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63 |Why Goat Milk Kefir Could Be the Natural Remedy for IBS, Depression and Anxiety with Shann Nix Jones - Part 1

Are you looking for a natural remedy for IBS, depression, and anxiety? Look no further! Chuckling Goat owner Shann Nix Jones is back in the podcast and this time she talks all about gut health and the wonders that goat milk kefir could do for IBS, depression, and anxiety. Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Gut health and the gut-brain connection Shann’s Yellowstone Park...


62 |Q&A with the Bodyshot Team: Exercising in the Heat; Returning to Full Fitness After a Lay-Off; How to Measure Your Ideal Weight; Is Running Enough or Should You Cross-Train AND Exercising Effectively in a Short Space of Time!

We’ve got a packed Q&A episode for you today with the Bodyshot Team! We’ll be going through some of your questions from our Facebook page and talk about a variety of things, as well as share some tips on how you can achieve optimum health and fitness! Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Exercising in the heat Why running is not enough and why you need to incorporate other...


61 |How to Break Up with Your Mobile Phone with Author and Award-Winning Journalist Catherine Price

What kind of relationship do you have with your mobile phone? Is it healthy? How is it affecting your relationships with the people who are important to you? If you agree that breaking up with your mobile phone is the right thing to do, Catherine Price shares how you can do just that. Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The problems that people have related to their phone...


60 |Leanne Talks to Sarah Ann Lucas on Her Radio Show, “The Conversation”

In this episode, Leanne talks to Sarah Ann Lucas on her radio show The Conversation about her highs and lows and how she built a business and lifestyle all around health, fitness and wellbeing. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: What it means to be protective of your time How to create more time for yourself Where Leanne’s love for running a business came from How Bodyshot...


59 |Increasing Employee Engagement and Retention: What Part Does Wellbeing Play and Why Does It Matter?

If you run your own business or if you are responsible for looking after people within a company, this recording of my talk in the event that we held recently will surely be really interesting to you. We talk about some of the facts and figures that identify what the problem is around employee engagement and retention and the part that wellbeing plays. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this...


58 |How to Shine Offline: How to Use Tech to Enhance Your Life and Avoid Overwhelm, Distraction, and Exhaustion with Laura Willis

Is being constantly online starting to burn you out? How is technology impacting your life and your relationships? Laura Willis talks about the downside of being hyper-connected and how we can have a healthy relationship with our smartphones and other devices. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Laura’s story and what Shine Offline is all about The different things that drive...


57 |What Your Oral Health Reveals About Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing with Holistic Dentist Dr. Kathrin Huzelmann

Do you want to know what holistic dentistry looks like? What does your oral health tell you about other aspects of your health and wellbeing? Find out as holistic dentist Dr. Kathrin Huzelman shares her practice. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: What’s special about Kathrin’s approach to dentistry The links between the gut and the mouth The issue of using mercury fillings in...


56 |Changing the Messages in Your Head and Taking Back Control of Life with Strength and Nutrition Coach Maria Marklove

How do you overcome diversity? How do you get back that sense of self-worth and self-confidence? How do change and become empowered? For strength and nutrition coach Maria Marklove, it was through mindfulness, meditation, and physical training. Listen as she shares her inspiring story, and learn how you, too, can take control of your life. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Maria’s...


55 |The Legal Implications of Wellbeing at Work and Why It Matters with Steven Cochrane of Pinsent Masons

If you’re an HR manager or an HR director and you’re responsible for the wellbeing, the resilience, and the energy and performance levels of the people within your organization or business, then this bonus episode is for you! In line with our event, Increasing Employee Engagement and Retention: What Part Does Wellbeing Play and Why Does It Matter on the 3rd of July, Steven Cochrane of Pinsent Masons joins the podcast to talk about the legal implications of not having a retention policy or...


54 |Sugar: The Devil's Delight or a Sweet Treat? The Health Implications of Sugar with Paleo Health Coach Laura Bolton

Have you got a sweet tooth? Most people in the world are suffering from sugar addiction, whether they know it or not, but is sugar really that bad? Join me as I interview paleo health coach Laura Bolton who talks to us about the health implications of sugar. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode Leanne Spencer Topics Discussed in this Episode: The Paleo diet The issues around sugar and what it does when we consume...


53 |The Links Between Sleep and Body Composition: The Secret to Unlocking Weight Loss with Sleep Scientist Dr. Greg Potter

What is the connection between sleep and body composition? How does lack of sleep over just one night or a build-up of sleep debt affect weight loss, weight gain, weight management, and building muscle mass? Find out as sleep scientist Dr. Greg Potter shares the answers found in various studies. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode Topics Discussed in this Episode: What are some of the identified genetic barriers to...


52: How to Attract and Retain Talent and Make Wellbeing a Competitive Advantage with the Award-Winning HR Specialist Teresa Boughey of Jungle HR

In line with our event, Increasing Employee Engagement and Retention: What Part Does Wellbeing Play and Why Does It Matter, I bring you this bonus episode with Teresa Boughey where she shares her thoughts on wellbeing and its importance in the corporate world. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Why wellbeing is something that business owners and executives need to think about What makes wellbeing a competitive advantage Why it’s the right thing to do to look after people and create...


51: What Is Wellbeing at Work and Why Does It Matter?

Are you dealing with feelings of disenfranchisement, unfulfillment, and boredom at work? How are you dealing with stress at work on a daily basis? Wellbeing is a real buzzword at the moment, and wellbeing in the workplace is not only an interesting and timely topic to discuss but certainly a topic that deserves our attention. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The definition of wellbeing Things that are important for wellbeing The problems facing companies today with regards to...


47: Getting into Your Discomfort Zone with Adventurer and Tough Girl Challenges Founder Sarah Williams

In this episode you will learn: What is Tough Girl Challenges? Why do you need to put yourself out of your comfort zone and really challenge yourself? Why do sports seem to be a bit more fearful for women in general and what can do to change that? 3 Key Takeaways: Increasingly, people are more interested in experience than acquiring things. But experience is the hardest thing to buy. You can buy possessions but you have to create these experiences. Getting outside of your comfort...


Ep. 46: Eating for hormonal balance with Ximena de la Serna

Ximena de la Serna is a nutritional therapist who specialises in women’s health. At age 13 she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which despite its name has very little to do with cysts or ovaries, but is actually a metabolic condition caused by elevated insulin levels and testosterone. Ximena accepted the doctor’s recommendations, which included the birth control pill, but once she started training as a nutritional therapist, she began to question the traditional method...


Ep. 45: How to understand the effect your lifestyle has on your genes with cutting-edge science and tech start-up Chronomics

Our genes are largely determined from birth, but your epigenetics can change dynamically depending on the environment and the lifestyle that you lead. Epigenetics (the study of things that can alter your genes, such as smoking, pollution, diet and exercise) can be measured using a simple saliva test, and that’s exactly the service that the boffins at Chronomics have created. By measuring these epigenetic marks, you are able to better understand your biology, monitor it and improve it to...


Ep. 44: Why we sleep and how to get the sleep you need with Sleep Expert James Wilson

James Wilson has worked with over 2000 teenagers in the largest study of its kind in the UK; he’s worked with sports teams and top level sportspeople, and he helps companies produce products, services and environments that help people get the sleep they deserve through his company, The Sleep Lab. James is also one of the experts on Channel 4’s The Secrets of Sleep program which is still available on 4OD (see below). I was really looking forward to this episode because I’m interested in...


Ep. 43: What is the ketogenic diet and how could it benefit you with Health Coach Bryan Gohl

Bryan Gohl is a Health Coach and biohacker. Over a decade of passionate wellness studying has lead Bryan to experimenting and learning about all sorts of lifestyle protocols. From a high protein diet and dedicated commitment to the gym to a vegetarian diet and 11 year-long yoga practice, Bryan has experienced many ups and downs in his physical energy and wellbeing and this lead him to keep learning and experimenting. In this episode, we explore the principles of the ketogenic diet, which...


Ep. 42: How to overcome infertility and create healthy babies and happy families with Gabriela Rosa

Over the last 2 decades Gabriela Rosa has helped thousands of couples overcome infertility and miscarriages, even when other treatments have failed. Gabriela is an internationally renowned fertility specialist, naturopathic doctor and founder of Natural Fertility as well as the host of the #7DayFertility Challenge. Based on Gabriela’s proven track record and babies birthed in every continent through her help, Gabriela runs the first, fully-virtual fertility clinic, helping...


Ep. 41: F*ck your feelings: change your physiology to optimise your performance with coach and author Ryan Munsey

Author of F*ck Your Feelings, Ryan Munsey is also a co-founder and podcast host at The Better Human Project. A high performance consultant, writer, and speaker, Ryan has worked as a fitness model, nutritionist, gym owner, and corporate wellness consultant. His clients include Olympic athletes, special forces operators, entrepreneurs, and C-level executives from around the world. I invited Ryan onto the show as I’ve just finished reading his new book and loved it. In this episode, we talk...