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Plant Based News brings you the latest news about animal rights, ethical consumerism, plant-based food trends and more! We deliver information via as well as across a number of social media platforms, reaching approximately 3-5 million people each week.

Plant Based News brings you the latest news about animal rights, ethical consumerism, plant-based food trends and more! We deliver information via as well as across a number of social media platforms, reaching approximately 3-5 million people each week.
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Plant Based News brings you the latest news about animal rights, ethical consumerism, plant-based food trends and more! We deliver information via as well as across a number of social media platforms, reaching approximately 3-5 million people each week.






Model, Actress, Big Brother Contestant | Kay Lovelle Interview Episode 11

Artist Kay Lovelle is a passionate vegan who wants the lifestyle to become mainstream. Her dream job would be as an animal activist. She’d love to save animals across the world and create a loving, peaceful sanctuary for them. While she currently works as an artist, creating 3D wall sculptures and 3D phallic art, she has also done some acting in her time. Her favourite role was playing a Russian assassin on an HBO series. She walked out of the Big Brother house in 2018. Follow Kay here...


Youtuber & Vegan Recipe Creator Rachel Ama | Episode 11

Presented by Robbie Lockie | Edited by Ciaran Austin Rachael Ama is a joyful, erudite and inspirational person. Rachel can be found dancing and singing along to her favourite tunes cooking up a vegan storm on Youtube! Sharing everything she creates and finds from recipes to vegan skincare with warmth and humour – welcoming everyone, whatever their food beliefs, to give the vegan life a go – preferably with the tunes turned up loud! Find out more about Rachael and her wonderful foodie...


Edric Kennedy-Macfoy ex-Fireman, Author & Public Speaker | Episode 10

Edric Kennedy-Macfoy was born and raised in West London and worked in the London Fire Brigade for over 13 years, attending many of the capital's most dramatic incidents during that time. He recently appeared on ITV's 'Inside London Fire Brigade', which saw Edric and his colleagues respond to the Croydon tram derailment of November 2016 and the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017. Checkout Edric's Books: In To The Fire...


Flying Man, Parkour Athlete & Vegan Warrior with Chase Armitage | Episode 9

Presented by Robbie Lockie | Edited by Ciaran Austin Chase has been pushing the arts of Parkour and Free Running since they first came to the UK over 20 years ago. Chase is known as a pioneer in the sport and has shared inspiration across the globe through his personal and professional projects. Founder of the world famous Parkour team 3RUN who travel the world working on feature films, commercials, live shows, promotional events and producing their own mind blowing action films. Chase has a...


Singer, Songwriter & Vegan Chef: An Interview with Denai Moore | Episode 8

Presented by Robbie Lockie | Edited by Ciaran Austin Denai is a singer, song-writer and even a vegan chef. Denai was born in Jamaica, but moved to the UK when she was just 10 years old. Denai has also got a residency at the Jamaican restaurant Buster Mantis, in Deptford London. Denai also runs her own popup vegan Jamaican vegan restaurant Dee's Table. Denai, will be releasing her new album soon, keep an eye on for updates. Follow Denai:


'A Vegan World By 2026' A Interview with Dr Sailesh Rao | Episode 7

Hosted by Robbie Lockie Edited by Ciaran Austin Dr. Sailesh Rao has over 32 years of professional experience and is the Founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers, a non-profit dedicated towards healing the Earth’s climate. A systems specialist with a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA, conferred in 1986, Dr. Rao worked on the Internet communications infrastructure for twenty years after graduation. In 2006, he switched careers and became...


"A Man Of Many Movements" Interview with Roger Frampton | Episode 6

Roger Frampton is what some may consider a chameleon. Never quite fitting in to a mould. Never bowing to the expectations of others and walking his own path. He was born in to a family of 8 siblings, of which he is the middle child. We discussed his life on the farm, his attitudes towards life. His highly successful TEDx talk and much more. You can connect with Roger here Buy Rogers Book Or watch his TEDx Talk 'Why Sitting Down Destroys You"...


From Butcher To Vegan Activist interview with Mr Fraser Bayley | Episode 5

Edited by Ciaran Austin - Follow @ciaranaustin --- In this episode I got up close and personal with the vegan muscle powerhouse Mr Fraser Bayley. We discussed his young, mental health, having a baby and the state of the planet, as well as the evolving Alpha Male. We touched on our favorite metaphor 'The Matrix' as a way to explain our awakening in to the world and coming to the painful realisation that a lot of what we are taught as children especially about animals and health is incorrect...


Entrepreneur, Empath and Activist Interview with Jay Brave | Episode 4

Jay is an artist and activist, he become really well known in the vegan community with his viral hit 'Vegan Shut-up'. In this intimate conversation with PBN's Robbie Lockie, Jay Brave opened up about veganism, gender and why he doesn't identify with being 'black'. SO SORRY FOR THE BAD SOUND.... We had a major microphone fail. You can find out more about Jay here


Vegan Chef, Author & Activist: Gaz Oakley a.k.a Avant Guard Vegan | Episode 3

Gaz Oakley is a 25 year old vegan chef from Cardiff in Wales. We discussed being vegan, releasing his cook book Vegan 100 and his brand new Christmas Vegan book.


WHY DOCTORS DON'T RECOMMEND VEGANISM #5: Dr. Michael Klaper Dr. Pam Popper

Dr. Michael Klaper and Dr. Pam Popper discuss why most doctors avoid recommending plant-based diets to their patients.


Bulletproof Coffee To Plant Based Triathlete - London Real Interview

PBN's Peter Wintrip sits down with London Real's Brian Rose to discuss his adventure into plant-based eating and ultra-endurance, as a first time Ironman competitor.


WHY I WENT VEGAN - Prince Khaled

Philanthropist and Saudi prince, Khaled bin Alwaleed sits down with PBN's Klaus Mitchell to discuss his reasons for going vegan.



PBN's Klaus Mitchell discusses growth, business, and the plant-based sector with explosive plant-based brand Beyond Meat.


Vegan Podcaster, Activist & Actress Mz Evanna Lynch | Episode 1

PBNs Robbie Lockie speaks to Mz Evanna Lynch about her life as an actress, vegan activist and fledgeling podcaster (The Chickpeeps) now in it's 25th Episode. The discussion centred around veganism, being a woman in the movement. The challenges of effective vegan advocacy and much more. Listen to the podcast > Photo: Toby Shaw


Mindful Warrior, Game Changer & Vegan Man. Interview with Tim Shieff | Episode 2

PBN's Robbie Lockie spoke to Tim Shieff about the upcoming film Game Changers, his new fitness program Mindful Warrior and what it means to be a vegan man in 2018. Take Tim's course today https://courses.ethcs. Watch this important film on men and the mask they wear - Read about Toxic Masculinity The Game Changers Film - Tim's Brand Ethcs -...


The PIG FARMER who stopped KILLING A Vegan Documentary

A vegan documentary, which walks through a personal journey, THE LAST PIG raises crucial questions about equality, the value of compassion and the sanctity of life. Comis’ soul-bearing narrative carries us through his final year of farming pigs, the struggle to reinvent his life, and the ghosts that will haunt him forever. It is Allison's hope that THE LAST PIG will help propel a shift in our society’s relationship to non-human beings and our capacity for compassion. THE LAST PIG is a...


Ingrid Newkirk PETA's founder on euthanasia, Sea World & vegan activism

We visited the headquarters of PETA USA to meet it's founder and tour de force, Ingrid Newkirk. We spoke about euthanasia, Sea World, veganism, the history of PETA and more. Since it was founded, PETA has exposed horrific animal abuse in laboratories, leading to many firsts, including canceled funding, closed facilities, seizure of animals, and charges filed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. PETA has also closed the largest horse-killing operation in North America, convinced dozens of...


Robbie Lockie PBN Co-Founder on the rise of Veganism (uncut)

An uncut interview on a popular UK Radio Station on the rise of veganism.


DIET DOCTORS vs BIG PHARMA #1 Dr. Michael Greger

Check out this plant-based throwdown with vegan physician and Dr. Michael Greger. He runs and his book How Not To Die was a New York Times Top 10 best seller. Check out our other interviews with plant-based doctors, including Neal Barnard, John McDougall and Alan Goldhamer who are part of the WHY DOCTORS DON'T RECOMMEND VEGANISM series: Dr Greger's book can be found here:...