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An open discussion about mental health, my illnesses, and figuring out how to make it through the world. •I'm not a doctor, this is not professional medical advice.


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An open discussion about mental health, my illnesses, and figuring out how to make it through the world. •I'm not a doctor, this is not professional medical advice.




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Accommodating the Scars of Childhood Trauma

In this episode Pers talks about her own scars from childhood trauma and how it is so important to acknowledge these quirks, pathologies, and preferences as important to overall feelings of comfort and safety. From there she goes into ways of accommodating these scars both directly and indirectly in order to make the most out of foreign, different, and sometimes scary environments. This episode is on the longer side so feel free to sit back and listen to it all at once or to take it in in...


The Inhumane Treatment of Migrant Children

This is Pers’ perspective on how disgustingly migrant are being treated at the United States’ southern border. If you have any opinion other than “this policy is ridiculous” unfollow me on everything.


Depression Reflections: Symptoms of Depression

In this episode I’ll be talking about the various symptoms I experienced in my depressive episode that goes beyond a lack of appetite and unwillingness to get out of bed.


Mental Health Updates, the Future, Did I Trash My Computer????

In this episode I spend most of my time updating you all on my mental health and then spend some time giving updates on my personal life as well as what I'd like to do with the persona as Pers. Finally I lament over the state of my laptop.


My Lovely Wife in a Psych Ward: A Review

In this episode I summarize and review the memoir My Lovely Wife in a Psych Ward written by Mark Lukach about his wife who experienced multiple hospitalisations after multiple psychotic breakdowns. There are many reasons why I recommend this book and you will have to listen to find out. Also listen to find out how I will use this book to strengthen my relationship with others who have to deal with my mental illness(es). Are you in need of help? international suicide hotlines:...


My Three Biggest Mental Health Fears

This week’s episode has me talking about my three biggest fears in regards to the progression and future of my mental illnesses and my mental health as a whole! Are you in need of help? international suicide hotlines: SOCIALS Twitter: Instagram: Medium (Blog): YouTube:


So you want to see a therapist

We talk about finding a therapist, the process, and what to expect Are you in need of help? international suicide hotlines: SOCIALS Twitter: Instagram: Medium (Blog): YouTube: Website: Support the show:...


My Time in a Mental Hospital

This post goes through my experience in the emergency room of a mental hospital when I felt so invalidated that I sought out a second opinion. It was definitely a learning experience and has taught me a lot should I ever need to go again! Are you in need of help? International suicide hotlines: SOCIALS Twitter: Instagram: Medium (Blog):...


Disordered Eating & MHealth

This episode we talk about disordered eating habits and how that can be a symptom of mental health issues and how I’ve exhibited disordered eating behaviours. Obvious TW to those who have EDs, experience disordered eating, or are sensitive to the topic. Mind your triggers Twitter: Instagram: Medium (Blog): YouTube: Website:...


2017 Podcast Relfections

Pers reflects on her podcast/advocacy, how to do better in future, and what she would like to accomplish going forward. Twitter: Instagram: Medium (Blog): Website: Support the show: Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Anchor): Personally Borderline


Helping the Homeless: Extended

I got some call-ins from some of my Anchor friends about ways they help out those in poverty/homelessness. Let me know how you help out as well! Twitter: Instagram: Medium (Blog):


Mental Health and Homelessness

We talk about Homelessness and it’s ties to mental health, if all homeless people are mentally ill, and whether are not mental illness causes homelessness or if it’s the other way around Twitter: Instagram: Medium (Blog):


Dangers of Groupthink to Mental Health

TW: Suicide/Suicidal Ideation This week we talk about how echo chambers and groupthink are dangerous to those who are in negative places and can’t really tell whether they’re in a negative place. We talk about positive and negative influences as well.


BPD/Mental Illness &My Friends

Today we talk about how Pers classifies friendships, the warning signs for when a friendship won’t work out, why I can’t hold casual friendships, and how to differentiate between casual friends and circumstantial friends. All episodes sign off with a question/comment and this week’s is tell me about your friendships! Can you keep casual friends? What are some warning signs or positive signs that will determine a friendship for you? Should you ever have to ask someone whether you’re friends...


More Talks w/ Christian Rivera

Today we sit down with Christian Rivera (phone interview) and get an update on his life and where he’s at right now! A lot has changed since our sit down talk in August (find that episode down the list titled Life Talks w/ Christian Rivera!) We talk life, love, separation, work and so much more! Stick around to the end to get his socials and connect with him elsewhere!


Knowing Your Family MH History

On today’s episode, we talk about why it’s so important to inquire and keep up to date about familial mental health history just like you would for physical health history. And some ways you can go about doing it! Twitter: @persborderline Instagram: @persborderline tumblr: Anchor: PersB Mental Health


What is Mental Health anyway?

On this week’s episode we explore the definition of mental health, comparisons to physical health, differences to physical health, and ways to both exercise and dominons mental health. Join me in a discussion where we also separate mental health from mental illness. Twitter: @persborderline Insta: @persborderline Anchor: PersB Mental Health


Sexual Assault and Support

Though the title is a tad vague, today’s episode will cover tips/steps to remember when supporting someone who is coming to you with their story of sexual assault or harassment. Inspired by #metoo


Germaphobe’s Guide to Campus 2

Today we talk about another addition of how to survive a college campus/dorm room and communal living while dealing with mental health issues!