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S2E03 Addictions And Economics

Are we addicted to taxes? Trevor and Kirk talk to Dr. Jason Childs. He is an economist who says whether you want to reduce harm from cannabis or increase government coffers then keep taxes on cannabis low. In fact, having the government subsidize licensed producers might be a brilliant idea. In part 2 we have Dr. Jonathon Stea. He is a psychologist who has studied and treated cannabis addiction. Surprisingly, cannabis is probably going to be both worse and better than you imagine post...


S2E2 Work And School

The leaves are changing. Fall is here. What do you do if an employee at your job site is coming to work high? How much cannabis should a school bus driver be using? Teachers and students - which one should be allowed to use medicinal cannabis? Are you less fit for work if you are on Tylenol #3's or cannabis? We talk to Floyd Martens, a local and national School Board representative and Wendy Hofford a human resources and safety expert. Our My Cannabis story is about a sports injury.


S2E1 Legal Weed...

What is the name of the trophy Governor General of Canada of 1892 had named after him? Need a hint? The winners of the trophy in 1971-72 had their names misspelled on the trophy as the “Bqstqn Bruins.” What does that trophy have to do with Dauphin and the fact recreational Cannabis will be legal October 17/18? Find out, plus learn all sorts of interesting details about legalization from the CEO of Delta-9 John Arbuthnot. Come for the mystery. Stay for the Cannabis legalization education!...