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Power The Hustle: Fun-fresh conversations about fitness lifestyle, mind body connection, goal crushing, and growth that fuel confidence and powerful women.

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EP. 08 Honest Self-Love. Self-Care Strategies to Boost Your Confidence & Happiness, with Nitika Chopra

Nitika Chopra has become a self-love crusader and icon. She changed from dispising her body due to a medical issue to finding her own divine beauty. Now she is helping other women figure out how to incorporate strategies of self-care to increase their confidence and happiness and to create dynamic lives. In this episode, you'll learn about vision boards, mantras, and other tactics to improve your whole-body health and wellness.


EP. 07 The Two-Minute Meditation Practice That Will Change You: ModiRE / Time-Out

Meditation doesn't sound hard. And we know its value. But most of us still don't incorporate it into our daily lives. In this episode, you'll learn why you REALLY should start meditating, how to meditate, and how to get consistent with it. You will spend most of your life in your mind, make sure it's a great place to be. Learn how here.


EP. 06 Sports Bra Workouts: No Shirt or No Shame? /Sweat Friends

Hot and sweaty? Ready to ditch your soppy shirt and workout in a sports bra?... Or are you like: Workout in my BRA?!! In this episode, Sara and Andrea debate the sports-bra-only workout. Fashionable? Freeing? Unflattering? Inappropriate? Join the debate...whether you are currently shirtless or not.


EP. 05 How to Run Towards Change, with Molly Barker, Founder of Girls on the Run

Molly Barker changed what it means to "run like a girl." Molly founded Girls on the Run, which impacts over 200,000 girls every year. She did so after struggling with alcoholism and finding that a running program gave her "respect for her body and all the things it can do." In this episode, you will hear surprising soulful truths and ambitions from a renowned and beloved athlete, author, and leader about what it means to run towards change, instead of running from your past.


EP. 04 How to Change Your Morning Ritual to Change Your Life: ModiRE / Rituals & Habits

Maybe you feel stuck in unhealthy habits. Friday donuts call your name, you get on social media instead of your running shoes, you hit the snooze button like you're winning a game of Whak-A-Mole. So how do you ditch those life-sucking habits and consistenly start living better? In this episode, Sara Grey tackles how to develop purposeful rituals that grow into auto-pilot-I'm-crushing-this habits.


EP. 03 Do Outdoor Workouts Make You Hardcore or Just Uncomfortable? | Sweat Friends

If you do not have a sweat friend, don't sweat it. Sara and Melissa are here for you! In this episode, join Sara and Melissa as they debate whether working out outside makes you tougher, cooler, and more of a badass...or if it just makes you dirty, drippy, and windblown.


EP. 02 How to Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable with Danielle Radulski, Founder of The Silver Lining Yoga

Most of us are creatures of comfort. We seek what feels familiar and routinely pivot from those what makes us uncomfortable. But in this episode, Danielle Radulski explains how starting a yoga practice and the discomfort she found in certain yoga poses actually saved her life. Radulski shares insight and tips from her own yoga practice and gets brutally honest about how being an Instagram star impacts it. Most importantly, she confronts the importance of being uncomfortable.


EP. 01 ModiRE / To Begin, Begin: How to Start When You Feel Stalled

Have you ever been stuck? Do you feel stuck right now? It's the worst, am I right? In this episode, Sara Grey tackles many of the reasons that we often feel stuck. But more importantly how we can get past mental hurdles to BEGIN!


EP. 00 Welcome to Power The Hustle

Welcome to Power the Hustle Podcast. In this quick episode, we share who we are and why we are here!