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Ever find yourself often confused about what to eat and what is truly healthy? Well, you’re in the right spot, we’ll discuss all the latest health and nutrition trends to breakdown what’s real and what’s a real waste of time.

Ever find yourself often confused about what to eat and what is truly healthy? Well, you’re in the right spot, we’ll discuss all the latest health and nutrition trends to breakdown what’s real and what’s a real waste of time.
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Ever find yourself often confused about what to eat and what is truly healthy? Well, you’re in the right spot, we’ll discuss all the latest health and nutrition trends to breakdown what’s real and what’s a real waste of time.






3 Starbucks Healthy Tips

3 tips to keep on your new year's resolution goal and still enjoy Starbucks.



Are you on a low carb diet? Or thinking about going low carb? We are attracted to low carb diets because they get results quick. For many of us the quick weight loss this comes at a cost...we tend to gain the weight back. In today's episode we talk about 2 main reasons we lose weight quickly and how we can be successful on a low carb diet.


New Year Resolutions, and what not to do

Do you love or hate new years' resolutions? Over the past few years, I have had mixed feelings. How many times have you reached your New Year resolution? Do you set year-long intentions? With the new year approaching, I came across a Ted Talk that spoke about one tip that really offered some great advice. This got me thinking about how I set the intentions and goals for the new year. Listen now to hear about one thing you shouldn't do and some advice to hit those goals. Referenced Ted...


Diet Season Stress, Do this!

January 1st kicks off what I call "Diet Season", everybody is suddenly on a diet and hitting the gym. Quinoa and Almond butter are sold out everywhere like the hottest Christmas toy. Most diets dont even make it to January 15th let alone February and the top reason is stress. We chose diets that are so far from our day-to-day lifestyle they are not sustainable. This week we are going to discuss what you need to do in order to make your 2020 the year of health and reaching your goals. For so...


Elf Stress

Holidays can be stressful enough and then as parents we feel the need to introduce the Elf to our kids. Why? This week's episode is a funny rant on parental stress with the elf. I hope this episode brings you a bit of laughter during the stressful elf season.


Essential Oil Safety

I love essential oils, however, I often see good meaning people giving what I have now learned as dangerous advice. Did you know not all essential oils are safe? That certain ones can cause breathing problems in kids? Or that essential oils often require proper dilution and a bit of math. Don't be fooled because an oil says "therapeutic grade" doesn't make it safe there are still rules and guidelines to follow. These oils/plants are powerful and they need to be respected. Listen to today's...


Low Carb Slingshot effect

Have you tried a low-carb diet? How did you do? Did you lose the weight initially and then gain some if not all or more back. In today's episode, I talk about something I call the low-carb slingshot effect. We also discuss how to avoid it and should we be really low-carbing it or is there a better option?


Blue Light Glasses Thoughts and Research

Have you seen someone wearing these yellow glasses? Have you heard about the health issues with blue light and ever wondered do you need to be concerned? Do you want to know why and what the research has to say? Listen now to find out more. Research for this episode is: All about blue light: https://www.allaboutvision.com/cvs/blue-light.htm What is blue light:https://www.preventblindness.org/blue-light-and-your-eyes American Academy of Opthalmology on blue light...


Do you want to be healthy?

Have you ever meet someone who didn't want to be healthy? There is so much contradicting health information which often leads people feeling helpless in reaching their health goals. A few years ago my friend Paige and I released a cookbook to help people get back to the love with food, wholesome food that tastes good and is fun. This episode I share a bit about our mission with that book and how that has tied into the rest of my career and upcoming cookbook. Can you guess what the title is?


Halloween Candy Guilt

Like so many of us did you overdo it on the Halloween candy? Feeling a little guilty with that sugar hangover. This episode we are talking candy and that Halloween guilt. It is possible to have some candy and not feel guilty.


Oh, Sh*t Meals

We have all been there, crazy day and then mealtime rolls around, the last thing you want to do is cook food. You're left with two options skip the meal or grab fast food. Well, there is a third option its the "Oh sh*t" meal (OSM). In this episode, we are going to talk about what an "Oh, Sh*t meal" is and how-to find ones perfect for you and your family during those chaotic times.


Lessons in Failure

Failing sucks, however, we need to discover why we fail in order to succeed. In this week's episode I share a few failures and a piece of advice that changed my way of looking at failure.


No More Excuses

I used to think our excuses stood in the way of achieving goals. In today's episode, we talk about the epiphany I had that it's not the excuses standing in our way its something else. Listen to today's episode to discover what is holding you back.


Interview with Ken Leeser creator of Recipe IQ

Have you ever seen a recipe and wondered what the macro/calorie count is? This app allows you the flexibility to have total control so recipes can fit your nutritional or dietary needs. Listen to today's episode to learn about all the cool things this app can do. The app can be downloaded for free in the Apple or Google Play stores.


Lazy Keto

I recently came across this Healthline article about a new version of the keto diet called "Lazy Keto". Listen to today's episode and hear what I have to say. Article for Lazy Keto: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/lazy-keto?fbclid=IwAR0E1TTrDoSsO5PiI6sUjROYCPGlU5zXLVo_ptKERLHHGeEMabLTaR_rTMQ


Detox Teas, Miraculous Health Claims & Instagram Changes

Instagram announced on Wednesday, Sept 18th, 2019 that they were cracking down on influences promoting weight loss and surgical procedures to minors. They are also cracking down on items being promoted to everyone making miraculous health claims. Listen to today's episode to see how these changes are going to affect you and I share my thoughts on detox tea and my secret to a healthier life. Links for this...


Protein Bars, Glorified Candy

We have a great workout, grab a protein bar to help replenish us. Yet, is this really healthy? Does this support your goal or is it something else?


Fruits and Veggies Conventional vs. Organic

Are organic fruits and veggies that much better for us than conventionally grown? What does the science say? What is the difference between conventional vs organic? What if you can't afford organic? Are organic cookies healthy? This week I am also introducing a segment where each week I will provide you with a veggie recipe so that you can "eat your effing veggies". Research for this...


Weight Watchers Kurbo* app, solving childhood obesity or causing disordered eating?

20.6% That's the number of how many 12-17 years old are considered Obese. I don't think there is an argument that this is not a huge problem. WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) recently released an app designed for kids between the ages of 8-17 to help develop a "healthier relationship with food". In this weeks episode, I talk about kids and dieting also taking a look at why Kurbo* is creating so much controversy. Is this app really helping to solve the issue of childhood obesity or...


Unhealthy Healthy Habits

Everything in moderation, it's one thing I am a huge fan of and even in healthy habits. Often even healthy habits can be taken to far and suddenly a health habit can become unhealthy. In today's episode, I talk about my top unhealthy healthy habits.