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Podcast by Vincent & Mia

Podcast by Vincent & Mia
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Podcast by Vincent & Mia




Episode 9: Our Introduction to Tantra Massage

Who doesn't love a good massage? But can you do it right?? In this episode we interview the leading tantra masseur in Ireland and explore his views on tantra, intimacy and how Ireland's sexuality has evolved over the years. We then recount our incredibly erotic tantra experience with John - tried and tested and highly recommended! Finally we continue with our new Q&A feature, trying to respond to your questions and queries. Keep them coming in! V&M


Episode 8: Mia & Vincent Talk Sex and the Lifestyle

In this episode we respond to your comments and discuss some of the burning issues of the lifestyle. From what to do when you've been flaked on, to our experiences using other dating apps, to the hardest issue of all (for men anyway): what to do when it goes soft! Some serious chat with some laughs along the way!


Episode 7: An Interview with a Unicorn - and much much more

In this feature length episode we have loads to talk about. First up is an interview with a good friend of ours who has been playing as a single woman in the lifestyle for a few years. She has some really great advice for single guys and couples who want to meet the ever elusive unicorn. We then carry on our discussion about experiences playing solo and what works for us as a couple. This time Mia has some sexy tales to tell about her best and worst fab experiences. We end up with a funny...


Episode 6: Jumping into Singles Meets, Up Close and Personal

In this episode we talk about our first experiences meeting separately. We get up close and personal with how we felt, what we learned and of course, some sexy stories. Singles meets can be tricky to navigate for a couple and we discuss how we explored each other's boundaries and once again, how communication is key to making it work.


Episode 5: Tales of the unexpected - our FFM stories

In this episode we talk about our first experiences with FFM. One experience was very unexpected and taught us loads about what warning signs to look our for. The other was - well, it was totally awesome. Find out exactly what we got up to in our latest tales of the unexpected.


Episode 4: Jumping into 3somes and Loving it!

In this episode we talk about our first experiences with 3somes - in this case MMFs. One experience was ok, but the other of our most amazing experiences ever. Listen to us remember all the juicy details and relive every horny moment. We finish up as always with some top tips for newbies thinking about experimenting in the lifestyle and adding one more into their bed.


Episode 3 - Couples and the Art of Chemistry

In our third episode, we talk about our first experiences playing with couples. One really good experience and another not quite so good. All really important though in our understanding of the lifestyle and especially in perfecting the art of Chemistry.


Episode 2 - Jumping in at the Deep End

In our second episode, we talk about our first steps in the world of swinging. We jump off the deep end into our first sex party and have a blast. Lots of fun tales detailing our sexy adventures and also some useful tips for new couples thinking about taking the plunge. Are you brave enough to add Room For More?? V&M


Episode 1 - An intro to Vincent & Mia and Room for More

In this podcast we introduce ourselves and give a quick overview of our adventures in the lifestyle in Ireland. We talk about why we chose the name Room For More and what open relationships mean for us. We are not your average swinging couple - listen to our intro to find out why.... V&M