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14: The secrets of breast feeding with Sheri Bayles

Moms and Dads, I’m going to let you in on a little secret breastfeeding is the dirty little secret of new motherhood for SOME moms… and I’m one of them. Since the day my son was born, I have felt a real sense of responsibility towards breastfeeding…and a real guilt when my 4 day old son went on a nursing strike. I have laughed, cried and screamed over breastfeeding. There are days where I have loved being able to provide for my child in this way—and others where I thought, WHAT THE HELL AM I...


13: Author Jill Caryl Weiner

Just what every mom needs another thing to do! For so many families the baby book becomes the family bible. Everyone wants to know when did I take my first steps, what was my first word! But there’s only one problem: No one has time to actually fill it out! New York Times bestselling author [Jill Caryl Weiner](, may have just the answer. Involve the family! Her books,[When We Became Three]( and...


12: Dr. Karp Returns!

[Dr Karp]( is back in town just in time to help me troubleshoot Matthew’s latest sleep regression. During this follow up chat we discuss how to get through those pesky periods, the latest on the [SNOO](, including how you may soon be able to get one covered by your I insurance and why I need to start thinking of Matthew as a TODDLER!


11: Cord Blood Storage

It’s been called the gift of life…Cord Blood. The one catch? You only have one shot to give it. In this episode Teresa talks with Dr. Mitchell Cairo, cord blood expert from the American Academy of Pediatrics, to discuss The pros and cons of Cord blood banking.


10: Finding the best pediatrician

It’s one of the most important relationships in your child’s life, and yet, it’s one you usually initiate before he or she even arrives. How should you go about finding the best pediatrician for your child: what qualities should you seek out? What questions should you ask? How do you know if that person is the best advocate for your little guy or gal? Pediatrician Dr.Jamie Wells is on call in this edition of PriMotherhood.


9: Dr. Harvey Karp

It’s the middle of the night and your newborn is screaming at the top of his lungs. You think you’ve tried everything and still... he won’t settle down. On this edition of PriMotherhood, I speak with World renowned pediatrician and child development expert, Dr Harvey Karp. Dr Karp is the author of the books “Happiest Baby on the Block” and “Happiest Toddler on the Block”. He’s considered an expert on sleep, and infant and toddler behavior. Many a parent has turned to his simple but effective...


8: He's Arrived!!!!

He’s here! After 9 months and countless nights wondering if we were having a boy or a girl... we finally have our answer! In this special episode of PriMotherhood, my husband Daniel and I take you through the birth of our son, Matthew James. 28 hours later... with a few very funny moments mixed in, We put the advice of the experts to the test and came out the other side!


7: Get Inspiralized with Ali Maffucci

Teresa talks with Ali Maffucci, founder of Inspiralized and new mom.


6: The " Gentle " C Section

The " Gentle" C section is still major surgery but what is changing is the attitude and practices surrounding the procedure as it tries to mimic what goes on in a traditional delivery room. Teresa sits down with a doctor, a doula, and a Mom that has gone through a gentle c section.


5: Real Talk Labor Part 2

What REALLY happens during labor and after? In part two Teresa talks with two Moms about their labor experience. From giving birth to the challenges when you bring your bundle of joy home.


4: Real Talk: Labor Part 1

What REALLY happens during labor? It’s one of the first questions I asked my mom friends. And boy! Did I get an earful. But you’d be hard pressed to find that kind of intimate info in a pregnancy book or on a perfectly curated Instagram page. So over the next two episodes of REAL TALK: LABOR, We’re starting, where the books end… and digging into the nitty-gritty that moms only seem to talk about in hushed tones.


3: Team Murphy

You may not know her by name, but her work appears in countless homes. Meaghan Murphy is the executive editor of Good Housekeeping and an all-around bad-ass! She’s a mom of three, a career woman, a workout junkie, active in her community and if that’s not enough, she just adopted a puppy. Today she’s telling us exactly how she gets it done.


2: Breast is best....Right?

I’m talking breast feeding today. Like all Moms I want what is best for baby but breast feeding isn’t always an option for some women. So what are our options? Am I less of a mother if I don’t choose to breast feed? What’s this imported formula I keep hearing about? Am I going to just be a walking talking food source or can my husband help? Tons of questions and I’m so glad I got these two moms and pediatrician Dr. Jamie Wells to help


1: Is it a girl or boy?

People call it Team Green I call it the last great surprise. My husband and I decided to wait until the birth to know the gender of our baby…. and it drives some people crazy. Only about 25% of expecting parents hold out on finding out. I’m talking with some NYC Moms and Amy E Goodman , lifestyle editor of who chose to keep their babies gender a surprise.


Pri Motherhood with Teresa Priolo Arrives Soon

Hello! I’m Teresa Priolo anchor reporter for FOX 5, wife and now … MOM to be… yikes. I have no idea what I'm doing. So I thought the best thing to do was start a podcast and get as many pros and moms I can to tell me what I can expect while I'm expecting. So buckle up because we get real and hopefully we together can figure this baby thing out before my 40 weeks is up!