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Get your POSTURE sorted with these tips tricks and guides from the world's best posture experts - they're the Posture Stars! Find us at


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Get your POSTURE sorted with these tips tricks and guides from the world's best posture experts - they're the Posture Stars! Find us at






How can Yoga help your posture?

We talk to Libby Stevenson, a yoga pro and wellbeing specialist for all stages of womanhood, about how yoga can help your posture and help you feel better too! Support the show


How Can an Egoscue and Ergonomics Expert Help Your Posture?

We talk to Zeena Dhalla, an Egoscue and Ergonomics expert, about how ergonomics and posture improvements can help you feel better and work better too! Support the show


How Can Pilates Help Your Desk Posture?

We talk to Kerrie-Anne Bradley from Pilates At Your Desk about the benefits of Pilates for desk workers. Let's find out, can Pilates help your desk posture? It's gotta be better than Melissa McCarthy's effort! Support the show


How can Ergonomics Help Posture?

We talk to Niamh Pentony from Boyne Ergonomics about posture and ergonomics, hybrid working and working from home. Let's find out, how can ergonomics help posture? Support the show


How can Holistic Physical Therapy Help your Posture?

We talk to Patricia Goka, an expert Holistic Physical Therapist, who helps people to 'stay stronger for longer' and loves working with the over 50's to get their posture sorted and help them stay mobile well into old age. Support the show


Ergonomics and Posture with Physiotherapist Ally from Your Perfect Posture

We talk to Ally Reynolds from Your Perfect Posture about home office ergonomics and children's ergonomics. Ally has spent 17 years as a qualified physiotherapist in occupational rehabilitation so knows her stuff! Support the show


Posture Ellie's Posture Advice

We talk to Posture Ellie, who is a Postural Alignment Therapist trained in The Egoscue Method (and a 200hr Yoga Teacher). She works with her clients (of all ages and with all sorts of conditions) to improve their posture and restore a greater range of movement through each joint in the body. Support the show


Kid's Posture

We talk to Physiotherapist Lorna Taylor about kid's posture in school and at home, and what parents and teachers can do to support their children to have great posture. Support the show


Esports Ergonomics and Posture

Esports Phyiotherapist and all-round gaming superhero Violeta Ivanova talks to us about the benefits of health support for esports professionals. Support the show


Teacher's Posture and the Jolly Back

We talk to Lorna Taylor, a Physiotherapist who specialises in helping teachers and schoolchildren. Lorna was so dismayed by the state of teacher's posture that she developed her own range of products to help, including the popular Jolly Back chair. Listen in as we discuss the hard times teachers have, and how they can be helped. Support the show


Meet The Posture Genius

We meet the Posture Genius Aaron Parnell, and talk about his unique Reposturing method. Support the show


TMJ Temporomandibular Joint Disorders - Can Better Posture Help?

I talk to Cathy Gordon, a specialist in TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, called TMD, about the impact improving your posture can have on that condition. Cathy is a co-founder of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Temporomandibular Disorders, ACPTMD. Support the show


Watch Out! It's The Posture Police

Look out everybody, it's the Posture Police! We talk to Lindsay Newitter of the New York Posture Police. Lindsay is an Alexander Technique teacher who specifically helps office and desk workers overcome the pain caused by bad posture. Find Lindsay's website here. Support the show


Is Your Chair Ruining Your Posture?

We take a look at your what good posture really means, and if your chair is really up to the job of keeping you in tip-top shape. Alison Heller-Ono is President and CEO of Workplace International, an ergonomics consulting firm providing onsite and online ergonomics services and training. Alison is a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist and Physical Therapist, and a global speaker on ergonomics - a renowned expert in her field! Your host is James Crow from Support the show


How Can A Special Yoga Block Help My Posture?

We talk to TillyLou James, a highly skilled physiotherapist, holistic practitioner, yoga teacher, and creator of the Buttafly, a revolutionary new treatment aid for the spine. Our listeners can use the coupon code posturestars to save 10% on their Buttafly. Your host is James Crow from Posture Stars. Support the show