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20+ years holistic personal trainer, Life coaching, Biohacking, Exercise kinesiology, Enlightenment, Meditation, Balance, Organic farm foods, Wim Hof breathing, A father and husband.

20+ years holistic personal trainer, Life coaching, Biohacking, Exercise kinesiology, Enlightenment, Meditation, Balance, Organic farm foods, Wim Hof breathing, A father and husband.
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20+ years holistic personal trainer, Life coaching, Biohacking, Exercise kinesiology, Enlightenment, Meditation, Balance, Organic farm foods, Wim Hof breathing, A father and husband.






Raise Up Radio Episode #2 (The Four Horsemen)

The Four Horseman (Jarin Kenyon, Karen Carey, Kevin Carey, and Greg Schumacher) are on air to discuss their brand new program Rise Up: Become Limitless. This program is designed to unlock human potential in the most entertaining way possible. It smashes Hollywood and Education into vortex of accelerated learning, growing, and accomplishing your dream life. Move over Law of Attraction, look out the movie The Secret here come the Four Horseman! Watch on YouTube:


The Brand New Rise Up Radio!

Podcast #30 KettlebellMania with Dina Ziskin-Fortune & Valerie Pawlowski. Dina is an artist, connector, network marketer, athlete, dancer, and certified in vintage strength and mace fit. Valerie is a Medical Exercise Specialist, ACSM, ACE, AFAA Personal Training. AOS, WKC, RKC, Kettlebell Sport Coach. Licensed Nutritionist and Manager. She also is a master of the sport, being awarded 6x Gold Metalist in Kettlebell USA Team. Owner NJ Adventure Boot Camp...


#29 Christy Waters Forsyth (Soul Therapy)

On this week's episode we have jarin Kenyons monthly guest, the lovely, Intuitive Christy waters Forsyth. She is the owner of an intuitive wellness business called Clarity by Christy, providing services online internationally. She is a Psychic Medium, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She combines all of this experience and training to create a service she calls Soul Therapy, an intuitively-led life...


#28 Dr. Nick Berry Essential Oils Wizardry

Dr Nick Berry, a pharmacist who is the worlds leading expert on plant medicine. He has over 600 varieties of oils. He is an amazing human being who is bring the best quality products to the market. Please shop through our affiliate link! Extra 10% just by using coupon code: Revolution Facebook: My Book:...


#27 Hormone Balancing with Steven Devos (Dr. Fox)

Steve Devos(Dr. Fox) joins us via Zoom to have a conversation about the current health system. How we can work around it. How we can find doctors who will test for the real things to optimize us as our unique selves. Hormone balancing and much more. You can find much more information on his YouTube channel "The Lifting Dermatologist" Also his Facebook Group TRT and Hormone Optimization Therapy:...


#26 Northeast Thermography

Howard & Diane make a wonderful team of early detection and natural ways of helping guide your body back to optimal health when early detection happens. Thermography can be a lifesaving diagnostic tool to detect changes in your body which can indicate early stages of diseases like cancer or other changes in your body. Thermography is radiation free way to help ensure your health. Diagnostic Testing The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that it can be cured or successfully...


#25 Kathryn Kos (Fourties on Fire)

Kathryn is a Mama of 2 boys, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) with a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling and an undergrad in Movement Science. She currently works as a freelance writer/editor. Her book “Forties on Fire” is geared towards perimenopausal women (the years leading up to menopause). Her goal with the book was to arm women with tools to help them find balance throughout their 30’s, 40’s and beyond. She also wants women to learn to honor their moods and emotions and see...


# 24 Nerdy Fit Chef (Chris Berglund)

Christopher Berglund aka the Nerdy Fit Chef. This man is a free spirit who believes in seeking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He's currently studying under the great Paul Chek as a CHEK Practitioner. Chris is also a well renowned Chef. His passion for food, fitness, and Intuition makes him one of the best one on one guides there is. On today's podcast, we discuss how Chris combines the chef and the personal trainer, unleashing our self confidence, eating clean sources...


#23 Zoe-Anna Bell (Austrailia)

Welcome to Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast. A Revolution of consciousness. We proudly bring you Zoe-Anna Bell who expanse the universe just by being her. All the way from Sydney, Australia. She screams be your unique raw expression of you! The colorful artist The clever alchemist The curious chemist The fearless explorer The fun adventurer The free spirit The dancer and master weaver of you-niverse. Her programs push people past their fears and into who they were born to be. On today's...


#22 Christina Beauchemin (Author)

Christina Beauchemin, author, speaker, truth seeker and advocate of curiosity, courage and honesty as a path to personal transformation. She is about self-discovery; a process she has learned starts with the desire to understand and the intention to heal. On today's podcasts we discuss Her book titled "let my legacy be love" "A Story Of Discovery And Transformation: Tracing Adult Issues To Childhood Hurts" We learn How she takes a very honest look at the childhood events that shaped her...


#21 Aaron Alexander "Movement Badass"

Aaron Alexander is a manual therapist and movement coach who has helped the world’s best athletes, celebrities and every one in between to relieve pain, increase strength and optimize their movement. In addition, he hosts the top-rated Align Podcast which features the world’s thought leaders on all things movement and wellness. Aaron is the founder of the Align Method™, an integrated approach of functional movement and self-care that has helped thousands of people to relieve pain and move...


"The Allstars" podcast 20

On this podcast with all these experts in studio we get priceless advice on topics such as parenting, staying in your lane, focus, success building, balance, perspective, and much more... for all the show notes including all the guests information please visit Gomez Farm CSA 518-686-5212 Tell them Greg from Revolution Radio sent you for a discount


The world of "GEM" Podcast 19

On today's podcast we are honored to present "Jennifer Rhodes, or better known as "Gem", Mind Body Soul Expo Founder and Event Coordinator. The biannual Mind Body Soul Expo will bring together health, wellness and holistic practitioners, professionals, local businesses and local artisans under one roof to showcase their products and services. It features eight presenters, more than 95+vendors, & a healing and meditation room On today's podcast we discuss what brought "Gem" to create such an...


Podcast #18 Who is Tina Barber?

Tina Barber, owner and founder of New Beginnings Beauty and Wellness Studio, a firecracker of a woman, inspired by helping people live a happy and abundant life. She is an image consultant, a life coach, and visionary. Join us as we dive into many subjects including awakening humanity, Saratoga Rising, Human Design, and much more.


Trent "Miracle of Water" Podcast #17

Trent is a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge. His wisdom goes way beyond water. We learn all about the history of mineral waters in this country and how much it was used for curing us naturally. Trent goes over all the great resources in Saratoga Springs along with many others in this country. He goes over how there are many varieties of waters and each one has its strengths for each particular people. Trent does tours around Saratoga to all these great resources. He also touches on...


Podcast #16 "Thor" Roundtable Discussion

Vicki, Thor and Greg discuss many issues concerning the world right now. Also deliver some useful, basically free hacks to help you achieve in life!


Karen Carey and Jarin Kenyon Podcast 15

Karen draws from a diverse background of knowledge in mind, body, spirit, and the human experience. She has extensive training and experience as a Life Coach, Transpersonal Counselor, Speaker, Reiki Master and Reflexologist, Yoga and NIA instructor, and is a certified CultureTalk partner. She helps Entrepreneurs get clear, focused and aligned so that they can tap into their power, find their courage and achieve their dreams. Karen helps teams create an authentic and extraordinary environment...


M.Keneddy Coaching podcast 14

Madeline is a federal Policy Advisor consultant and a long-time advocate, mentor, and wellness-based leadership coach to women and youth. As a busy consultant, community volunteer, and Head Coach of Kennedy Coaching LLC, she takes her own downtime, healing and self-care as seriously as her career. When she is not working with organizations, communities, individuals to promote heart-centered leadership and transformation, you can find her hiking with her dog or traveling to the far corners of...


Podcast 13 With John Tubbs

Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast has another awesome guest John Tubbs owner of Albany Massage Professionals. He’s got awesome stories about conquering sickness, a broken neck, autoimmune disease, natural cures, being an entrepreneur of the health industry and much more. 20% off Coupon code REVOLUTION For noodles @crohnscolitiscoach Instagram Greg’s Revolution...


Podcast 12 Human Design Readings for KIds

What superpowers does your kids have? Wren does a reading for Austin. Such a great tool for parents to better understand their children. Also the children now have a better understanding of themselves. 20% off Coupon code REVOLUTION For noodles Greg’s Revolution Fitness Presents: A Guide to the Healthiest “YOU”: MIND BODY SOUL...