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Rejuvenaging is a podcast hosted by Dr. Ron Kaiser that explores the ability to take charge of your life, build emotional strength and rejuvenate through aging.

Rejuvenaging is a podcast hosted by Dr. Ron Kaiser that explores the ability to take charge of your life, build emotional strength and rejuvenate through aging.
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Rejuvenaging is a podcast hosted by Dr. Ron Kaiser that explores the ability to take charge of your life, build emotional strength and rejuvenate through aging.




Episode 9 - Dr. William Young: Migraine - The Invisible Disability

Roughly one in seven people in the world suffer from migraine and it’s one of the most impactful diseases in the world. The problem is that migraine is really stigmatized and influences negatively people’s lives, not only by incapacitating them over a recurrent period of time but also by making them feel less worthy because they suffer from it. Luckily, there are people who dedicate their lives to finding non-addictive types of pain management and to bringing awareness on the second most...


Episode 8 - James Roberts: How to overcome your limiting beliefs

There are people in the world, with disabilities, that won’t take “no” for an answer when it comes to overcoming their condition. They usually accomplish more in life than a physically unchallenged person, and they are an inspiration for anyone that’s self-doubting. For James, the sky is the limit, and he is convinced that regardless of your age or your health status, you too, can eliminate the barriers that stop you from achieving your greatness in life. James Roberts is a really terrific...


Episode 7 - Nada Hogan: Finding Strength After Experiencing Loss

How do you move forward from loss? At some point in our lives, we all experience the loss of a loved one. Even if you have the time to prepare your heart and mind, it’s difficult to ever really feel prepared for such a tragic experience. In this episode, Nada Hogan shares her own story of loss: her daughter. During a time of absolute desperation in her life, she lost her daughter in a tragic accident. Throughout that experience, she found new passions and a way to create a platform to help...


Episode 6 - What Can Go Right?

Human beings have evolved with a negativity bias. It goes back to prehistoric times when our ancestors were put in difficult situations where there was always danger. People learned to be hypervigilant about those dangers and to think in terms of what can go wrong, at the expense of thinking about what can go right. Being led by fear of what could get wrong prevents you from living a happy life, so today’s episode of Rejuvenaging is devoted to “what can go right?” In this episode, you...


Episode 5 - Cody Dakota Wooten: The Concepts of L.I.F.E and D.E.A.T.H in Leadership

Statistics show that over 50% of people would trust a complete stranger more than their current boss. Many of you may be wondering, why that percentage? Leadership is one of those things that people may know about, they may have some idea about, but it's a little bit amorphous in terms of the actual concept. No matter what realm you’re looking at, there is just a lack of true leadership. The journey to becoming a legendary leader is not an easy one, as well as anything worth obtaining is...


Episode 4 - Alison Donaghey: From Victim to Freedom: The Domino Effect of our Thoughts

Are you aware of the consequences of your thoughts? There is a double-edged sword to everything, so every movement that we are involved with has a positive and a negative. We have to be careful which side we attach ourselves to. When we understand our worthiness, then we can actually stop being a victim. Alison is the radio host of the Alison Donaghey show. She's also the author of the International Best Seller, "Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change your Business, Change the...


Episode 3 - Nancy Guberti: Becoming Your Healthiest & Happiest Self

Are you truly living? Are you alert and awake and alive? Being the best versions of ourselves can be tricky, especially when it comes to focusing on both health and wellness together. Working hard to eat all the right things and do all the right exercises is great, but without any happiness or fun thrown into the mix this lifestyle change is unsustainable. In this episode, Nancy Guberti discusses the powerful experience of being empowered to advocate for your own health and...


Episode 2 - The basics of Rejuvenaging

Rejuvenaging is the art and science of growing older with enthusiasm. The art is based upon what I've learned through my life, my experiences, my observations and what I've conceptualized over time. The science is drawn primarily from the fields of positive psychology and neuroplasticity. Rejuvenaging can be best accomplished if it’s a continuation of a healthy lifestyle that began at an earlier age. It’s like the mental health equivalent of saving for retirement. I hope to see the day...


Episode 1 - Learn to Live Enthusiastically

Do you ever feel like the days are slipping right through your fingers, and you just can’t keep up? I’ve noticed that, specifically in many older adults, few people are truly preparing for their senior years. Many have developed lifestyles that essentially involves running out the clock, without doing anything to proactively enhance their life—including their senior years. That’s what this podcast is about: the art and science of growing older with enthusiasm. It’s focused on helping...