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A podcast for authentic, purposeful ladies and gents, hosted by Kimberly and Kim. We explore lively conversations (and wine) that inspire and empower. We don't always agree, but we always provide our personal perspectives to encourage growth and connection. Stay in touch with us by following us on Instagram and Facebook @redswhitesconvospodcast and Twitter @redwhiteconvos.

A podcast for authentic, purposeful ladies and gents, hosted by Kimberly and Kim. We explore lively conversations (and wine) that inspire and empower. We don't always agree, but we always provide our personal perspectives to encourage growth and connection. Stay in touch with us by following us on Instagram and Facebook @redswhitesconvospodcast and Twitter @redwhiteconvos.
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A podcast for authentic, purposeful ladies and gents, hosted by Kimberly and Kim. We explore lively conversations (and wine) that inspire and empower. We don't always agree, but we always provide our personal perspectives to encourage growth and connection. Stay in touch with us by following us on Instagram and Facebook @redswhitesconvospodcast and Twitter @redwhiteconvos.




Be A World Changer with Philip Myers from Sevenly

Sevenly is a company that invites customers to purchase “advocacy art, apparel and accessories” that donate to non-profits. Supporting many different causes, Sevenly is rooted in the core belief that "People Matter," and it definitely showed in our conversation with CEO, Philip Myers, on this week's episode. We talked about how Philip followed his path to purpose in becoming the company's CEO and how he works every day to grow the business in an ethical, intentional, and collaborative way....


Are You Wishing Your Life Away?

On this episode, Kim and Kimberly chat about common comparison traps and strategies to avoid them. Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more? Comparing your life or journey to someone else's? Don't worry, we do it sometimes too! But this week we are offering practical tips on how to shift your mindset into one of growth and gratitude and how to interact with social media and the world in a more positive way.


Wine, Fitness, & The Portfolio Lifestyle with Garrett Wood

On this episode we talked with Garrett Wood: Author, real estate broker, online business owner, fitness coach, podcaster and more! Garrett tells us about her and her family's experience with the wine business and harvest. She gives us the low down on her book and podcast, both titled Dare to Move, shares her journey into the real estate and fitness world, and talks about living what she calls "the portfolio lifestyle". How does she find balance and manage to do it all and thrive while doing...


Purpose: The Ultimate Quest with Karen Hoyos

We talked with Karen Hoyos, author of the new book "Purpose: The Ultimate Quest" on this week's episode. As a transformational coach, Karen facilitates opportunities for others to seek life-changing transformation and to discover their purpose. On this episode, Karen shares with us some of her top tips on how to befriend the Ego, clear the path for positive change, and discover and use your purpose to live a happier life and to serve others. Find Karen's book and more information at:...


Making a Difference with Joy Rios from Connect with a Wish

This week we talked with founder & president of Connect with a Wish, Joy Rios, about the importance of raising awareness and giving back to an important cause. She also shares her personal story and purpose and how that grew into the organization she runs today. She describes the many programs that Connect with a Wish offers for foster children including youth groups to educate and empower and their annual fundraising event: The Pungo Wine Festival! Connect with a Wish is an organization to...


The Enneagram with Sarajane Case from Enneagram & Coffee

The enneagram is an ancient personality typing tool for personal development and transformation. There are nine distinct "types" or "numbers," each with a different pattern of thinking based on motivations and worldviews. This week, we chatted with Sarajane Case from Enneagram & Coffee about using this tool for personal growth, improving business skills, and developing relationships. Sarajane Case is a writer, speaker, podcaster and enneagram teacher based in Asheville, NC. Whether you are...


BONUS EPISODE! Wine Tasting in Charlottesville, VA

On our first bonus episode we talk all about the wines we tasted on our weekend trip to Charlottesville, Virginia! Join us as we review three different wineries: Jefferson Vineyards, Blenheim Vineyards, and First Colony Winery. Find out which wines we preferred, how they tasted, and catch a few fun facts we learned along the way!


The Ups and Downs of Social Media

This week's conversation is all about social media: the good, the bad, and everything in between. We discuss what we love most about social media, how it can be used for business, marketing, and branding, and how to avoid the negative aspects. We also share some of our personal experiences and our thoughts on how social media has changed over the years.


Authenticity, Yoga, and Business with Rebecca Warfield

We are keeping it real this week with Rebecca Warfield from Dharma Drops Podcast and Rebecca Warfield Yoga! We chat about how she mixes yoga philosophy with business and writing, her take on yoga stereotypes, and tips on discovering your true self in order to live and work more authentically. Rebecca also shares advice on how to harness the energy of an idea (inspired by Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert) and just go for it!


Taking the Leap of Faith in Business with Whitney Duenas from Barre By The Bay

This week we talked with Whitney Duenas, the owner of Barre By The Bay: A new barre and spin studio in Newport News, Virginia. Whitney describes what it was like to take a leap of faith, trust herself (and her support system), and open a business in just four months! She talks about her passion for barre and how heated barre and yoga classes have helped her on her journey with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. Bonus if you are local! Tune in before April 5, 2019 to hear about her Grand Opening,...


Sleep Wellness, Insomnia, & Nightly Routines

Did you know that more than a third of Americans don't get enough sleep? This week we opened a bottle of Insomnia wine and talked about sleep wellness! We share our suggestions and experiences on how to get a good night's sleep, dish on a couple of our weird sleeping habits, and discuss nightly routines that will set you up for success.


Be Your Own Boss with Abbey Scott, CEO of Coffee Over Cardio

This week we are chatting with the CEO of Coffee over Cardio, Abbey Scott, as she shares the ins and outs of being your own boss and owning a thriving business! We also get her take on the competitive fitness world and she tells us about her other exciting marketing and business ventures. Grab a glass of wine (or a cup of Coffee over Cardio!) and join us!


How to Hustle with Heart with April Yentas

This week we chatted with April Yentas, a wedding photographer, photography and business mentor, and full time creative at heart. She reps for one of the fastest growing hair care companies, Monat, and she hosts the Hustle with Heart podcast. She shares with us her deep passion for bringing self care and personal development together to show up in your business and life.


Yoga, Law Enforcement, & Living Your Dreams with Mary Beth Ringgenberg

We talk to fellow #bossbabe Mary Beth about how she stopped waiting and started living her dreams. She shares her stories about teaching yoga, joining the police force, and teaching her kids (and all of us) valuable lessons on setting goals and pursuing the life you want.


Living with Mental Health & Being the Support System with Kevin Reynolds

Welcoming our first guest to the podcast! Kevin joins us this week to discuss what life is like managing his mental health and his borderline personality disorder. He offers a unique perspective on the wellness journey while providing tips we can all apply to our own journeys. We also discuss what it's like to be on the other side - as the support system. We share our experiences and tips we've picked up along the way while supporting the people we care about. Just a reminder! We are not...


What is Impostor Syndrome?

Have you ever felt like a fraud in your job, position, or social setting? Have you ever worried that people would discover you are not enough or as talented or knowledgeable as they think? It is estimated that around 70% of people have experienced impostor syndrome at some point in their career. So this episode we are here to start a conversation on a psychological phenomenon we bet you'll find relatable!


Stages of Personal Growth

Personal growth is a journey. It is a continuous path of exploration, learning, and development. In this episode we share some of our personal growth experiences and our favorite tools to support our growth. We also discuss our thoughts and takeaways on the article, "The 5 Stages of Personal Growth," by Christine Hassler (, which breaks down the journey of development into five identifiable phases.


Anxiety and Mental Health

This week we are sharing our experiences with anxiety and other mental health challenges. We talk about some of the most common scenarios that cause us anxiety and share our techniques and strategies for managing it. Please remember that we are not medical professionals and these are only our experiences. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or any other mental or emotional distress that feels overwhelming please consider reaching out for help. We are including the National Suicide...


Tips for a Home Yoga/Fitness Practice

Is a healthier lifestyle on your 2019 goals? Are you interested in yoga or fitness, but would prefer to practice at home? In this week's episode we discuss our tips and strategies for starting and maintaining a home yoga and/or fitness practice at home. We cover everything from how to stay motivated to nutrition to what it takes to make it a habit and more.


Connection, Vibes, & Energy

Can I get a connection? This week we are sharing a conversation on connection and vibes and the difference between the two. We discuss how to build and maintain strong connections, how to "raise your vibration," and how to approach real-life situations and relationships depending on the vibe and energy. We also explore a difficult discussion on when to cut ties with relationships that lose their good energy.