New Jersey, United States




Ep 43: E-nough is P-nuff

Renee talks with P-nuff Crunch founder, Dr. Juan Selinas about his incredibly healthy snack as well as his story about his road from Nabisco to Cadbury to Powerbar, his journey toward his PhD, his company, the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and what's he's learned on the way! Enjoy!


Ep 42: Mindful Creators

They call sound healing their passion project and are just so happy to bring this type of healing near their hometown. They’ve always struggled trying to find something that can bring both balance and high energy to their practice and started taking up sound healing regularly. After a couple of years and 7 bowls later, here they are -- connecting their community to something more than the materialistic possessions and interweaving wellness and healing practices. Renee hangs with Liz and...


Ep 41: Your Thoughts, Words, & Actions...

Renee has Jesse Miller on the show. Jesse talks a bit about how Renee has affected her life not to mention Jesse's "Friends" like living condition. ​Enjoy!


Ep 40: Try Vegan, Just TRY It!

Renee sits with Try Vegan founder/Owner, Vince Gulino this week to discuss Try Vegan, meal delivery by drone, business ownership, vision and goals! Enjoy!


Ep 39: Conscious Collaboration

Making his 4th appearance on the podcast, Jeffrey Toledo of Toledo Fit joins Renee to discuss holistic mentality of living, eating, healing, and relating to one another. Renee and Jeffrey also talk about a YouTube video connecting the recently murdered rapper/documentarian Nipsey Hussle and Alfredo Bowman (aka Dr. Sebi). Dr. Sebi had claimed that he found the cure for AIDS. Nick Cannon now vows To complete Nipsey Hussle's Dr. Sebi documentary. ​ Enjoy!


Ep 38: Trust Your Intuition

It's a girls club this week on Renee Roams Radio as some of Renee's friends come together to discuss life, love, relationships, raising children, and the pursuit of happiness. Enjoy!


Ep 37: Words Are Spells

Renee sits with friend and author, Sheryl Rodriguez to discuss her book, her business, relationships, good vibes, clarity, cold weather, a possible woman's empowerment panel podcast episode, and Saturn's return. Enjoy!


Ep 36: Ashley Lashes Out!

A real rags to riches to more riches story this week! Renee sits with Ashley Marie, CEO of Luxe Lash Beautique (located at 744 West Side Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306.) If you've EVER felt like you couldn't accomplish your dreams or desires, THIS episode is for YOU. Ashley will not only give you hope but will also take away your excuses. So, if you've got the guts, listen to this episode now. ​Enjoy! Luxe Lash Beautique Website: LuxeLashNJ.com Luxe Lash Beautique Facebook:...


Ep 35: Are you a Lion, a Gazelle, or a Unicorn?

Renee chats up, the founder of Melinated Moms, Jaye Wilson. Melinated Moms is a membership-based community for moms and women of color. The group hosts community events for a global network of women. They also highlight the intersections of motherhood, sisterhood, and womanhood by encouraging self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship and The Five Principles of Engagement. Jaye is a spitfire and is extremely inspiring. Check out this episode NOW! ​ Enjoy! Website MelinatedMoms.com Facebook:...


Ep 34: Attack Life w/ Integrity, Honesty, & Love

Renee sits with Evan B from EvanBeyondFitness.com. He discusses how to attach life with Integrity, Honesty, and Love. A little about Evan: He began his journey to fitness as a performer at the age of 6. As a youth, hip-hop dancing was the main source of fitness in Evan B’s life. As the years progressed, he decided to take fitness to the next level. Evan B began to combine dance, calisthenics and weight lifting for better results. In his mid 20s, Evan B decided to take fitness even further by...


Ep 33: Create Your Culture

If you've been living under a rock for most of your life and have never heard of Tony Robbins. Let us first tell you who he is. Anthony Jai Robbins is an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach. Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. Recently, Renee went to a Robbins seminar and met up with Jack Simon (the guy in the red hat). In this episode, Jack shares his experience of not only...


Ep 32: Heads Will Roll (Renee Fun Facts, Part II)

En route to a tea tasting with former podcast guest, Deborah Raab, owner of Tea-For-All™ , Renee continues this week sharing some more fun facts about her! ​Enjoy!


Ep 31: Renee Fun Facts

Renee shares a bit about her journey, what the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen are, "Health on a Shelf", and why she's done with Hamburger Helper and hot dogs.


Ep 30: An Interview with Missy Williamson

This week, Renee sits down with Missy Williamson. It is Missy's mission to teach awareness through the body. "Awareness is key to making good decisions," says Missy, "having strong relationships with ourselves and others, and making changes in the world".


Ep 29: Love — An Experience of Infinity

Renee sits with Ava and have a discussion that will inspire and challenge you!


Ep 28: My Name is not THANOS!

Renee sits with long time friend, "Thanos" to talk about his accomplishments and how things aren't always as they appear to be.


Ep 27: An Interview with Linden, NJ Mayor Derek Armstead

This week Renee has a chat with the Mayor of Linden, NJ, Derek Armstead. Mayor Armstead brings a wealth of governmental experience, as well as community leadership to the great City of Linden. Mayor Armstead is a life-long Linden resident, whose family has lived in the city of Linden, for almost 100 years. He is a strong advocate of fairness, equal educational and economic opportunities for all Linden residents.


Ep 26: Christina Sprouts

Renee's BFF, Christina, returns in this second part interview. Also, Renee makes a call to a surprise guest ON THE AIR!


Ep 25: Christina Settles

Renee's BFF, Christina, embarks on a journey that is sure to inspire and even challenge you to follow in her proverbial footsteps..


Ep 24: An Interview with Jeff Toldeo - Part II

Renee brings you the second part of her chat with fellow Entrepreneur Jeff Toldeo!