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Power The Hustle: Fun-fresh conversations about fitness lifestyle, mind body connection, goal crushing, and growth that fuel confidence and powerful women.

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EP. 48 Food Pushers (Rachel)/ Sweat Friends

Imagine eating a huge greasy meal at work. Does anyone say anything to you about it? Probably not. However, bust out your Tupperware with loads of veggies and measured out chicken, everyone will lose their minds! Why are people like that? Do you feel like food is “pushed” on you? This week we are talking about food pushers. They are the people in your life who are always trying to shove food (often super unhealthy) in your face. Do you have one of those? Maybe it's a relative during the...


EP. 47 Rejuve Your Vage with Julie Rose, Founder of VaGenie

Would you like a Fitbit for your lady bit? How about a video game for your vage? Join us this week as Julie Rose, founder of the VaGenie, shares with us about her new app that will help women prioritize and stay on top of their pelvic health. Many women squirm when this topic is brought up and have not been properly educated on the importance of taking care of their pelvic health. Julia shares with us some startling statistics on this issue, why women need to be educating themselves about...


EP. 46 Meal Replacements v. Supplements /ModiRE

What is the difference between a “supplement” and a “meal replacement”? We have been getting this question A LOT over the past couple of weeks. So here you are! In this episode, we talk about what to consider when deciding what to put into your blender bottle. The term “meal replacement” has been used for years but a lot of people are still confused on what it means. We are discussing issues including, time considerations, calorie intake issues, and heck whether you like chewing food or...


EP. 45 Mean Girls Grow Up (Rachel)/ Sweat Friends

Remember those mean girls on the playground? What ever happened to them? Have you ever ran across a grown-up mean girl!? This week we are diving into the topic of mean girls, how to handle the snide remarks and snooty glances. You know, when girls are just being well... mean. But wait! What happens when we are perceived as the mean girls? Sometimes being in a certain career requires us to show the more assertive and aggressive side to ourselves. What if that is perceived the wrong way? Join...


EP. 44 Addressing Adrenal Fatigue & Intermittent Fasting with Debbie Potts

Exercise and nutrition are not the only things that we need to talk about when it comes to improving our health. For the past twenty-five years our guest, Debbie Potts has worked in the fitness industry as a triathlete and personal trainer to countless clients. She says that one of the most overlooked issues with our health is chronic stress. Debbie is the creator of the Wholestic Method and is passionate about helping people find new approaches to improving their health and athletic...


EP. 43 Finding Time to Workout/ModiRE

Are you CONSISTENT with your workout routine? Come on….be honest… One of the most important habits that I have developed in my life is hitting the gym. People often ask me, “How do you have enough energy to do all that you do?”. My answer is always the same. I get a lot done and I have a lot of energy BECAUSE of the time I dedicate to working out. That’s why I am so passionate about it! This week, I share with you HOW to find the time to workout. Because life is busy right? We talk about...


EP. 42 Getting Honest About What You Eat (Rachel)/ Sweat Friends

Do you have a food friend? You know, the person who keeps you accountable with what you are putting into your mouth? Rachel Austin isn’t only my sweat friend but she is also my food friend. We have successfully (and unsuccessfully) been sending one another pictures of what we are eating to hold each other accountable. However what happens when you aren’t honest with your food friend?...uh oh. This week we make confessions to one another about what we have been eating and the times that we...


EP. 41 Accountability with Lauren Zander: Author of Maybe It's You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life

When the motivation is gone, how do you stay accountable to your goals? Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else there that will hold you accountable, but one of the best accountability partners you can have is ...well, you. How do you keep promises to yourself and stay true to your word? When you do slip up, how can you get back up and get after it without beating yourself up? This week we are talking with the HILARIOUS author of Maybe It's You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your...


EP. 40 How Much Protein Do I Need? / ModiRE

How much protein do you really need? I get this question all of the time. This is such a fun topic because the answers vary widely depending on who you ask. A lot of people when they think of protein think of weightlifters. But it's not just for them! Why should you even care about protein? In this episode, we talk about how protein is the building block of our nutrition and how to track how much we are getting in our diet. I even share with you a study that talks about the possible link...


EP. 39 Self-Tanner Trainwrecks (Andrea)/ Sweat Friends

I am naturally very pale. On the skin chart, I am actually a translucent blue. So of course, there are times when I use a self-tanner. There have also been times when I have gone overboard. If you have used any kind of self-tanner whether that is spray tan or the tanner you can use at home, you know there are certain things you cannot do before and after your tan. Oops….ever missed that part? This week on our Sweat Friends Work It Out series, my sweat friend Andrea joins me to talk all...


EP. 38 The Sleep Ambassador with Nancy Rothstein

Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? Many of us KNOW that sleep is important but with our crazy schedules and never-ending ‘to do’ lists it is difficult to get into a routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time every morning. Nancy Rothstein, also known as the “sleep ambassador”, joins us today to discuss this very important topic and helps provide insight on not only how we can get MORE sleep but get BETTER sleep. An interesting point made by Nancy was that we...


EP. 37 Solo Sweat Sesh v. Group Exercise /ModiRE

Do you prefer working out with your friends? Or are you more of a solo-sweat-sesh kinda gal? I honestly like to switch things up a bit between the two for a few specific reasons. In this week’s ModiRE episode, I share with you the pros and cons of both working out with your girlfriends and when you choose to hit the gym solo. One of the main reasons I love group fitness, whether that is a class or meeting up with my friends for a run, is obviously the accountability. However, there are some...


EP. 36 Dating after Divorce (Andrea)/ Sweat Friends

It’s a messy topic. As divorce rates have increased there is a whole generation trying to figure it out. If you haven’t guessed it already this week we are talking about dating as a grown up. What’s it like now? How is it different from when we were in our twenties? Where do you even find a date? My sweat friend Andrea joins me to share about all things “grown up dating”. We talk about dating apps, weeding out the creeps, and awkward first kisses. We even go deep for a second and...


EP. 35 Developing a Consistent Meditation Practice with Larissa Link

You guys LOVE to learn about meditation. Every time we talk about it our download numbers skyrocket! However, life is busy! How do we find the time to squeeze in another ritual? How do we practice shutting off our thoughts when our thoughts seem to be going 100mph? To answer these questions, we decided to bring in an expert so we can dig in more to this topic. Larrisa Link, the program director of The Funky Yoga Hothouse has been studying meditation for over seven years. She is super...


EP. 34 The Importance of Workout Variety /ModiRE

Guys, I am sore. I am telling you this because I am realizing that I need to get back into my yoga routine and add variety to my workouts. It is easy as athletes to get stuck in a routine and forget that our bodies need a break from the same-ole same-ole. Hey, you yogis aren’t off the hook either. We ALL need variety. There are a handful of reasons why you should change up your workouts. In this week’s episode of ModiRE, I dig into those reasons and give you practical ways that you can...


EP. 33 When the Gym Goes Bro Town (Rachel)/ Sweat Friends

They grunt, they have portable music, and their tanks barely cover their nips, who am I referring to? The bros at the gym. You know them, they are the guys grunting, walking around with chains, and slapping each other on the triceps. What if us ladies did that? We are thinking about it! My sweat friend Rachel Austin joins me today as we talk about bros at Bro Town in our gym. Every gym has a vibe. You have the family-oriented gyms, the bodybuilding gyms, the pizza eating gyms (ya know...


EP. 32 Building GRIT with Neeta Bhushan

She lost several members of her family by the age of nineteen. Afterward, she found herself in an abusive marriage and a career that left her unfulfilled. Neeta Bhushan joins us today to share her story of navigating through grief, taking huge chances, and using humor as a means to emotional grit. Neeta left her million dollar dentistry practice in order to study and teach others about the topic of emotional grit. After enduring great tragedies Netta says that she covered her emotions...


EP. 31 Mindset: Schedule Negativity /ModiRE

When something super disappointing happens in the middle of your day, or your boss comes in and says something crazy to you, what are the thoughts that play in your head? If you were to take a tape recorder and record the dialogue in your mind, would it be positive? Or would there be a stream of negativity? This week on our ModiRE segment, we are talking about practical ways to HACK negativity and create a more positive life. Why? Well, did you know that negative thoughts can actually...


EP. 30 Is My Vage Falling Out? (Andrea) / Sweat Friends

Is your vagina falling out!? Did you know you can turn it inside out? What do nuns have to do with this? We tackle some crazy (but very real) topics this week in our special series sweat friends work it out. My sweat friend Andrea joins me today as we talk about the “situations down there” and how it’s changed after having kids. We’ve discovered some weird things about our bodies! I even share my secret horror show that I have been experiencing over the past couple of years. Why!? Well...


EP. 29 How to Stretch Yourself Off the Yoga Mat with Andrea Marcum, Author of Close to Om

Yoga can feel intimidating. You may not think that you are flexible enough, young enough, or spiritual enough. Andrea Marcum joins us today and lays all of these concerns to rest as she teaches us how to take concepts from yoga and apply it to our everyday lives. Andrea’s book, Close to Om, is on every yogi’s reading list. In it she shares how to find the value (val-YOU) of your journey, accept who you are, and become comfortable with simply being (not just doing!). If you are ready to...