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Guided meditations to bring more mindfulness and awareness to your life. Helping you to be your best self and live your best life. Brought to you by Natalie Perez - a yoga teacher teacher who helps others make yoga + meditation a part of their lives by bringing it into their homes.

Guided meditations to bring more mindfulness and awareness to your life. Helping you to be your best self and live your best life. Brought to you by Natalie Perez - a yoga teacher teacher who helps others make yoga + meditation a part of their lives by bringing it into their homes.
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Guided meditations to bring more mindfulness and awareness to your life. Helping you to be your best self and live your best life. Brought to you by Natalie Perez - a yoga teacher teacher who helps others make yoga + meditation a part of their lives by bringing it into their homes.






Grounding Meditation For Times Of Travel

This is a guided meditation for grounding your energy around times of travel. To be grounded is to feel stable. To feel safe and steady. To know that you belong and to feel secure in your belonging. Grounding is important because it’s the foundation we need in order to work on any other aspects of ourselves. It’s difficult to tap into creativity or compassion when we feel unstable. It’s hard to speak our truth or follow our intuition when we feel insecure. Travel can have the effect of...


Evening Wind Down Meditation

Welcome to your evening wind down meditation! How many times have you taken your day to bed with you? Or how many times has your day followed you to bed, uninvited? This meditation is your invitation to release your day. To gift yourself the time and space to wind down. To sit with your day - without judgement or attachment - and to let it go. Release the day that’s already gone and make space for the day that’s to come.


Midday Break Guided Meditation

We spend so much of our days running from one task to the other, our minds jumping from one thought to the next. It’s easy to live life on auto-pilot, essentially sleepwalking through life. This guided meditation is intended to bring you out of that auto-pilot. Take these few moments to connect to your breath; to your inner self.


Peaceful Place Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

This is a guided meditation for stress relief. One in which you will be guided to visualize your own peaceful, private place. This is a place that is entirely of your making. A soothing, calming, perfect place. One that you can come back to in your mind whenever you need some relaxation.


Last Quarter Moon Meditation

The last quarter moon is a time of letting go...of release and forgiveness. We are moving into the phase of surrender. This next week is the time to acknowledge the work you've done, and to surrender it to the Universe.


Spring Equinox Guided Meditation

The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal, rebirth, and revitalization. In this guided meditation you'll be invited to contemplate some questions, to help you plant some seeds to germinate in the coming spring season.


Yoga Nidra For Sleep

Yoga Nidra is the practice of yogic sleep. This is a short Yoga Nidra practice, designed to help prepare you for deep and restful sleep. You’ll follow the sound of my voice as I guide you to bring your awareness to the breath, and different parts of your body. To read more about the practice of Yoga Nidra, please check out this Yoga Nidra Guide:


Meditation On Loving Kindness

This is a Metta, or loving-kindness meditation. Because what the world needs now is love, love, love ❤️


First Quarter Moon Meditation

The first quarter moon is when we start to take action on our new moon intentions. It is also when we might start to experience resistance as we work toward those intentions. Be ready for unexpected challenges, keeping an open and flexible mind as they come your way.


Inner Warrior Guided Meditaiton

There is a warrior within all of us. An inner warrior that stands for something. That fights for something. What are you a warrior for? Remember that what we think, say, and do is what we stand for. Our thoughts, words, and actions define us. What do you repeatedly think, say, and do? Do those thoughts, words, and actions align with your ideals and values? How can you be the best warrior for what you believe in? Join me on the meditation cushion for this inner warrior guided meditation to...


Awaken Your Intuition Guided Meditation

Harness the power of the sixth chakra - the Ajna, or third eye chakra - in this guided meditation to awaken your intuition and inner wisdom.


Grounding Meditation with Tree Visualization

A simple guided meditation with a tree visualization, to bring about a sense of grounding. Perfect pre- or post-travel, or if you're feeling frazzled, stressed, or simply not like yourself.


Intention-Setting Guided Meditation

Intention-setting can be a powerful part of living more mindfully. In this guided meditation, you will set an intention and then visualize it coming to life as a sand sculpture. Harness the power of intention-setting for living your most mindful life.


Winter Solstice Guided Meditation

The winter solstice marks the first day of winter, but it also marks our transition back towards the light...towards longer, brighter, warmer days. On the winter solstice, the sun begins to climb higher into the sky, which has been seen in many cultures as a symbol of rebirth. The winter solstice is the time to acknowledge our dark side, to heal our wounds, release old thought patterns and align with our light and our heartfelt intentions. Take this time to reflect on the year you’ve had. To...


Morning Intention-Setting Meditation

In this guided meditation, I invite you to set your intention for the day and to visualize how your day will unfold as you live in line with that intention. The intention you choose is up to you. Whatever it is, allow it to land deeply in your heart and mind. Then take it out into your day and live it.


Envision Your Day Morning Meditation

This meditation will guide you to visualize your day and how/where you want to place your energy throughout the day. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, where are you choosing to place your energy? How do you want to utilize that energy? This meditation is best practiced in the morning so that you can visualize your day and then go out and live it!


Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude is a powerful thing. When we are grateful for all that we have, we no longer take life for granted. This guided meditation will guide you in thinking of the many things you might be thankful for. Listen to this gratitude meditation anytime you need a reminder that you are so, so lucky.


Guided Meditation for Patience

We live in an age that feeds impatience. Our culture values quantity and speed over quality and care. When we are impatient, we are in a hurry for things to be different. We are uncomfortable with how things are in the present moment. Practicing patience is practicing being in the present moment. This guided meditation is intended to keep you in the now. In this moment...with your body, breath, and mind.


New Moon Meditation: Tune In + Set Intentions

The new moon is a time to go inward. A time of introspection. A time to rest, reflect, and plant metaphorical seeds. To set new intentions, start new projects and begin to cultivate new positive habits. In this meditation we’ll inquire deeply to focus on the desires or intentions we wish to manifest during this lunar cycle.


Guided Mediation To Let Go And Make Space

This a guided meditation for letting go and making space. Just as the trees shed their leaves in the fall, this is your invitation to let go Every fall season, we see that the trees graciously release their leaves, allowing them to fall away. The trees never clutch to their old leaves for fear of needing them later. They willingly let go of the old and make space for the new leaves that will come in the spring. This guided meditation will guide you in letting go of what no longer serves, in...