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7: Rosemary — The Must-Have Herb

It's been recognized as the herb of remembrance but Rosemary has a multitude of other uses, that for many herbal gardeners, it's the must-have herb. Whether it's using it for homemade remedies, family recipes or in traditional cultural practices, Latino families have long turned to Rosemary to cleanse the body, soul and enhance the palate.


6: Manzanilla — The Multipurpose Go-To Remedy

Used for centuries to treat common ailments ranging from fevers and colds to insomnia and skin rashes, Manzanilla, otherwise known as Chamomile, continues to be the first course of treatment for many families.


5: Chile: The Most Iconic, Popular, Unknown Herb

What's a chili pepper? Is it an herb? Is it a vegetable? Or is it a fruit? How can some species of such a little plant cause so much chaos with our taste buds and tear ducts? Tune into our newest episode and discover Chile: The Most Iconic, Popular, Unknown Herb.


4: Herbs — The Multi-purpose Plant

Do you think you know herbs? Even though they have been used by almost every culture on earth for centuries, many people don't really know ALL that herbs can do. In this episode of Roots & Curas, we go a little deeper into the world of herbs and have a surprise for listeners.


3: Mexican Mint Marigold — A Magical Herb

In Mexico and South America, Mexican Mint Marigold is known as Hierba de las Nubes. It's a magical name for an herb that ancient Aztecs thought of as a lucky charm and essential for adding beneficial qualities to cooking and performing traditional ceremonies that are still in practice today.


2: Mexican Oregano — An Aztec Favorite

Mexican American curanderos have long used Mexican Oregano to treat those who come to them for help. They knew what modern research is just now discovering.


1: Yerba Buena — The Good Herb

One of the most used and loved medicinal herbs found in Mexican American households is the good herb, better known as Yerba Buena. Learn how this aromatic herb goes from soothing common ailments to adding flavor to everyday dishes. Not to mention, it's one of the main ingredients of mojitos. Join Beatriz as she explains all about Yerba Buena, and even how to grow your own, in this episode of Roots & Curas.