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What to do when someone with PTSD pushes you away

Episode 47: When someone with PTSD pushes you away, you need to know what to do because it is so painful. Dr. Daniel Williams, MD discusses this difficult topic, as it is the most often asked regarding PTSD. How to Help Someone with PTSD when the Push You Away Don't chase them. Your story is safe. Start with Your Strength. Many prefer a non-threatening course like the Sex Therapy or Pet Therapy courses that come with membership. Don't feed into unhealthy behavior. Don't be an enabler. What...


Start a Podcast to Heal

Episode 46: Dr. Williams reveals his social media strategy that is in three phases for audio, video and manual vs. automatic syndication. https://youtu.be/a-yvHfKRScE Podcasting as a Life Purpose I consider podcasting to be very enriching. It makes me feel like the hard lessons I've had can serve a purpose. Therefore, I put podcasting for a purpose to help others as a deeply spiritual endeavor. Censored vs. Uncensored Platforms Episode 45 already covered the need to search out your doctor's...


Search Our Your Doctor’s Advice (“opinion”)

Episode 45: It's important to search out your doctor's advice now more than ever. Censorship reigns supreme for a reason, so Dr. Daniel Williams outlines a strategy for identifying good doctor advice online. Censored Doctors, as it turns out, were right The rabbit hole goes deeper than any of us could have imagined. The church was waiting to be raptured, sleeping? You know, most people in the world still don't have access to uncensored information. Among those that do, fewer are using the...


Find the Best PTSD Podcasts FAST

Episode 44: I'm about to do so many podcasts that these early ones will drop off your aggregator list. How to Find PTSD Podcasts In the upper right, you will see the magnifying glass. Click on the magnifying glass. Just type the episode number, for example "41" in the search area. Click Enter. Listen to The PTSD Academy Podcast on your Favorite App: Itunes Spotify Stitcher iHeartRadio PodcastIndex TuneIn Facebook Blubrry Twitter Google Play LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr Pinterest Instagram...


Shame. It’s What’s Wrong With You.

Episode 43: Every good lie has some truth mixed in. In today's episode, PTSD Psychiatrist Daniel Williams, MD reveals the secret to your enemy's plan: to make you feel a certain way. If you have PTSD and are made to feel similar than you did before, you could be in trouble. If you don't practice self-care, learn to release energy, and experience good vibrations (in balance), your pain will just accumulate. The PTSD Shame Assessment Checklist Do you like to eat ice cream at midnight? Do you...


Ancient Energy Medicine vs Modern Science

Episode 42: As the global population embraces the government science of the day, the attention is taken off the the marvelous discoveries in science. The world is changing so rapidly, with censorship and all, that the disparity between the current cultural delusions and the brutal reality of poverty and death is growing. The real scientist questions everything. And follows the science where the data lead. The Modern Scientific Method It wasn't until AFTER I graduated from my post-doctoral...


Protect Your Story

Episode 41: Boundaries around your trauma are extremely important. Setting Boundaries with PTSD can be a challenging thing. PTSD Circles of Trust Inside the mind of a trauma survivor, are bad memories right underneath the surface. Learn how and when to share, how much to share, and the consequences to you when it happens. In my opinion, people are desensitized to trauma and have forgotten their power in setting boundaries. Empathy Therapy for PTSD Caring for yourself enough to work on...


Post-Traumatic Stress without the “Disorder”

Episode 40: This is what I want for you, when it happens that it doesn’t keep you shut down. When “disorder” is left off of the PTSD terminology, it is usually because the symptoms haven’t quite met the research requirements to make the diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD) affects everyone at some point in their life. It would be difficult to make it through a healthy, long life and not be grieved or traumatized in some way. People the prefer the PTS label...


The Cornerstone of All Recovery

Episode 39: Humility is defined as having or showing a consciousness of one's own defects. Humility is the cornerstone of all recovery Here are my reason's why. The first step in all recovery is to admit you have a problem. So, if you aren't aware of, or don't want to admit it, you're not going to recover. Many people choose vain pride their whole life rather than show any emotional authenticity to those that love them. It's an unhappy existence and entirely unnecessary. 12-Step Recovery has...


Help for PTSD-related Anxiety

Episode 38 Many people don’t realize that what they are experiencing is anxiety. It’s often relabeled as excitement (healthy and useful) or panic (fear-based and unhelpful). If you have worsened anxiety that is fueled by worry and fears, it’s harder to stop unless you do the following. Understand that anxiety and panic can come from a misinterpretation (labeling) of a bodily feeling, combined with thoughts of a helpless future. Not all anxiety results from post-traumatic stress....


Is PTSD Real?

Episode 37: Is PTSD real? In the worst American battle losses, 50% of survivors on the battlefield were Behavioral Health casualties. If you won’t take it from me, read the book, The Pacific and The Forgotten War to discover the very brief mentions of the 50% BH losses in WWII and the Korean War, respectively. My deployment as the 36th Infantry Division Psychiatrist and Operation Spartan Shield O-4 Consultant during the height of the biowarfare information-campaign otherwise known as...

Choosing a Career in Mental Health

Episode 36: Start as a peer support specialist, learn Reiki, the nursing path, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers and licensed professional counselors. These are only some of the topics covered in this insightful podcast. Learn what profession Dr. Williams would have chosen if he had it to do all over again.


The Best PTSD Audiobooks and Documentaries

Episode 35: Genius scientists point to quantum physics research that has kept out of the mainstream. I've mentioned most of these resources at one point or another, but wanted to put all of my favorite audiobooks, documentaries and continuing education resources into one place. CORRECTION: It's Norway: The Perfect Prison (in the podcast I kept saying Finland but I knew that didn't sound right). Books / Audiobooks Combat PTSD in America: Toward a Permanent Solution, Daniel Williams (shameless...


A Guilt-Based Home is Best

Episode 34: Shame is the enemy of the soul. It causes you to judge yourself poorly which sets up a cascade of badness. Depression, guilt, self-loathing, self-neglect: all can be the result of shameful attacks on your character. Guilt vs. Shame is one of the core 21 video lectures in The Mental Component, but here is a summary: Guilt says "I stole the piece of gum." Guilt is about the act that was wrong. Own it. Admit it. Don't do it again. But MOST importantly, make amends. Offer to make the...


When to Use Body-Based Approaches for Teens with PTSD

Episode 33: Sometimes the energy of past emotional trauma combined with ineffective communication leads to rage. Listen to Daniel Williams, MD's response to a listener comment about the combination of PTSD, ADHD, dyslexia and rage in traumatized teens. Join our Teachable Circle Community mentioned in the podcast. If one dimension is wounded, turn to one of the other three. If your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health are all out of balance (like mine where when I was a teenager),...


Moral Injury: The Book I Can’t Finish

Episode 32: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, Timothy Snyder is the book I can't finish. Systematic starvation and killing revealed why it was so easy for Hitler to invade east pushing all the way to Moscow. The people were demoralized and so malnourished that they couldn't fight if they wanted to. It was done on purpose. The truth didn't come out for 50 years because that's how long it takes to declassify war secrets. What the hell is happening right now that we'll never know...


Surviving the Endgame

Episode 31: Learn a quick roadmap for holistic self-care under dire conditions. World War 3 is all about subduing the world without fighting. Economically, environmentally, food and water supply-wise, relationally in families, discord in society and the perpetual shades of racism. Mankind’s history is not good. We really are like a virus as discussed in the movie The Matrix. We as a species commit genocide, harm each other and destroy the earth. For all of that hate and spirit of...


Three Things You Need to Survive Stress

Episode 30: Capacity, Opportunity, and Motivation are the three ingredients needed for success. Daniel Williams, MD discusses how to integrate these in practical ways. Here's a preview from my next book: Capacity This is your "ability" to get better. Physical health, disease, insomnia, depression, head injuries, substance abuse and withdrawal - all can affect your ability to get better. Getting a handle on physical health, nutrition and sleep will help you be more resilient. Opportunity BE...


Hospitalization for PTSD

Episode 29: Hear my tips on acute psych stabilization, as a former medical director and PTSD psychiatrist. If you need hospitalization for PTSD, don't hesitate. Meanwhile, adopt a healthy lifestyle so you can prevent such desperation if possible. If you feel suicidal, homicidal or out of control, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department. Suicide Hotline: 1-800-2738255. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org In this episode, I discuss some tips to help you think about the role of the...


Reflexology Micro-Course

https://vimeo.com/470192394 Episode 28: Learn from my wife, a board-certified reflexology, exactly what she does for me when I can't sleep, have pain, or can't settle down. What is reflexology? Reflexology is the ancient modality of working the cutaneous reflexes on the feet, hands and ears. These correlate to inner organs and aid in supporting health. At least, that's what the FDA will allow us to say. Reflexology Online Course This is the shortest course in the PTSD Academy, with core...