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Road To Revamp podcast is our effort to bring best movement and nutrition advise from the trend setters and mavericks of Indian fitness scenario.

Road To Revamp podcast is our effort to bring best movement and nutrition advise from the trend setters and mavericks of Indian fitness scenario.
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Road To Revamp podcast is our effort to bring best movement and nutrition advise from the trend setters and mavericks of Indian fitness scenario.




10: The Transformation Wizard

In our current episode we met with a supercharged fitness entrepreneur from kolkata.His energy and dedication is contagious and he has immaculate work ethics when it comes to training himself or others. His hunger for knowledge takes him across the globe and he has spent time with phenomenal figures like Klokov and Dr Andreo spina. He shared with us the secrets of his success as a coach and as a business man in such young age. He has started his own personal training certification and...


9: Health Set Go

Priya Prakash is a healthcare entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of HealthSetGo, India's largest healthcare organisation for school with the vision to establish the largest network of health promoting schools in the country. HealthSetGo currently operates in over 70 cities across India with more than 1 Lakh students with it’s flagship program CARE. Additionally, she is a Global Shaper with The World Economic Forum, taking up many socially impactful projects for rural India. A Tedx...


8: Identify the Essential

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Ode To Calluses.

Callus don't develop on the hands which stay in luxury and stay away from hard work. Callus grows on the hands which knows what hard work is and what it feels like being human. Beautification has become a deteriorating factor to our current generation,which forces them to skip hard physical work.We are not just depriving our future generations from learning the real way but we are making them internally weak. In this conversation with **Kaavya Gupta** we explored more about Calluses and...


7: Less is More

[]( Yuen is not just a name but an idea.An idea which needs to reach to the world. Coach Jon shared with us his thoughts about movement, how to bring movement culture in Daily life,common myths,biases,how movement can kickstart a community and how not to stuck with any one method to be a true generalist. We discussed about the futility and power of strength. Why health isn't improving when everything else is growing with a rapid rate? What motivates...


6: Education & Awareness

We are back with another fascinating conversation with a person who is helping in shaping Indian fitness industry in a way nobody ever imagined. He brings forth real yet affordable education for Indian coaches and trainers. He is an entrepreneur a physiotherapist, an ace coach and above all a great human being. He is supporting people from the lower strata of our society and bringing them up to live an honorable life. We could have talked with him about techniques tricks and wt loss but it...


5: Food Is Medicine

Dr ANJALI Hooda is probably the only functional medicine doctor in India,She is specialist in obesity management,gut health and developing a healthy life-style. She has plethora of qualifications and degrees: * MBBS, PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana, India. * MD in Internal Medicine, Lincoln Medical Center an affiliate of Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY, USA. * Fellowship in Obesity Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, Geisinger Health System, Danville, PA, USA. * Trained in Bio-Identical...


4: Prehabilitation (Part 1)

Gaurav is passionate about educating the clients and fitness professionals of the industry on fitness philosophy, functional training, corrective exercises, injury management and rehabilitation and has been delivering the same locally in India. Gaurav also conducts free education for the deserving and underprivileged candidates who can't afford to pay & upgrade themselves however want to grow with the industry and for his work, commitment and dedication for the community and society he has...


3: Shun the Weakness

Sir Sergey Rudnev is an Honored Master of Sport. This is the highest rank that a Kettlebell lifter can have and there are a handful that can say that they have such prestige. He is also the president of one of the most prominent Kettlebell factions in the world in International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy (IKSFA). What makes Sergey Rudnev extra special is his ability to coach? He has not only won multiple Kettlebell Competitions but has successfully transferred his genius knowledge...


2: The Octopus Avinash

He is just 23 years old but he sounds like a sage…When we are immersed in our virtual world he hardly even uses smartphones. When every other youngster is deprived of sleep, vitamins and cannot think beyond six pack abs…He talks about the ill effects of blue light and excess caffeine. He is a mover. A thinker and a born philosopher who believes in hard work grind and minimalism. He can do amazing feats of strength mobility and yoga… We are proudly presenting the mover who's words gonna...


1: Eureka

Listen to Abhishek as he takes you along on his journey in the fitness industry. He talks about the genesis and morphosis of this podcast. Like, comment & subscribe for more such content.


The Surprise

Team Road to revamp is all set for 2018. We've got a lot of amazing episodes lined up for our listeners. Stay tuned to know what's in the bag.


10: The Serial Entrepreneur

when we talk to most of the fitness coaches..they talk about their clients success, fat loss techniques this gentleman talks about entrepreneurship, trainers welfare, and future of training clients online. He is a Leeds trained physiotherapist, master trainer for many international organizations and he has been a faculty for this year's Asia fitness convention. We are presenting in our current episode the new age Chefingo and serial entrepreneur Arun Chahal


9: The Biohacker

He used to sail the high seas with passion and vigor and the same zeal he brings with himself when he decides to enter in any field whether it is soccer or being a radio jockey or a vibrant fitness trainer. In his conversation with us he shared with us his transition from a sailer to coach, he shared the importance of focus and being energetic with his clients, how important flexibility and mobility is for athletes and the general population, how to manage your sleep to improve the body...


8: Desk to Podium

Unlike our other guests this fella has a different lifestyle altogether...He commutes 3 hours for work,then 8 hours of desk job and then gets warmed up for his training to make india proud in kettlebell sport. He is not from fitness industry,still he has much more to share with us including programming, kettlebells, managing stress,hitting the perfect equilibrium between the life of a leyman and an athlete. Most of you can identify yourself with Samrat sen and can learn how to feed your...


7: The Crossfitting Yogi

Awareness, integrity, and philosophy... Without these traits, your training is hollow., whether you are a trainer or a trainee. To achieve a goal you must have a process as there is no magic pill to turn you into a diva overnight. The Fitness industry is filled with crooks who promise to turn your dreams into reality in 8 weeks but here we have a person who has never bowed down to financial pressure or resort to cheap tricks in his long career....He blatantly rejects those who come to his...


The Crossfitting Yogi (Teaser)

Stay tuned. whole episode dropping soon.


6: Mind Body Soul

She always had a great passion for health and fitness and this is what got her into doing a nutrition and dietetics course and sports nutrition. Along with this she is a certified kettlebell trainer and has done courses in animal flow. She is a champion kick-boxer at the age of forty. Through this podcast, she wants to guide people towards a more positive and a healthy lifestyle. Say hello to Vasudha here: