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Power The Hustle: Fun-fresh conversations about fitness lifestyle, mind body connection, goal crushing, and growth that fuel confidence and powerful women.

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EP. 70: Why You Must Call Yourself an Athlete/Motivation Monday

You are an athlete. I know that is a bold statement. But in this episode I share with you exactly why you are and why you must call yourself one. Have you struggled with how you perceive yourself? We have a tendency to shrink away from things, thinking that what we do isn’t important or special. We “shrink” what we do and minimize who we are. When you make decisions on a regular basis to improve yourself you are showing that you are dedicated to the task. In this episode we talk about how...


EP. 69 Busy Mom Scorecard (Anna Baeten)/ Sweat Friends

My sweat friend Anna had a fun idea for today’s show! We are going to walk through our crazy day and talk about all the things we did awesome and all the things we totally bombed on. Yes, we are going to “scorecard” our day. Who do you think scored the highest? Do you ever keep a mental scorecard of your day? Maybe you baked cookies for your kiddo’s class. That’s two points! But maybe you also forgot to give someone a bath (opps) that’s minus a few for sure! This is a hilarious episode...


EP. 68 The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, & Success After Baby, with Lauren Smith Brody

Have you ever wondered how to gracefully transition from motherhood back into the workplace? Is it normal to feel guilty for leaving your child? Does asking for help mean that you are a bad mother? All of these are questions that we’ve asked ourselves before, and if we let them, can truly affect our mental state and the way we show up for our kids. So how do we deal with it? In this episode I talk with Lauren Smith Brody, best selling author of the Fifth Trimester which deals with many of...


EP. 67: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Workout Plan/ Motivation Monday

When you walk into any environment and you don’t know what to expect, you feel stressed. Do you ever feel that way in the gym? There are so many options it’s easy for us to fall into our comfort zones and end up doing the same-thing-every-day. It’s likely that you can lose motivation too when you do not walk into the gym with a PLAN. This week I share with you my top TEN reasons for having a workout plan! If you struggle with burnout, knowing if you are doing the “right” thing in the gym,...


EP. 66 Dry Shampoo & Workout Hygiene Hidden Secrets (Anna)/Sweat Friends

I’m actually terrified to share this episode...but I’ve gotta ask, how often do you take a shower? I mean really. Can we just talk about this? Have you ever found yourself asking if you can make it another day without one? Or maybe you just squeezed in a quick workout between meetings and just don’t have time for it! Is that acceptable? Yes? No? What do you think!? My sweat friend Anna joins me today to debate this very important topic. We dive into everything from “getting by” with baby...


EP. 65 Finding & Confronting the Monsters Under Your Bed with Kim Fiske

Are there monsters under your bed!? No really, you might wanna go check! This week we are talking with Kim Fiske, speaker and the author of “The Monster Under the Bed”. She explains how we need to become better aware of the lies we tell ourselves and the endless negative chatter in our minds. We dive into the stories that we entertain in our minds and the narratives that hold us back from being our best selves. We also talk about how to put fear in the back seat and start taking bold...


EP. 64 Top Tricks to Avoid Halloween Binge Eating

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! How is the WORLD though do you keep from straight-up-face-planting into your kid’s bowl of candy!? It’s hard right? I am not saying you cannot enjoy the holiday (you totally should) but there are a few things that you can do... In this episode, we talk about how to enjoy this holiday without undoing all the work you’ve put into your fitness. We also talk about how to stay sane with all that delicious chocolate sitting around! I am excited to share these...


EP. 63 Hey Girl. What to Call Girlfriends (Anna Baeten)/ Sweat Friends

Do you get offended by being called ‘girl’? Whether you do or don’t it may be a situation that has come up in your space. Maybe you’ve been on the offending side or have been offended by what someone else has called you. So how do we avoid these situations and stay politically correct when trying to use terms of endearment? My sweat friend Anna Baeten joins me today to sort through this topic to figure out what the heck we should call each other! We even dig into hugging. I am a “social...


EP. 62 Creating Your Fit Life Community with Hello Wellness/Sarah & Jenna

Sarah and Jenna are the founders of Hello Wellness and are striving to bring the community back into the fitness realm. With the perfect Instagram models and overwhelming stigmatism on what fitness looks like, these two share the realness of what health looks like and why it’s okay for your own fitness journey to be unique and different. In addition, we talk about the value of how in-person events can connect women who on the same journey and who share your interests and fears. There are so...


EP. 61 Don't Agonize Over Little Calories/ModiRE

When we start making changes to our diet and nutrition we can sometimes focus on the small things and think they are a huge deal, while the big things go unnoticed. In this episode, we dive into why we can’t lose ourselves focusing on the tiny things and ask the question are small rewards okay to indulge in? We also take a look at how to pay more attention to what we are eating and identifying the big areas where we can improve. We even touch on how this relates to finances. Say what!? This...


EP. 60 Crying: Strength or Weakness (Anna Baeten)/Sweat Friends

Are you a crier? Do you find that you break down very easily or do the tears rarely come? Is one right, one wrong? Is one a strength and the other a weakness? It is so interesting how we all process emotion so differently! My sweat friend, Anna joins us today and although she is not a crier (I so am) she admits to a movie that she has actually cried in! Join us in this hilarious conversation as we explore emotions, crying, and the breakdowns we have had in the strangest places. What...


EP. 59 How to Make Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts with Annie Duke

How do we make BETTER decisions? How can we manage our emotions around risk? These are NOT easy topics, but we have just the lady to talk to us about this, champion poker player, Annie Duke. But wait, we don’t talk about poker….this episode is all about understanding how and why we make the choices we do. Annie originally studied for her doctorate in cognitive psychology but she soon discovered that not only did she love the game of poker but it served as a “laboratory” of all that she was...


EP. 58 How to Spice Up Your Workout Routine/ModiRE

You’ve probably been there in the past, or maybe you are there now...You are bored with your workouts and feel like you are in a rut. Well, there’s good news if you need to reinvigorate your time in the gym! Are you ready to put some life back and spice up your workout routine?! But…exactly how can you do that? Well, that’s what we are talking about in this episode as I discuss 10 ideas of how to keep things exciting and reignite that workout fire. From taking your workout to the great...


EP. 57 But I Wasn't Hitting On Him: When Sweaty Gym Conversations Take A Left Turn (Andrea)/Sweat Friends

So what happens when a guy thinks you are hitting on him and you totally aren't? For some guys, it seems as though, no matter what you do, they are CONVINCED that you are coming on to them. To be completely honest, we are not even sure we know how to hit on a dude (at least very well). I would probably share a Pinterest board with him or something... In this episode we share our DEEPEST feelings about this topic and our frustration when people think we are doing something that we aren't! We...


EP. 56 Manifesting Your Destiny, Building Your Intuition, & Tapping Into Your Spirit Guides with Laura Powers

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? This week’s guest, celebrity psychic Laura Powers, joins us to share about the spirit realm and how very real ghosts are. Laura has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX (just to name a few). In this episode, she shares with us about all things ghosts, spirit animals, and even angels. We talk about Laura’s childhood and how she first discovered that she had a unique gift (which involved actually calling the police on a ghost!)....


EP. 55 Focus on Where You Want to Go and Try Again/ModiRE

Have you ever tried a new plan, like maybe a new diet, and when it didn’t work you felt like a complete failure? Maybe you have struggled with “sticking with” something and that discouragement was transferred into other areas. It’s easy to think, “Well, if I couldn’t stick with this….I couldn’t possibly succeed with that.” In this episode I share with you a story about a time I was mountain biking with a friend and she completely changed the way that I looked at “failure” and our ability to...


EP. 54 Drinking & Fitness: Do We Need to Give Up Drinking To Be Fit? (Andrea)/ Sweat Friends

If you listen to this show you are probably at least somewhat fitness conscious. With that in mind, how do you feel about drinking? Do you drink a little? A lot? By yourself? Or just socially? Is alcohol the Devil (Maybe a fun Devil?). My sweat friend Andrea joins me this week to talk all about drinking and fitness. How does it affect our goals? Just to be totally clear, we recorded this episode while drinking a little wine, so we get it! Drinking takes the edge off after a long day and...


EP. 53 Gender Games with Adrienne Lawrence

You may have seen her on ESPN as a legal analyst and broadcaster or as a sideline reporter for EASports. She is a lawyer, host, and activist who is passionate about women’s rights. Who are we talking about? None other than Adrienne Lawrence. It was an honor to connect with Adrienne to hear more about her journey in law and in sports media and listen to her views on the current events around sexual harassment and social justice for women. In this interview we talk about how women can...


EP. 52 Create the Life You Want By Writing Forward First/ModiRE

A lot of times it’s easy for us to get stuck. Time moves by so fast and before we know it days, months and even a full year has flown by. We get caught in a routine and it’s easy to lose track of not only time but the bigger goals that we have for ourselves. In today’s ModiRE episode we talk about how to change your life by writing it forward. I share with you my story of WANNABE, and how after a decade of dreaming about it, I was able to make it a reality. I also share with you some...


EP. 51 Yoga Class Horror Stories: All The Ways That Yoga Classes Keep It Real (Andrea)/ Sweat Friends

We all have yoga horror stories. There are the times when you are in an awkward position and air comes out of a place it’s not supposed to be. There are the times when there are creepy men conveniently standing in the back in class. And there are times when people take off one too many articles of clothing. We have all been there! My sweat friend Andrea is participating in thirty days of yoga so we thought this would be the perfect time to share our hilarious stories. We talk about...