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In every episode I will either interview people of interest or discuss an aspect of life which explains why we act the way we do.

In every episode I will either interview people of interest or discuss an aspect of life which explains why we act the way we do.
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In every episode I will either interview people of interest or discuss an aspect of life which explains why we act the way we do.




RT10 – Schizophrenia, Psychosis and The Perception of Reality – “I knew they lived in my head, I knew they weren’t real, but they were there” – Webster Bryans

In today’s episode Webster Bryans and Noora Hussain join me to discuss the all too often (incorrectly) taboo subject of schizophrenia and psychosis. At the age of 17 Webster started hearing voices of two people who were not physically there with him,


RT9 – How to Achieve ANY Goal You Set Yourself

How many times have you PROMISED yourself you will do something, and then not followed through with it? How many times have you said “it’s alright, I’ll start tomorrow or on Monday”? Learning to actually stick to your word and follow through with what ...


RT8 – Gang Life, Knife Crime and One Man’s Road to Redemption

Knife Crime. How many times have we heard it on the news in recent times? Too many! Such a hot topic of discussion, yet not everyone understands the FUNDAMENTAL issues which lead to these unfortunate events - family instability, insecurity, vulnerability and external influences from different people and environments. In this episode I speak to a young man who was forced to leave his family home at the age of 14, which left him vulnerable and fending for himself, and by his own admission this...


RT7 – Toxic Relationships and Gaslighting

Join Noora and I as we discuss the dangers and signs of toxic relationships. We dive into topics which people too often avoid talking about, in the hope that people listening can take something away from our discussion and hopefully improve their own lives. We talk about the various ways in which negative or toxic people can manipulate their partners and others in their lives, and in particular delve into "gaslighting" which is the psychological manipulation of another person through...


RT6 – From College Project To Real Business – James Testa of WarmUp Nutrition

James started with a college project, and before long found himself launching a kickstart campaign to raise starting capital for a real business. Since then he has successfully launched WarmUp Nutrition and his flagship product WarmUp Coffee has been a huge hit in the past year. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing, James joins me to share his story from hand labelling and delivering his product to now having Amazon fulfill his orders. As always guys, if you enjoyed listening to this and...


RT5 – Dealing With The Burden Of Expectation

We have all failed to meet another person’s expectations of us at some point. But what if we weren’t the cause of our failure? What if the expectations were unrealistic or damaging to our wellbeing in the first place? This may be the case, yet we allow ourselves to carry the responsibility of a failure … Continue reading RT5 – Dealing With The Burden Of Expectation →


RT4 – The Life Of A Bodybuilding Champion – Ryan Mackins

Ryan Mackins stops by to give an invaluable insight into the real life of a professional bodybuilder, and the fitness industry. We discuss a whole host of topics, from psychology, training, eating habits during bulking and cutting seasons, and competing all the way to steroid use and abuse – something which is in the public … Continue reading RT4 – The Life Of A Bodybuilding Champion – Ryan Mackins →


RT3 – Psychological Impacts of Social Media

Counselling Psychologist Dr Noora Hussain joins me to discuss the psychological impacts of social media, and shares some useful techniques to avoid falling into the trap of social media depression.


RT2 – Perspective and Gratitude

Two important skills we lack as a society are the ability to put things into perspective, and express gratitude. Today I delve into how we can lead more fulfilled lives if we learn to master these skills.


RT1 – Gav and Shaq (TUA Boxing)

RT1 – Gav and Shaq (TUA Boxing)


Gav and Shaq TUA Boxing

I am blessed to have Gav and Shaq on as my first guests for the podcast. Join us as we talk about our upbringings, how we got into boxing and how these guys have made a living out of it.