E42 - PTSD: getting to the Hart of the matter

Kirk and Trevor discuss PTSD with Dr. Mike Hart founder of ReadyToGo Clinic. Dr. Hart talks about how PTSD, migraines, IBS and some other conditions are due at least in part to an endocannabinoid deficiency. That means cannabis is an obvious treatment for PTSD. Also hear how cannabis can also be used in sports medicine and about Kirk's Runners' High on the Columbia Ice Fields. Music by: Bif Naked - Santa Claus is Comin to Town - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8zb5VVydpA -...


E41 Weed Rather Be Working

Kirk and Trevor discuss cannabis-related workplace issues with the world’s largest advocacy group for small businesses. After one year of legalization, the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) surveyed their 110,000 members discovering 10,000 Canadian small business owners have confronted cannabis-related issues. As the discussion digs deep into the survey numbers we learn much of the hype promoted before legalization did not materialize yet, small business owners are still...


E40 - Autism

Episode Description Kirk and Trevor talk to Janna Champagne. Janna was a critical care cardiac nurse thriving in a high pressure, high stakes, life and death work place. Suddenly her life was derailed by an illness. Janna discovered how cannabis could help her life and has become a Cannabis-Specialty Nurse to help others. Along the way, Janna found another benefit of cannabis to her family. Come listen to how cannabis helped Janna's daughter through an Autism puberty crisis and probably...


E39 Outside the tent; inside the lab

Join Kirk and Trevor as they reach from the shelf to bring three stories to you. the first two stories come from Nanaimo when Kirk was visiting a pop-up safe injection site; a tent actually set up in the mayor ‘s Parking lot. We meet Danielle Jackson known as Miz D or Dopprah (https://twitter.com/mycannatherapy) as she speaks to her form of cannabis infotainment. Our second story, outside the same tent, is with Anne-Marie Fischer from cannawrite (https://www.instagram.com/cannawrite/?hl=en)...


E38 - Small Town Alberta

Episode Description Kirk travels back to familiar territory. The master of the cold-call finds opportunity to bring listeners a couple Cannabis stories while visiting his Alberta family. Canadian listeners will remember how the hamlet of Lac La Biche helped the citizens of Fort McMurry after the great fire of May 2016. During his visit to this beautiful lake side community, Kirk spoke with the owner of Equilibrium, Lac La Biche’s first independent retail cannabis store. He then happened upon...


E37 - And The Award Goes To

Canada is a country that celebrates Cannabis; we can actually win awards. In this episode Kirk and Trevor talk to Lift & Co about the 2019 Canadian Cannabis awards. Lift & Co serves as the trusted authority on cannabis and empowers the cannabis industry to make better-informed decisions through superior information and data. We discuss how giving out award helps build a better cannabis market place. And, it is not too late for listeners to participate by voting for your favorite Cannabis...


E36 - Hempfest the 4th Potpourri

Episode Description We are looking back on the Summer of 2019. One of Kirk and Trevor's highlites was going to HempFest in Saskatoon. We talked to Jodi McDonald of Keystone Labs. Jodi's company will sell you a "Key Box" to allow you to get lab quality analysis of your home grown cannabis. And Jodi is infectiously animated when she explain HPLC and mass spec. Robert Belanger is a potter whose ceramic pipes are stronger than glass. Robert gets the unusual complaint that his smoking accessories...


E35 - High-climbin' Gaimon and The Worst Retirement Ever

Do you know any professional athletes using Cannabis? It is difficult finding one willing to talk about it on the record. Phil Gaimon, once within the top fifty world’s best professional road racing cyclists, graciously chats with Kirk on how he uses Cannabis. While cycling as a professional, Phil authored books and pleased his sponsors enough allowing him to start the Worst Retirement Ever in 2016. Listen to why he preferred cannabis over alcohol while racing pro and how, after crashing his...


E34 Sex And Pharmacy

Kieley Beaudry has so many facets to her cannabis knowledge, including Co-Founder of Parkland Flower Inc, President of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association, and parent of a child with Cystic Fibrosis (who uses cannabis). But Kieley agreed to enlighten Kirk and Trevor on a delicate and often overlooked topic. Kieley talks about cannabis as treatment for sexual dysfunction. Kieley is not a health care professional, but is extremely well read and knowledgeable. Kieley educates Trevor...


E33 Liver Let Die? A CBD Story

"Marijuana Study Finds CBD Can Cause Liver Damage". This article in Forbes by Mike Adams blew up on Cannabis Twitter. What is the truth? Does the ubiquitous CBD beat up on the poor defenceless liver? Is this just junk science and hyperbole? Well...we called up the study authors and asked them. Get ready to be schooled by Dr. Igor Koturbash , Dr. Bill J. Gurly and Dr. Mitchell R. McGill. This conversation goes through the basic science involved in toxicology studies for any new medication....


E32 HempFest Part 3 - Potpourri

Listen as Trevor and Kirk walk through the displays at Hempfest Canada Saskatoon's expo. We hear from a Lawyer, Insurance Broker, Master Grower, and a Horticulturist. Can you refuse a roadside alcohol test? Are you are likely to fail a road-side sobriety test while sober? Should you consider home insurance for your homegrown? A Master Grower and Horticulturist speak to growing different cultivars; plus add information to the Sativa versus Indica debate. Music: Jess Moskaluke...


E31 - Hempfest Part 2 - Lyme Warrior Sue Letwin

Episode Description Kirk and Trevor are live on stage at HempFest Saskatoon for a second time! This time Trevor talks with Sue Letwin(@LetwinSue). Sue has Lyme Disease. She explains how this misunderstood condition effects her life and how cannabis is helping her. In fact she finds the THC helps her more than CBD. And she make her own edibles. Come learn from Sue with us! Music: The Sheepdogs https://thesheepdogs.com/ (Yes we got a SOCAN membership to use this song all legal and proper like)...


E30 Hempfest Part 1 - Cannabis Influencer Jacqui Childs

Kirk and Trevor were live on stage at HempFest Canada in Saskatoon in June 2019 with Jacqui Childs (@JacquiChilds). Jacqui talks about her journey with Cannabis helping her with Crohn's, anxiety and depression. Now that Cannabis has helped her, Jacqui wants to help others. This savy social media marketer and author tells Kirk how she gets her message about cannabis out to the world. Music: Burton Cummings - Runnin' Back to Saskatoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA5PhgwdMM4 (Yes we got a...


S3E09 Mood Makers

What should you expect when shopping for cannabis in Manitoba? Do you need your ID? Can you order ahead? Will your Cannabis be delivered? Is the staff educated on product? Kirk visits a friendly place prepared to assist you with discovering Cannabis. We are invited to tour one of the two Winnipeg based “Garden Variety” resale outlets. Garden Variety “strives to elevate the industry and the retail experience with customer service that is anything but ordinary, while offering new products at...


S3E08 Pastors, Pot, And Prophets

Did Jesus die on the cross? Was Moses influenced by cannabis when speaking to the Lord? Are Christian Churches embracing Cannabis? First up we meet the founding member of Christian Cannabis, Craig Gross. Once known as the “Porn Pastor,” Gross has a new message for Christian leaders. We learn how cannabis facilitated his personal journey and how he came to a cross roads. Gross once focused on helping porn-addicted Christians kick their habit. Now he is focused on how Christians can be healed...


S3E07 Cannabis is for Kids

You don't give cannabis products to children, right? Or what about that Charolette's Web stuff for seizures? Dr. Robert Sealey is a physician from Victoria with extensive cannabis experience. He see children and has recommended cannabis for some of them. From ADHD, to childhood schizophrenia, to Dravet syndrome this wide ranging conversation covers many pediatric cannabis topics. Come learn with Kirk and Trevor about kids and cannabis. Are three year olds different from thirteen year olds?...


S3E06 Tax Grab

Did you know medical cannabis is taxed? That is weirder than you might think. All other blood pressure pills, diabetes pills and depression pills that go through a pharmacy are not taxed. Yet medical cannabis, prescribed by a doctor or other health care professional is taxed. Ashleigh Brown (@Ashleigh02112447) is a medical cannabis patient, founder of the self help cannabis group SheCann (@shecannabis) and Community Manager and Patient Liaison at Strainprint. She is also an uber cannabis...


S3E05 Healing Communities Part 2

In Part 2 Kirk leaves Vancouver Island and visits Gimli, Manitoba. He discovers how a family doctor becomes a Cannabis consultant. Dr. Shelley Turner (@TheShelleyT) discusses how a deep interest in addictions directed her practice toward Cannabis. Her new clinic, Ekosi, will teach patients and professionals alike to discover the harm reduction benefit of Cannabis. Dr. Turner's journey with her Cree and Settler heritage, her progression from ambulance driver to nurse to doctor is fascinating...


S3E04 Healing Communities Part 1

Travel with Kirk and Trevor beyond simple harm reduction strategies. Kirk brings us stories from Vancouver Island to Gimli, showing us how the Cannabis Culture helps people be well. In Part 1, we meet Kevin Donnelly from Newleaf Outreach (https://newleafoutreach.org/). This new autonomous peer driven harm reduction group in Nanaimo, British Columbia promotes that drug peoples’ rights are human rights. They also believe cannabis plays a role for people with substance use disorders. Then Kirk...


S3E03 Cause Agnostic

What is impairment? What does it mean to drive a car impaired? Kirk and Trevor talk to PJ Barclay CEO of DriveABLE (@DriveABLE). DriveABLE has tools that look a impairment and cognition. But the impairment can be from opioid pain medication, muscle relaxant, lack of sleep, alcohol or cannabis. Legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada changed many things. Let's talk about impairment and how everyone can stay safe on the roads.