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Kristin Kirk: Deepening Enlightenment Daily

How do we transition from ​cycling ​inner repetitive stories ​to living the freedom and radiant brilliance we truly are each moment? Please join Kristin Kirk in this healing transmission amplifying the blueprint of divine embodied enlightenment to support your remembrance and integration of absolute freedom and joy every day. Kristin will share her journey through healing and surrender that has unfolded into a profound depth and acuity of sustained multidimensional awakeness. She's also...


Christopher Macklin: Profound Energy Healing Session to Amplify Your Divine Presence, Purpose and Power

Special Offer Learn More → Experience Melchizedek healing energy first hand and delve into the divine spiritual aspect of healing that has the power to positively transform every aspect of life. Christopher Macklin is an internationally recognized energy healer who will share with us his insights and deeper truths about his amazing energy work which is uplifting and healing people all over the planet. On this call you will: -Gain an understanding into the power of spiritual healing and how...


Matt Corker: Ignite & Reveal Your Limitations about Yourself by Yourself.

"Over the years, having now studied different yogic philosophies, world religions, neuroscience, and leadership philosophies — combined with my personal passion for reflection and the holistic approaches to movement and health — I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the messengers. In the early years of my coaching practice, I often laid out key principles I believed in on cards in front of me while I took calls with my clients. They served as guides to our conversation whenever things...


Misa Hopkins: How Misa Healed Her Autoimmune Disease & Can Help You Do It Too

Misa Hopkins has healed her own incurable condition and chronic illness. In her process of healing, and as an astute observer of others’ healing journeys, she discovered that the process itself is a path to spiritual awakening. This is the message she shares today. LEARN the exact 7 steps Misa used to get to the root of her autoimmune condition and heal it! >> WATCH MISA'S FREE SCREENING <


Kai Ashley: Entering 5D Energetic Alignment

On this call you'll experience a 5D Alignment Activation and in particular "the million dollar business illusion" and how to release anxiety and our traumas through the body :) About Kai Ashley (in her words) This is Kai Ashley. I am the healer of the healers and my clients often call me The Queen of Transformation… Because my gift is in helping and empowering YOU to get over yourself, so you can step into your true greatness and make magic happen in your life! I am a World Traveler,...


Susan Shane: Hand Acupressure and Energetics for Sleep

For thousands of years, medical experts all over the globe have known that the power of health lies in our hands. The hand itself serves as a map of the entire human body, a microcosm of our physical being that maps out the path to balanced wellness and a happy, healthy life. Using strong, polarized magnets and other tools, the Hand Energetics system guides you simply and easily to accessing and positively impacting any body area that is troubling you—all through treatment of your hand. Hand...


Aileen Castellano: Crystal Intuit on Living Fulfilled

If you are moving through life and everything seems perfect: the job, the marriage and kids, the designer clothes, the college degree. And yet ... Every day, you wake up feeling that something is missing. If you are ready to tap into transformative practices to take back your life, you’re in the right place. Meet crystal intuit and healer, Aileen Castellano. About Aileen Hi, I’m Aileen Castellano, but you can just call me AileenC. I create and teach transformative practices for women and...


Derek Rydall: 7 Wealth Activators + Free E-Book

Did you know the word ‘affluent,’ comes from the Latin root "affluēns" which means ‘flow’? And ‘currency,’ also means ‘flow.’ Isn't that cool?! My dad used to say, 'Money is like water, you don't hold on to it -- You USE it. You keep it moving. AND you can do this with any investment.' It’s all about ‘circulation!’ Ah-ha! Yet, and other flow-y word. AND momentum and flow are truly the way the universe works through us. Quests, questions, and playing the next note in the instrument of life...


Christel Hughes: Unleash Your Intuitive Gifts TODAY

Peace begins within, but how do we best develop this inner peace in an external world of trauma and drama? How do we stay on track and in momentum with our dreams when the world seems filled with havoc, demands, and distractions? How or what can we be to embrace it all?! That's and so much more is what we discuss on this call :) About Christel Christel Hughes is an inspiring Holistic Life coach, known as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in self-development and...


Solara Rose: How to Connect with the Holographic Codes of the Present Moment

Solara Rose is an international channel and catalyst for high-frequency flow mastery, superabundance and thriving Divine success! She has been described as the modern Tesla of human energetics and living vortex of cosmic magic. With a background in intensive personal transformation, integrative science, philosophy and psychology, she’s who visionary leaders seek out to support accelerated, quantum growth in all areas of their life. On this call you get to experience Solara and her unique,...


Jenny Ngo: How This ‘Weird’ Light Language Clears The Path To Your Purpose

This week on the RRY Synergy Podcast, we welcome Jenny Ngo nurse and light language transformational healer. Jenny introduces us into her amazing light language processes and practices to 'lighten up your life.' In this conversation Jeneth & Jenny Ngo talk about: * How to quickly know your true purpose and mission. * How to retrieve your Soul’s Destiny - and what that really means * How to unlock your unique gifts and abilities. * How to live your purpose & prosper doing what you love. * How...


Gabrielle Spencer: Unlock the Frequency of Abundance via Forgiveness

Is forgiveness is one of the most potent energies to raise your vibration? Go on a ride with Gabrielle & Jeneth as they energetically activation your high heart to align you with the universal flow of abundance. Forgiveness on every level of your heart and soul's consciousness is key to your prosperity! Heal and align your heart and soul to free yourself from your limitations and fears to become empowered to achieve your boldest goals and dreams! << see the free gift below :) About...



The 21-Day & 90-Day Note Process ------------------------------------------------ About Jeneth: In her words! I had this idea started back in 2005 after I had a major crash during my corporate career! I had decided to create a simple coaching program for fast results. We spent countless hours making it perfect and having these big joint venture launches. Once we had a large audience, we found that we could get people results to a certain point and things would stop. Maybe you can relate....


Sahara Rose: Being Your Fullest Expression to Share Your Gifts

Sahara Rose is passionate about bridging the ancient Eastern healing wisdom with modern Western nutritional science and inspirational wisdom. She believes that health is not the end-goal but rather a tool to help us become our highest selves: the fullest expressions of who we were meant to be so we can share our gifts on this planet. "Sahara Rose has successfully refreshed and revitalized the ancient knowledge without watering down its significance and depth. She blends reverence for the...


Krystalya Marie: Using Krystagraphs to Achieve Self Love, Optimum Health & Peak Performance

On this call we talk about a new and unique method of alternative energy healing called Krystagraphs. Hundreds of people are using them to achieve greater compassion, self love and even peak states. Based on the principle that everything is energy and that our energy is affected by everything that we come into contact with Krystalya Marie’ has developed an entirely new method of healing the body through the use of energy symbols. The great part about using these images is that the process...


Christine Hassler: How to Free Yourself From Your Past and BE Your Full Expression

Hey guys! This episode was off the charts awesome as I chatted with Christine Hassler. We cover her book Expectation Hangovers, surrendering with release writing, and there's a kick-ass clearing meditation! Oh and we also talked about coming out of self-judgement and deep self-love. Here are just a few show notes: There are three types of Expectation Hangers! 1. Expectation Hangover #1: Things don't go as planned! 2. Expectation Hangover #2: Not feeling how you think you should now that you...


Ameera Beth: Living with the Mer and Feminine Sacred Geometry

The glory. The soothing waves that flow coming over your mermaid essence. The sheer bliss of surfing and illusions that peel away the spiky freakishness of daily existence. Breathe in, relax. Breathe out, relax. Stop reading now if this is all you are asking for. What if your lives in parallel spaces, universes are the way to true creation? Join Ameera Beth and Jeneth on a journey in to being the mermaid of the Real Raw You. About Ameera Beth Ameera Beth is a Mer Healer and Atlantean High...


Brandy Gillmore: Discover Your Unique Energetic Healing Code

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are working on self-healing, is that they try to use the same strategies and modalities that other people have used to get better. And then? … they wonder why it’s not working for them. The obvious fact that is being overlooked by most people who try this approach is that our body’s and our energy is unique for each of us! This is why following exactly what others are doing typically does not work for YOUR body, and can waste a lot of time...


Lorie Ladd: How to Amplify Your Cosmic Connection with Light Frequencies that Create Change

How often do you focus on amplifying your cosmic connection? Let play with THAT today! On this call, you experience and learn: How to amplify your connection with the light frequencies to change molecules within your physical and various energetic bodies. How to connect with your cosmic (Star) families and receive the support and guidance you require RIGHT NOW. How you can work with your guides and co-create with them. Understanding ascension and the gifts of it in your life. About Lorie...