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As a nurse and pharmacist we focus our stories on people’s use and perception of cannabis as Reefer Madness, Reefer Medicine, Reefer Mellow. We are exploring how society is changing its understanding of cannabis.




As a nurse and pharmacist we focus our stories on people’s use and perception of cannabis as Reefer Madness, Reefer Medicine, Reefer Mellow. We are exploring how society is changing its understanding of cannabis.




E99 - Green is the New Grey with Dr. Robert Sealey

Dr. Rob Sealey returns to the podcast. Back in S3E7 he talked about Cannabis For Kids. Today we drive down the road to the other end of the age spectrum, Cannabis and Seniors. Dr. Sealey is super knowledgeable, but also pithy comment machine! Within this episode he says "you wouldn't go into your local liquor store and say, which bottle of Marlow should I use for my arthritis." He also figures "if we're at all related to mice and some people are more related to rats, then you know, you got a...


E98 – The Godfather of Cannabis Two Point Oh! - Owen Smith - Part 2

Kirk and Owen continued discussion moves into a more personal realm as they share their views of the current state of Medical Cannabis industry. Kirk sees a disconnect with federal verses provincial government system management whereas Owen wants more services for individuals needing cannabis as medicine. As he continues his advocacy of medical cannabis, Owen also speaks to current projects to help society be a better place to live. Tune into the second part of a conversion with Canada’s...


E97 – The Godfather of Cannabis Two Point Oh! - Owen Smith - Part 1

In this episode, Kirk learns how the law was on the side of righteousness when Owen Smith found himself in front of the Supreme Court of Canada defending a desire to help the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, a longstanding compassion club. In the first part of a longer discussion, listeners gain insights to his six-year legal journey which ends with him becoming a medical cannabis industry advocate and influencer. His cannabis story started with family, but it was a faulty exhaust fan and loud...


E96 - The Medical Cannabis Educator - Justyna Johnson

Why not pick up your medicine on the way home from work? Buying your cannabis from a recreational store is certainly more convenient, especially when there is a store in pretty much every neighbourhood. In this episode, we learn the advantages of following the Health Canada Medical Cannabis pathway. Justyna Johnson is a Medical Cannabis Educator employed by The Clinic Network. The enthusiasm for her job comes from spending her workday helping people navigate the medical cannabis system....


E95 - Don't Let It Smoke You with Tarris Baptiste

Tarris Baptiste was athletically gifted. Tarris was driven. Tarris was on the brink of breaking into the National Football League. And then, it didn’t happen. Ten thousand hours plus spent on becoming an elite football player didn’t matter anymore. Now what? Tarris had a shadow pursuit that paralleled his football career. Sometimes it helped him succeed. Sometimes it got in the way. But now, he shifted his considerable focus to learn more about cannabis. He needed to know the light and the...


E94 - Cannabis Drug Interactions with Codi Peterson

I bet you are on drugs right now! Don’t believe me? How long has it been since your last caffeinated beverage? Over 90% of us use caffeine daily. Most of us use alcohol at least weekly. Many of us use prescription medications to treat everything from ADHD to high blood pressure. Now thanks to cannabis legalization, more and more of us also use cannabis. If we use cannabis, it is likely that we are going to have cannabis and other drugs in our system at the same time. Are those combinations...


E93 - Cannabis Amnesty with Aisha Abawajy

Pre-legalization, policing of was disproportionally excessive and punitive to BIPOC and poor folk of Canada. While Cannabis is now legal, thousands are still saddled with cannabis convictions preventing them from employment opportunities, international travel, and or joining volunteer groups. Although federal legislation “Bill-93 - No-fee, Expedited Pardons for Simple Possession of Cannabis” has received royal assent, the complicated process of applying to have a criminal record removed...


E92 - Dr. Brent Guppy - From Gimli Glider to Nanoemulsions

On July 23, 1983 at an altitude of 41,000 feet, Air Canada Flight 143 travelling between Montreal and Edmonton ran out of fuel because of confusion between metric and imperial measurements. However, the crew of the Boeing 767 successfully landed the passenger jet in Manitoba’s Interlake in what is now known as the Gimli Glider. That intrepid flight crew applied their years of training and experience to an unprecedented situation to become heroes. Much like when a PhD with international...

E91 - Dementia in Long Term Care with Dr. Blake Pearson

What is the evidence? Where are the studies? There is no proof that cannabis can treat anything! Well…What if I told you there are lots of studies showing that cannabis has medical benefits? What if there was a study going on right now in Sarnia looking at Cannabis and Dementia in Long Term Care (LTC) homes? Dr. Blake Pearson and his partners in Lambton County are the epitome of “Think Global, Act Local”. They are tackling the pervasive problem of dementia in all LTC homes by seeing if...


E90 - Nathan Mison & Diplomat Consulting

We had a plan. Back in March 2020, Kirk and Trevor were going to host an event that served cannabis infused food in a restaurant in Dauphin. Then, the world shut down with the pandemic. As we're coming out of the pandemic, we thought we'd revive the plan, but the Manitoba Government gave us a hard no. Now we're talking to Nathan Mison, from Diplomat Consulting, for a brief history of cannabis legalization in Canada, what regulations are different in which provinces and maybe a way to...


E89 - It's About Smokin' Lyme

Brent Alarie is informed he has COPD, then it was multiple sclerosis. No wait, he receives another diagnosis of blood cancer. These were just a few of the catastrophic verdicts given to describe how his body was betraying him. He needed to create change and prepare for his enviable death. With a new bucket list he started living his best life under the circumstances. A six-year painful journey, of the most insane symptoms and being bounced from one diagnosis to another, finally comes to an...


E88- Road Story – Cannabis on the Go

Kirk and Trevor bring you a Road Story that they didn’t need to leave home to find. A Mobile Cannabis Shop parked at Dauphin’s Countryfest, Canada’s longest running country music festival. Delta 9, Manitoba’s own Licensed Producer, made history as this was the first Mobile Cannabis store in Canada! The Delta 9 Mobile Cannabis Store was licensed by the Liquor Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba to sell cannabis at the 2022 Dauphin’s Countryfest site and again the 2022 Rockin’ the Fields...


E87 - Dr. Jen Anderson - Becoming the Physician You Needed

Dr. Jen Anderson wasn’t very interested in cannabis. As a newly minted family physician, it just wasn’t on her radar. She wasn’t against it. But cannabis just wasn’t going to be a tool in her tool box, professionally. She became a mom, and one of her children started having seizures. Lots of seizures. After exhausting all the regular anti-seizure medications, she tried cannabis on her child. It helped. The cannabis helped a lot. But some of her colleagues in neurology were not happy she was...


E86 - Healing Communities Part 3... The Cost of Compassion

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (VCBC) is no stranger to defending the services that a compassion club can deliver. For decades, the VCBC has supported individuals with chronic and or life-threatening diseases by providing aid not available from government health systems. Kirk once again visits this west coast healing community. He examines how this celebrated organization is now fighting a $6.4 million fine levied against them as an unlicensed dispensary. Founder Ted Smith, a tenacious...


E85 - Cannabis for Headbangers with Dr. Patrick Neary

You've said the word concussion. You might even have had one. But do you really understand them? Did you know a concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury? Dr. Patrick Neary and his team got a grant from the NFL to study if cannabis can help prevent or treat concussions! Dr. Neary explains, you don't have to actually bang your head to get a concussion. We've often said you don't have to like cannabis to enjoy this podcast. But, if you listen to this episode while rhythmically shaking your...


E84 - Assuage Suppository Trepidation with Sarah Roberts

Our co-host, Trevor has an unhealthy obsession with suppositories. You know that guy you never ask, "Hey, what is an NFT?" lest he talk your ear off? Well never ask Trevor, "Hey, what is a Rectal Rocket?" With that background, imagine our delight when we stumbled across Sarah Roberts and her company Cicatrix Labs. They make vaginal and rectal suppositories with cannabinoids in them! People have used these products to treat endometriosis, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, pain during...


E83 - Are the Cardiovascular Effects Worth the High - with Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

Most certainly, we have learned Cannabis has benefits but it is not benign. With all medications it is important to understand the risk and benefits. In this episode Trevor and Kirk discuss the cardiovascular effects of chronic cannabis inhalation with an accomplished student of medicine, Dr. Venkat Subramaniam. Although, he admits limited studies are available, his literature review suggests those who start smoking cannabis at a young age, making it a daily indulgence, are at risk of...


E82 - Manitoba’s Loud Advocate - Steven Stairs

In this episode, Kirk and Trevor bring forward the importance of Cannabis advocacy. With the legalization of recreational cannabis, some may see the need for Cannabis Advocacy as being dispensable. Stephen Stairs, a medical cannabis consumer is a leader within the Winnipeg green culture. He explains how the many interpretations of regulations, from all level of governments, requires his continuous attention. Self described as Manitoba’s Loud Advocate, Stairs shares his back story, passion...


E81 - Greencraft Cannabis Update with Eric Greening - Part 1

At the beginning of the Pandemic, we met Eric Greening. He wanted to start a craft cannabis operation just outside our hometown of Dauphin. We check in with Eric and see how pandemic construction has been going, and as a preview for our eventual facility tour! Trevor and Kirk also discuss what Trevor is and is not allowed to tell patients about cannabis as a pharmacist. Our My Cannabis story is HiND. They make special jars for your cannabis and other fashion items. Greencraft Cannabis -...


E80 - Cannabis Drug Interactions with Dr. Lyndsey Anderson

When you take a prescription medication, it goes into your body, does what it is supposed to and then leaves. Part of leaving the body often involves the medication getting broken down or metabolized by enzymes in the liver. One of the biggest medication metabolizing enzyme systems in the liver is called the Cytochrome P450 enzymes. Why should you care? Because cannabis can effect the Cytochrome P450 enzymes. That could cause there to be too much or too little of a prescription medication in...