurveda, Trudy Collings and Leah Klatt. The women talk about getting started in ayurvedic skin care, what led Trudy and Leah to start their own brand, and how it feels to celebrate the five year mark of being in business. They share their favorite self-care routines, favorite products, and the exciting launch of their newest product line. Finally, the three women discuss choosing a name...


S2.E10: How to Use Crystals + Set Intentions with Victoria Larkins

On this week’s episode, Jessica talks with Victoria Larkins, an American yoga teacher and entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. Victoria is the owner of Shop Sankalpa, a beautiful intention-fused crystal jewelry line, and the co-founder of The Subtle Mind, a meditation and co-creation space. The women go deep into spiritual conversation about energy, meditation, discernment, the five koshas, and more. Victoria shares about her journey into connection with the healing power of crystals,...


S2.E9: Meditation + Creation with Yoga DJ, Music Producer, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Crisanto Santa Ana

Jessica talks with Los Angeles DJ and Music Producer Crisanto Santa Ana about his art, music, work, and meditation practices. Crisanto shares what he loves about DJing music at yoga festivals and for yoga classes, and how yoga and meditation guide his life choices. They talk about using playlists in a yoga class as a way to enhance a student’s experience and support breath + awareness. Crisanto now travels around the world sharing his music and messages of positivity, and collaborating with...


S2.E8: Trusting Your Intuition as a Yoga Teacher, Healer, and Entrepreneur with Antonia Rothschild

This week Jessica is joined by Swedish yoga teacher Antonia Rothschild for a heartfelt and vulnerable conversation about how we learn to trust our intuition, and how we learn to trust in the value of our offerings in the world. Antonia shares her personal mantra for activating choice in any situation, personally or professionally. The women talk about shifting out of fear and insecurity when running a yoga business, and discuss the growing communities of wellness + consciousness in...


S2.E7: Heart-Centered Living, Deep Meditation, and Running an International Retreat Business with Josefine Bengtsson

Join Jessica as she talks with Swedish yoga + meditation teacher Josefine Bengtsson. Josefine spends much of the year living in India, and travelling in France and Sweden, to run yoga retreats with her company Yogiakedemin. In this episode, the women talk about living life from a place of connection to the heart, which to them means acknowledging the pain in life as well as the joys. Josefine shares her experiences with her daily meditation practice, and why she loves sitting in silence so...


S2.E6: Yoga Therapy, the Power of Mantra, and Spaciousness in Entrepreneurship with Katie Allen

In this episode, Jessica is joined by yoga therapist and studio owner Katie Allen to discuss her passion for public heath, yoga therapy, the healing powers of mantra + chanting, and maintaining a sense of spaciousness while running a yoga business. Katie is the co-founder of Be The Change, a donation-based yoga studio in Southern California, and is the creator of yoga therapy programs that are being utilized in hospitals and within Hispanic populations. Katie’s website:...


S2.E5. Actions of Ahimsa with Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Bloggers Radical Broccoli

On this week’s episode, Jessica sits down with Anette and Susanne Bastviken, the Norwegian sisters behind the brand of Radical Broccoli. The three women talk about blogging, yoga, and making sustainable choices in food, clothing, transportation, beauty, and other areas of our life. They talk about how caring for the environment and our health are practices of yoga — specifically Ahimsa, or non-harming/non-violence, the starting point of the 8-limbed path of Patanjali’s Yoga...


S2.E4: Yoga Entrepreneurship, Studentship + Meditation With Caley Alyssa

This week, Jessica is joined by her first American guest on the podcast, yoga + meditation teacher Caley Alyssa. The women talk about the nitty-gritty of running a yoga/wellness business, money, mentorship, disappointing setbacks, and the culture of celebrity. They dive into prioritizing studentship and learning new skills, and talk about meditation practices and daily routines.


S2.E3: Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals with Jessica Winderl

Join yoga, meditation, and ayurveda teacher Jessica Winderl for this solo episode that is all about Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals and Routines. Learn practical tips to integrate Ayurveda into your daily life, and how to use the natural rhythms of the seasons to support your most harmonious health. Jessica’s Website:


S2.E2: Ashtanga, Lifelong Meditation Practices, and Living Your Practice With Bertine Zetlitz

On this week’s episode, Jessica talks with Norwegian pop star Bertine Zetlitz. Bertine is well known for her musical career, but she is also a dedicated Ashtanga teacher and a life-long meditation student. The women talk about what a yoga “practice” means to them, what meditation feels like, and how to define what it means to be a yogi, according to your own rules. Bertine talks about growing up meditating from a young age, and the example her parents gave her with the practice. The...


S2.E1: The Art of Breathwork, Compassion + Forgiveness with Mie My Tastesen

Season 2 is live! Jessica is back, and for the Season 2 launch episode she is talking with Danish clinical psychotherapist and breath work facilitator Mie My Tastesen. Jessica experienced a breath work session in Copenhagen with Mie My that was profound and beautiful, and in this episode they talk about the breath work technique that Mie My uses, and why it works. The women talk about the power of transformation that occurs when we intentionally connect to breath, and how that process leads...


S1.E12: Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness with Jessica Winderl

Season 1 Finale! Jessica has another solo episode where she talks about the practice of taking responsibility for our own happiness. What happens when we step away from what we think other people’s expectations of us are, and when we release the fear of being judged by others? Happiness is an inside job, and Jessica talks about using the yogic principle of Santosha, or contentment, as the framework for creating a life that feels more free. When we cultivate contentment in our life, it...


S1.E11: Myth-Busting Yoga History with Sati Chmelar

Yogis, settle in! This episode is both thoughtful and {possibly} a little earth shaking, in terms of questioning what we as yoga students and yoga teachers believe to be true. The women sit down together in Oslo, Norway to talk about Sati’s recent Master’s Thesis focused on “myth busting” commonly-held beliefs about the history/origin of modern yogic practices. Sati explains how taking an academic or scholarly approach to understanding yoga radically shifted her connection to the practice,...


S1.E10: Failure, Meditation + the Mind with Jeppe Aagaard

Jessica talks with Danish yoga and meditation teacher Jeppe Aagaard, and they go straight into talking about meditation, how the mind works, and what we feel during a meditation practice. Jeppe shares why, as a meditation teacher, he strives to guide his students into an emotional response to the practice. This is an interesting and thought provoking episode (notice the length of the episode — Jessica and Jeppe couldn’t stop the conversation, it was that good!). Jeppe also talks about how we...


S1.E9: Tantra Yoga + Living in the Now with Satu Tuomela

This week is a fun + lively episode where Jessica chats with Stockholm-based yoga teacher and studio owner Satu Tuomela. Satu talks about her deep love for tantra yoga, and the teachings of the practice to simply enjoy your life while mindfully living in the now. Satu clears up some of the misconceptions of tantra yoga, and shares her first experiences with the practice (which differed greatly from her current experiences of the practice!). The women talk about the exploration of stillness...