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Real conversations with people in recovery and the professionals who guide them




#77 Honesty Episode

Pawley and Michele talk some food porn and then discuss mocktails, cravings, recovery sayings and Macklemore's relapse. to learn more about the pod visit:


#76 Mike Hooper returns

Pawley and Michele talk vanity, read some tweets and then welcome Mike Hooper back to the Podcast.


#75 Christina Kimbrough

The episode starts of with Pawley attempting to play Mr. Fix it. Some tweets are read and then Christina Kimbrough joins the pod. She shares some of her back story and then talks about the nuances of her current recovery program. to learn more about the show, visit


#74 Thirsty Thursday

For the first Thirsty Thursday episode, Pawley and Michele welcome Brian Storm back to the pod for a casual and fun hang. Some tweets are read, stories are told and articles having to do with addiction are read and commented on.


#73 James Anderson returns

This episode opens with Pawley and Michele checking in. Then, they welcome James Anderson to the pod. James is a person in long term recovery, a fitness trainer and a person who has successfully climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. His trip to top was a true challenge as he tried and failed once before. to learn more about the show, visit


#72 Missing Dad

Pawley shares the downside of his latest purchase, Michele shares a secret, some tweets are read and then Lori Linkous joins the pod for a super intense and emotion filled episode. To learn more about the show visit To make a donation: Venmo: @recoverycast Paypal:


#71 Brian Storm

The pod starts off with Pawley grilling Michele on a misstep. Then, they welcome Brian Storm to the Show. Brian Storm grew up in Philadelphia, PA, where he discovered a passion for writing at an early age. However, a drug addiction took priority over Brian’s life, as he spent the next 15 years selling drugs to support his habit. To learn more about Recovery Cast visit: To learn more about Brian Storm visit:


#70 Mary Beth O'Connor

Pawley and Michele discuss some tweets and then welcome Mary Beth O'Connor to the pod. She's been sober since 1994 and her new book "From Junkie to Judge" has just been released. She also has placed essays in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and Recovery Today. Mary Beth is a board member for LifeRing Secular Recovery and She Recovers Foundation. She speaks on behalf of these organizations, about multiple paths to recovery, and about all topics related to...


#69 Shelby Klug

The newest pod starts out a lil' frantic as Pawley and Michele share some snafu's, read some tweets and welcome their guest, Shelby Klug. She's a person in recovery and the Growth Relations Coordinator for Aware Recovery Care. The three of them talk about Shelby's addiction, her recovery and her experience working in the drug and alcohol field. As the show comes to an end, Pawley makes a painful admission. learn more about the show here:


#68 Michelle Jordan

Pawley makes an admission and Michele talks organizing before they welcome Michelle (#2) to the pod to discuss her success using Rational Recovery. To learn more about Michelle Jordan visit her here: To learn more about Recoverycast go here:


#67 Thursday Bonus - Coach Blu Robinson

In this special Thursday Bonus Show, Pawley and Michele talk about strange voices before welcoming Coach Blu Robinson to the pod. Blu is a well-known Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) and a Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDC) and the founder of Addict to Athlete. He has been clean and sober since 1996. He is widely known in the recovery community as a pioneer in the addiction recovery field, an inspirational speaker, and an innovator. To learn more about what Blu and his...


#66 Lauren Baker, LPC, CDCA

Pawley, Michele and Lauren discuss crying in public, strained family of origin relationships, changing medications and working nuanced programs of recovery. To find out more about Recovery Cast, visit:


#65 Dalton Witt

Pawley and Michele start the episode by talking about Pawley's speech issues. Then they welcome drug and alcohol counselor Dalton Witt to the show and discuss Dalton's personal recovery, how he encourages the men he works with to integrate exercise into their recovery plan and some studies that back the use of exercise in SUD recovery.


#64 No Show Thursday Bonus

After being left hanging by a no show guest, Pawley and Michele discuss: - an important male in Pawley's life - co-dependency - the recent visit with Pawley's oldest daughter - criticisms of 12-Step ideology regarding trauma


#63 Louie Ruvolo

Louis Ruvolo is a clean and sober exercising fiend from the east coast. Hear his story of addiction and redemption. He's fun to follow on Twitter too @louieruvolo has more info the show.


#62 2022 Wrap-up

Pawley and Michele discuss future AUD treatments, apps that PAY you to stay sober, new definitions of AUD and then discuss thoughts on the coming year.


#61 Jon Robinson

Jon is a person in long term recovery who changed careers and now helps those who suffer from SUD. Pawley and Michele have a fun and honest conversation about the work Jon is doing.


#60 Jess Knight

Pawley and Michele talk to Jess Knight about working in the helping field and her somewhat controversial program of recovery


#59 Dad and Daughter #2

Michele interviews Pawley and his oldest daughter Maddi about the effects of addiction on their relationship and how they are actively working to repair it. (this episode does contain some explicit language)


#58 Jonas Dresser

Pawley and Michele talk with Jonas Dresser about being in recovery and working in the field.