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Here to help you live life ten over ten

Here to help you live life ten over ten
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Here to help you live life ten over ten






Forever Young

Do you really want to live forever young? What is it about birthdays, or the reminders that we are getting older, that gets us scared, worried, and sometimes depressed? I start the show with the sad story of Brooke Greenberg, a girl who was born in Maryland with a condition diagnosed as 'Syndrome X'. Brooke lived for only 20years and the tallest she ever got to was about 30inches, and the heaviest she weighed was about 16lb. At age 12, her brain was said to be like that of a 9month old...


Fitness made me fat: Real talk!

Strangely true, but a good thing can be bad for you when we do not know how to use it. I was trying out so many fitness and nutrition models and ideas all at the same time with the goal of making sure that I was at the most optimal condition I could possibly be, only that I was out of shape, tired, and angry. In this episode, I share the few things that I did to help my relationship with food and the rest of my wellness goals. I start the episode by reading the Apple Podcast review of the...


Summer, Yes Please! The mood, the food & the grove of summer

Remember the famous quote popularized by the movie Coach Carter, "our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." -Marianne Williamson. That's the quote that opens this episode and with this we expound on why you are entitled to become all you believe you can be. You have a right to be here, and if you are here, you might as well show out because the world is waiting for all of you. This first segment is one of my most inspirational...


Yo! Real Talk: All we can do, is our best

I lay it all out. Unscripted, unstructured, from my heart to yours, to help you get back on track to your fitness goals, or the New Year's resolution you made 4 months earlier. I know we all fall of track, life chokes us out of our grove and patterns, we give up exercising, rest and balanced diets, and often times, we find it difficult to get back on our intended rhythm. After you've set goals and made plans, how do you create space to help you follow through and actually acquire the goals....


The Happiness Formula (H=S+C+V)

If only we could be consistently and genuinely happy with our body, businesses, bills, and life in general. It is possible for you to experience true happiness or joy or fulfillment everyday of your life. In this episode, I'm not going to BS you, I recognize the hustle is real and life will always have issues no matter what level we are at, but the twist I bring to this formula created by the father of Positive Psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman will help you soar above the worry and troubles...


Try A Little Kindness -with guest MC Kofi Williams

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see -Mark Twain. On this episode my guest Kofi and I talk about how an act of kindness from a guy he met while working as a valet in Center City Philadelphia led to sequence of favors from his first job to becoming the global MC that he now is. He's also committed to showing kindness in every way that he can and it's our hope that this will help you be kinder to others and more importantly, to yourself. Kindness is important...


Here and Now: Being present, mindful and restful for a healthier you

Stress is a major cause of most of the terminal diseases our society deals with, from cancers to depression and suicide. We losing the virtue of simply resting and that's what I aim to achieve with this episode. It's an ode to rest your spirit soul and body. You might sleep off while listening because of my pace and background music, if you do that will be great. Thanks to Eddie Warley Jr. for the music, and enjoy my recitation of the song "Oceans Where Feet may Fail" at the end of the...


Emotional & Mental Wellness: A case study for sexual assault awareness

Warning: This episode has sensual and sexual abuse dialogues. There are no holds barred in my monologue on how destructive sexual abusive to the human mind and soul. For starters, What is sexual abuse? Why does it impact people differently? What makes it a previous crime? How are people affected? What are acceptable sexual behaviors? As a survivor, how do you process the abuse. This episode will bring chills, perspective, healing, and hope to you and everyone you know. To your mental and...


Things Fall Apart: Pro guide to building a firm center. With guest Valentine Asalu

Does this title remind you of the literary masterpiece by Prof Chinua Achebe? Well, shout to Prof and his fans, but this episode is literarily about how things can fall apart in your fitness if your core is not well built; and how things can fall apart in real life if you're not well centered. Our guest has experience as a wrestler and can speak to the essence of such balance. We share tips to help too. Enjoy


The PRE workout plan for a beautiful body either at the beach or backyard

Getting the perfect body is no biggie, but let's start from here: what's the point for you? I start with this question because I do not want you to backout when the routine gets tough or boring, because these days, living healthy is not a style many of are used to… at least not by default. And well, who says the routine you get on for your fitness (or beach body) goals has to be boring. In this episode, I talk about the point, the routine, and enjoyment of a sustainable fitness lifestyle....


Dripping In Finesse: 10 fitness tips to help your posture and finesse at work and home-with guest Victoria Sis Vic

It's upon us to project ourselves to others the way we want to be received. This might be the major connection you need to get your promotion at work, or get your crush take a second look at you. If anyone can talk about finesse and swag, it's a model. If anyone can talk about real life fitness tips, it's Henryagain, and you've got both here today.


The lady, her looks, and her limits -with guest Coach Kenya

On today's show, Coach Kenya takes us through her journey growing up in New York, pursuing her dream to become a media maven in spite of the hardship and poverty she faced. She faced workplace pushback for being a lady, was overweight at a time but stayed resilient till she became the wellness creator and influencer that she is today. She shares tips for busy people to have a balanced and fit life, motivation for financial growth & breaking boundaries. Show Notes @


Perspectives 1.0 -How do you see fitness?

I call this a Pod-rama, not just a podcast. This series of pod-dramas are called Perspectives. I tell my story about how I started working out, how I met my wife & some sex-capades I also have a guest pilot on the show with whom I geek about airplanes and flying. He reveals some shocking truth to calm your nerves while flying And finally, I tell you why I live a fit and active lifestyle, I hope my why inspires you to pursue your best life. Your ten over ten life


Six Pack on Sick -with Guest Clinton Asalu

Looking good is good business; and one of the body parts that make us feel less confident about our appearance is our abdominal region. It's also one of the most difficult parts to tame. It is so disobedient. Lol My guest, who's also an athlete, shares about how close he got to depression in spite of looking "sexy" If you've been out of your workout rhythm for a while, we talk about how you can get back on track


How to Make Love Happen for You -With Guest Omonike Araba

Love is always in the air; whether it's Valentine's Day, a birthday, or a bad day. So let's talk about it. Who is responsible for making you feel loved and full of love? Can your boo or bae or significant other be all for you? How can you keep your love tank full? With interesting stories, we talk about how you can make love happen for yourself irrespective of your marital status. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening


An Introduction -This is us

Rest refreshes. Exercise energizes. Food fortifies. And love, love is life. There is not much else you need to help you live your best life, I promise. This show exists to help you live life ten over ten, using the four pillars from which the acronym REAL is formed: Rest, Exercise, Authentic-food, Love. You'd love this. Learn more at