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038: Processing A Career-Ending Tragedy & Identity Crisis w/ Kristin Gablehouse

We all know that things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes life’s curveballs result in unexpected opportunities, and sometimes devastating consequences. How can we plan for these unexpected challenges and setbacks, and how can we move forward after them? Kristin Gablehouse shares her amazing story of how she lives life to the fullest after an accident that changed everything. Kristin wasn’t always sure she wanted to be a veterinarian. But she decided to get into it when her mother...


037: How Veterinarians Can Help Save The Bees w/ Christina Geldert

Did you know that bees pollinate 1/3 of everything you eat? I am joined by Christina Geldert, 2nd-year vet student and president and founder of the Honey Bee Veterinary Medicine Club at CSU. This club is the first of its kind and works to highlight the role of veterinarian medicine in bees. Christina is all-in for bees and is helping bridge the gap between veterinary medicine, agriculture, and honey bee sustainability. By figuring out how veterinarians can help bees and bee health,...


036: How Cannabis Oil Is Being Applied To Veterinary Medicine w/ Dr. Stephanie McGrath

As you’re probably aware, there is a constant stream of new research, technology, and information available to us in the veterinary profession that helps both make our jobs easier, and deliver better care to our patients. Today we’re diving into the veterinary applications of cannabis oil with one of the leaders in the field Dr. Stephanie McGrath. Dr. McGrath is a board-certified neurologist and assistant professor at Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital. She is here to talk...


035: The Importance Of Continuing To Evolve In Your Career w/ Ame Moon

As veterinary professionals - not to mention humans - it’s important to keep learning, growing, and evolving as we move through our careers and lives. Not only will we be happier, but this mindset is essential to staying engaged in our work, avoid mistakes, and building a sustainable career. I’m still riding the high of the past week at the AVMA Conference by catching up with my friend and former teacher, Ame Moon. Ame is a CVT and a VTS in Emergency and Critical Care. Today we are tackling...


034: Making The World Less Mean w/ Dr. Cyndie Courtney

It’s easy to look at the news every day and feel like the world is quickly becoming a meaner, more dangerous place. Whether it’s clients, co-workers, bosses, or other people in our lives, it often feels like we’re surrounded by jerks, and are powerless to change things. However, as Dr. Cyndie Courtney shares today, we have incredible power to reshape our view of the world and to make our practices, communities, and the world, friendlier, and more inspiring places. Dr. Courtney practices at...


033: How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Own Your Talent w/ Dr. Cherie Buisson

You’re probably already aware that your mindset determines a lot of what you experience in life, including your career in vet med. But how you create and nurture that positive mindset? So many of us struggle with issues like impostor syndrome, guilt, general negativity and so much more that affect our relationships, careers, and lives, and today, Dr. Cherie Buisson walks us through how to break out of a mental rut and craft an attitude that will pay dividends in all aspects of your life. At...


032: From Cage-Cleaner To Director Of Anesthesiology w/ Dr. Jon Congdon

If you want to get to the top of any niche in the veterinary world, you probably know it's going to be a tough slog at times. You might not realize, however, the impact of our career pursuits on other areas of our lives. Dr. Jon Congdon shares his insight into how to navigate your way to the top of a specialized field while maintaining your relationships, and sanity. Dr. Congdon started from the bottom cleaning cages and worked his way up to being Director of Anesthesiology at one of the...


031: Do You Crave Variety? Shelter Medicine Might Be For You w/ Dr. Louisa Poon

For many of us, the thought of a specialized career path is equivalent to a boring one. Dr. Louisa Poon joins us today to share her experience of finding variety working as a jill-of-all-trades veterinarian at an animal shelter in Denver. A woman of many hats, Dr. Poon joins us at our mobile studio, reporting to you on the move from the AVMA Conference in Denver, Colorado! She gives us a breakdown of the variety and excitement she sees on a daily basis as the Denver Animal Protection...


030: What If Vet School Isn't For Me? A Vet Tech's Journey w/ Elizabeth Downing

For many of us, we know we want a career working with animals, but vet school isn’t always a fit. Today, Elizabeth Downing shares her story of finding an alternative path into the industry as a veterinary technician rather than attending vet school. Elizabeth is a certified vet tech, has worked at varying levels of the industry including at the University level, private practice and the ER. After deciding vet school wasn't the right choice for her, she enrolled in veterinary technician...


029: How To Stand Out With Your Vet School Application w/ Gretchen Delcambre

Two of the most common holdups potential students have before applying to vet school are how to make sure your application stands out, and whether or not vet school is the right path for you in the first place. Today, Gretchen Delcambre, director of vet school admissions to Colorado State answers everything you need to know before you submit your application to vet school. Gretchen describes the application process, how to set your application apart from the crowd, and why grades aren’t...


028: How To Be Intentional About The Culture Of Your Clinic w/ Dr. Tim Holt

A city boy from Denver who found his calling dealing with livestock in Gunnison, CO, Dr. Tim Holt has been challenging the status quo in the veterinary world for years. Having never touched a horse or a cow until veterinary school in 1984, Dr. Holt spent the beginning of his career treating livestock while researching Pulmonary Hypertension in bulls and cattle. Since 2004 Dr. Holt has been working with large animal livestock at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at CSU, and mentoring his...


027: An Inside Look At The Life Of A Relief Veterinarian w/ Sara Sheltren

As you probably know, getting into vet school is no easy task. After years of struggling to find a school, Dr. Sara Sheltren made the alternative choice to accept a spot at ROSS Veterinary School on the island of St. Kitts. The next 3 years were filling with the realities of working in clinics that are not guided by American conveniences. This one of a kind experience led to Sara and her classmates gaining resilience, knowledge, and perseverance that would be hard to come by through...


026: The Surprising Connection Between Pet & Human Oncology w/ Christine Hardy

For a lot of people unfamiliar with the pet oncology space, it comes as a surprise that pets can develop the exact same strains of cancer that humans do. Perhaps even more surprising however is that in many cases, research into cancer treatment for dogs in particular could be the missing link between mice and humans. At the forefront of this research which has already boasted many breakthroughs into both human and animal treatment, is today’s guest, Dr. Christine Hardy. Christine has done...


025: An Unfiltered Look At The World Of Equine Veterinary Care w/ Erin Crawford

Today we’re diving deep into the ins and outs of equestrian care with Dr. Erin Crawford. Erin’s journey has taken her from rancher to fellow 2006 Colorado State Alumni to owner of her own veterinary practice. Focusing on horses and other large animals, Dr. Crawford has found her calling in the challenge of equestrian care and shares her passion and no-nonsense attitude with us today. Dr. Crawford has a reputation for being an open book with no filter, and her direct communication is a...


024: How To Maintain Your Mental Health In Vet School w/ Laurie Fonken

Today we're having a look inside the mind of today’s veterinary student. Dr. Laurie Fonken focuses on helping students take care of themselves throughout the stressful journey of veterinary schooling and she speaks about the importance of bravery, self-love and the relief of having someone to talk to. Dr. Fonken is the Director of Counseling and Wellness Programs for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University, in addition to being a member of the...


023: How To Find Career Inspiration In Unlikely Places w/ Brent Fink

Do you ever feel like you’re figuring things out in a very different way from everyone else? As we always say here at Podcast A Vet, everyone has their own trajectory and their own path. Today’s guest talks to us about how his travels in South America gave him the final nudge to commit to becoming a vet. Brent Fink is a veterinary nurse and applying to vet school. But before that, he worked in the restaurant industry for years, and spent a year and a half volunteering on farms in South...


022: How To Make An International Impact As A Veterinary Professional w/ Julie Lenoch

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many options are open to you in the vet profession. Clinical veterinary practice isn’t the only route you can take. Dr. Julie Lenoch is an incredible example of someone who has worked in veterinary science in many different ways, and might provide some inspiration for you as well! Dr Julie Lenoch is a Veterinary Epidemiologist at the USDA and APHIS (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, has a post-doc fellowship at the Council of State and Territory...


021: Building A Successful Veterinary Career In The Face Of Negativity w/ Karie Madigan

Have you ever faced a regular onslaught of negativity about your career? Today’s guest, Karie Madigan, is an example of someone who not only succeeded in the face of negativity, but achieved longevity in that success as well. Karie has been a vet nurse for over 20 years and recently transitioned into the role of practice manager. Today she talks to us about the negativity she faced as a teenager and into adulthood, and the key roles that some insightful mentors played for her in her...


020: How To Avoid Compassion Fatigue Through Community Involvement w/ Robin Van Metre

Have you ever had to tackle a pet owner at the veterinary office before? Today’s guest has! She also tells us about how her black belt in karate has come in handy as a vet, not only physically (except this one time!) but mentally. On top of being an ER vet doctor, Dr Robin Van Metre also works with the National Association for Search and Rescue, K9 TECC, K9 Medic, is the Director of the Canine Hero Foundation, and is the extern and intern coordinator at Fort Collins Vet Emergency and Rehab...


019: What You Need To Know To Get Through Vet School w/ Cindy Vaca

If you've been listening to Podcast A Vet for a while, you may remember Zach Lake in Episode 16 talking about what year one of vet school is like. Today we're talking with Cindy Vaca, an almost graduated fourth-year vet student to get a very different perspective, and some tips on the experience of going through veterinary school. Cindy is a fourth-year vet student at CSU, with a unique background from her classmates. She tells us with wonderful vulnerability about her experiences with...