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Chiropractic in Pregnancy

An exclusive interview with Dr. Jeanne Ohm at the Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Summit. Host: Tracey Gartner.


ICPA Insider Interview - Dr. John Minardi

Owner of the Chiropractic Advantage clinic in Oakville. Founder of the Thompson Technique Seminar Series and teaches a variety of topics including Anatomy, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Biomechanics and Technique. Proficient in many chiropractic techniques including; Thompson, Stucky Integrated Methods, MPI, Pediatrics, Activator, NUCCA, Neurology and Philosophy seminars.


Neil Z. Miller - The Mythology of Current Research: A Failed and Broken System

Freedom for Family Wellness Summit - 2010 Studies provide the vaccine industry with the seal of validation. They can also be used to manipulate public opinion. While science helps us to understand the world, pseudoscience is confusing. How do we know which studies to trust? This lecture investigates the propaganda, ploys, and belief systems underlying preventive healthcare.


Bruce Lipton, PhD - Human Evolution and the Future of Vitalistic Practice

Freedom for Family Wellness Summit - 2010 This informative and self-empowering session on the mechanics of the mind-body interaction introduces scientific advances that topple the philosophical underpinnings of conventional medicine. A new vitalistic philosophy of health and healing fully implicates chiropractic's role in navigating civilization through the coming turbulent times. The information on the "new biology" provided in this presentation can be used to enhance your professional...


Joseph Mercola, DO - Choices in Family Wellness for Lifetime Longevity

Freedom for Family Wellness Summit - 2010 As an osteopathic physician and leader in the wellness movement, Dr. Mercola shares his abundant knowledge and practical experience to address the nutritional concerns of our current culture. His session contains easy to implement evidence based nutritional guidelines to improve and achieve lasting family health.


Michael Mendizza - You (are not who you think you are)

Freedom for Family Wellness Summit - 2010 The most basic human instinct is bonding, belonging, fitting in, acceptance and approval. This is true for children and adults, even Chiropractors. Survival depends on it. As children we discovered what is acceptable or not looking in the mirror of relationship. We create an 'image-of-self' based on what we see. What we see is not our true authentic nature. What we see is the others' approval or disapproval and that became our image. The key...


Marcy Axness, PhD - The Conscious Conception and Birth of New Science

Freedom for Family Wellness Summit - 2010 Weaving together paradigm-pushing "ah-hah"s from scientists, laypeople and the presenter herself and research from biochemistry to botany, embryology to art history and beyond, this session is a trans-disciplinary exploration of radical new ways of seeing and being with the vital mysteries of deeply interconnected Life. Dr. Axness conveys implications of a new paradigm for individual development, for bringing new life into the world, and for our...


Research Panel - CAM Collaboration for the Future of Science

Freedom for Family Wellness Summit - 2010 Panel members: Matthew McCoy, DC, MPH, Joel Alcantara, DC, Cassandra Vieten, PhD, Chris Kent, DC, Stephen Marini, DC, PhD The esteemed panel presents their visions and goals for practitioner participation in furthering evidence-based research for the holistic practices.


Dr. Feder Teleconference 6-13

Attached Parents: The Importance of the Couples Relationship, Especially in Attachment Parenting


Cultural Creatives, an Interview with Social Scientist, Paul Ray, PhD

Lisa Reagan interviews social scientist, Paul Ray, PhD, and author of the book Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World for Pathways summer feature 2013. In this interview, Ray shares his unexpected findings in marketing research in the 1980s: an emerging group of people worldwide were making "conscious" living choices according to holistic values. Ray shares that this group of people historically were persecuted for bringing new ideas into the world, but after the...


Connecting the Good, an Interview with Founder, Richard Flyer

Pathways editor, Lisa Reagan, talks with Richard Flyer, the founder of Connecting the Good, on his success in creating a model for helping communities to come together around sustainable values. Vision Conscious Community is a bold vision, a universal ideal for the world. It is a practical, community vision that brings people together to find common ground, and to realize that we are all in this together. At its core, it is a “spiritual” vision, in that we embody universal principles and...


Mindful Motherhood with Cassandra Vieten, PhD

"I am enrolled in the practitioner's course and this is like nothing else available today. Mindful Motherhood doesn't teach a specific style of birth or parenting preparation, instead it helps participants develop the foundational skills to live their life in the present. I highly recommend this for all the women in your community whether they are consciously trying to conceive, currently pregnant or parenting." Nicole Schwartz, CPM, MSW Sudharma Birth Services, Pathways Connect King of...


Pathways Connect Facilitator Training - The Heart of Listening, April 2013

Here are the Top Ten Insights from the Heart of Listening: Top 10 Insights from The Heart of Listening… so far! 1. Begin at the Beginning. Come into full presence in this moment by directing my attention to feeling my body, bringing relaxation to my belly and my breath, tending with my attention to my embodied energy. 2. The First Step of Connection. Listening deeply first to myself with self awareness and self connection. Ask, what am I feeling in this moment? What’s most alive? What...


Reclaiming Our Sustainable Future: with Radical Homemaking Author, Shannon Hayes

Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with an inspirational discussion with Shannon Hayes and Lisa Reagan. Hayes shares her research and interviews with families who are making the switch to sustainable, holistic lifestyles that are consistent with their values. In this interview Hayes shares: 1- The seven skills of a radical homemaker 2- How to create a values and dreams board with your partner so you can support each other on decision making 3- How becoming sustainable does not mean going to live in...


Homeopathics for Your Family Kit: Focus on Spring Allergies, with Lauren Feder, MD

Lauren Feder, MD, president of the Holistic Pediatric Alliance, is a holistic family medical doctor and certified classical homeopath practicing in Los Angeles. She is also the author of the books, Natural Baby and Childcare and The Parents Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations. In this teleconference, Dr. Feder shares the history of homeopathy, its proven effectiveness as the second largest treatment model in the world, the development of allergies in the modern population, and the role...


Q&A with The Greater Good Filmmaker, Leslie Manookian

Filmmaker Leslie Manookian joins Pathways Connect group members to talk about the award-winning vaccine safety documentary, The Greater Good. In this discussion, you will hear Leslie share: - Insights on the latest CDC study citing "no link" between vaccines and autism - The also released new numbers by the CDC on autism, which is now 1 in 50 children - Her personal story of leaving a high powered Wall Street job to become a vaccine safety filmmaker - How parents can orient and educate...


Pathways Connect Facilitator Training - The Heart of Listening, March 2013

In this month's Heart of Listening class, hosted by Meg O'Shaughnessy, we will practice welcoming the feelings in each moment as a doorway to connecting with our most vital energy. We'll explore how recognizing and embracing our deepest longings can gift us an experience of fullness and nurturance, of being seen and valued. From this whole and open-hearted posture, we bring greater ease and grace to our connection with family and community.


Pathways Connect Facilitator Training - The Heart of Listening, February 2013

This Heart of Listening class, hosted by Meg O'Shaughnessy, will focus on welcoming what's in our own hearts as we open up to connecting with others. From the home of self-connection we will practice tuning to others with an ear to where each person's tender places are; their deepest longings. Together we will discover the clarity and confidence to nurture new relationships rooted in the values central to our lives.


Tracy Wilson Peters and Laurel Wilson - "The Greatest Pregnancy Ever" (Book)

Lisa Reagan talks with the authors of the new book, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever: The Keys to the Mother Baby Bond, Tracey Wilson Peters and Laurel Wilson. Keys to the MotherBaby Bond. Tracy is the CEO of CAPPA the worlds largest childbirth organization. Laurel owns and manages MotherJourney in Centennial, Colorado. The Greatest Pregnancy Ever is about transforming your pregnancy through thought and awareness. Offering keys to creating a peaceful, joyful and positive beginning to your family,...


Pathways Connect Orientation - Why We Were Never Meant to Do It Alone - Robin Grille

In this orientation course for Pathways Connect Gathering Group Sponsors and Facilitators, Robin Grille shares with us the historical, psycho-social trajectory of parenting in an industrial world. Grille is the author of the seminal work that takes on this view of parenting in his book, Parenting for a Peaceful World. He is a psychotherapist in Sydney, Australia and is also the author of the new book, Heart to Heart Parenting: Nurturing Your Child's Emotional Intelligence from Conception to...