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Welcome to the Rumble Life with Russell Turner, where I'm interviewing experts in health, wellness... and life!

Welcome to the Rumble Life with Russell Turner, where I'm interviewing experts in health, wellness... and life!


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Welcome to the Rumble Life with Russell Turner, where I'm interviewing experts in health, wellness... and life!








Allie McTighe – Budget Friendly Healthy Lifestyle | Rumble Life #53

Allie McTighe is a registered and licensed dietitian in Orlando, Florida. She's passionate about educating the community on ways to live a healthy lifestyle, using a food-as-medicine approach. She believes in creating healthy habits that are life-sustaining.Follow her journey on Instagram: And feel free to email her with SHOW LINKSNancy Parkinson, Associate Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology...


Leah Bodenbach – How Modern Mother Nourishes Children | Rumble Life #52

Leah Bodenbach is a registered nurse, mom, wife & lover of: natural living + functional medicine + preventive wellness. She’s worked in the extremes of the Pediatric ICU and a birthing center with the most amazing midwives. She loves straying from recipes and involving her toddler in preparing all the meals (even though it takes twice as long), and hates to enjoy a meal alone. Her brand and coaching practice Blooming Motherhood seeks to cultivate a nourished family, by integrating holistic...


Dr. Daniel Chong – Heart Health and Paleo vs. Plant-Based Nutrition | Rumble Life #51

Dr. Daniel Chong is a licensed naturopathic physician with a near 20-year practice in Portland, Oregon. He specializes in cardiovascular disease with a focus on risk assessment, prevention, and drug-free treatment strategies. Find out more about his practice at:https://www.drdanielchong.comFollow his journey on Instagram: on Facebook at: NOTES Checkout Dr. Chong’s interview on the Alter Your Health...


Sarah van der Steur – Find Your Inner Happiness | Rumble Life #50

Sarah van der Steur is a Personal Growth and Mindset Coach. She helps people connect to the inner happiness that is their personal power. Sarah’s passion and my life's purpose to inspire others to be the person that we are all born to be. Join the FREE Happiness Accountability Alliance group: The Magic of Undoing 5 Week Program: Find out more about her work and practice at:


Jeanette Carbajal – Helping Cancer Patients Live with the Diagnosis | Rumble Life #49

Jeanette Carbajal is a life mentor to cancer patients and their caregivers. She’s a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, NLP practitioner and Functional Life Coach She works with women who are struggling with life, with their diagnosis, and who for the first time feel out of control. Jeanette helps them discover options and redesign their life. Find out more about her work and practice at:http://www.experiencehealthbyjeanette.comFollow the journey on...


Larissa Klemm – Bikini Body Building and Choosing Your Path | Rumble Life #48

Larissa Klemm is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, NGA bikini Pro and an aspiring model.Follow her journey on Instagram:


Dr. Dominik Nischwitz – Biological Dentistry and Next-Level Functional Medicine | Rumble Life #47

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz (“Dr. Dome”) is an active Biological Dentist, to-date having placed more than 3,000 ceramic implants. He co-founded the International Society of Metal-free Implantology (ISMI) and currently sits as their acting president. He and his father founded DNA Health&Aesthetics, the first center for Biological Dentistry in Germany. Dr. Dome is an international speaker, educator and a pioneer in the growing movement of Functional Medicine. Find more about Dr. Dome’s practice...


Patrick Fox, ND – Focus On Fundamentals Before Getting Fancy | Rumble Life #46

Dr. Patrick Fox is a licensed Naturopathic physician and owner of Constellation Naturopathic in Seattle, WA. He graduated from Bastyr University, one of the world’s preeminent universities for natural medicine and completed a rigorous two-year CNME (council on naturopathic medicine education) certified residency afterward to hone his clinical skills. His clinical approach integrates a variety of medical systems in diagnosing and treating chronic and acute diseases including chronic Lyme...


Rowena Lubo – Aerospace Engineer and Photographer Turned Health Coach | Rumble Life #45

Rowena Lubo is an aerospace designer/technician turned transformational health coach. For the past 20 years, she has worked in a highly complex and demanding environment that compelled her to build a sustainable health practice so she can experience work-life balance with ease and get lasting results.Find more about Rowena at:https://www.rowenalubo.comFollow the journey on Instagram: And on LinkedIn: schedule a...


Johanna Martinez – Negotiate the Salary You Deserve | Rumble Life #44

Johanna Martinez is a certified Transformational Coach and salary negotiation guru. She works with talented and hard-working professionals to help them negotiate more effectively so they can earn higher salaries and be passionate about their work without burning out.Checkout her Salary Negotiation Advisory & Support Group at: the journey on Instagram:


Gina Marie Cassano – The Path to Personal Transformation | Rumble Life #43

Gina Marie Cassano is a Transformational Mastery Coach & Relationship Strategist. She has dedicated her life to becoming a master of mindset, habit and behavior change. She left a corporate technology career to follow that passion and founded MindShift Coaching Services. She is also a coach for coaches, working as a MasterMind Success Coach for Health Coach Institute’s TCM & Mastery Coaching Certification Programs. Follow Gina Marie’s journey on...


Gene Sambataro – The Original Biohacker on the Dangers of Snoring | Rumble Life #42

Gene Sambataro has been practicing dentistry for more than 35 years and is the director and clinician at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry in Ellicott City, Maryland. He’s a pioneer in what has become known as holistic dentistry and he is affectionately known as “The Original Biohacker.”Follow the journey on Instagram: And check out the book Stop The Snore: Dental Solutions for Healthy...


Tayler Silfverduk – Navigating Celiac Disease and a Gluten-Free Lifestyle | Rumble Life #41

Tayler Silfverduk is a Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR) in Columbus, Ohio, with a passion for helping people find love for food and for themselves. She struggled with GI distress for years before finally being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Her journey learning to live a gluten-free lifestyle inspired her to dive down the career path of becoming a Dietician. Her blog inspires people to explore their kitchens and provide resources that make navigating a gluten-free lifestyle easy.Follow...


Sweaty Successful Moms – The Journey to a More Meaningful Life | Rumble Life #40

Today on the podcast I’m joined by two amazing women. Kristen Nagle and Leslie Wendland are the founders of Sweaty Successful Moms, a supportive community that educates, inspires and empowers busy moms to live out their most beautiful unique lives!I had the privilege of interviewing Kristen as guest #2 on this show and am excited for this episode for all the moms out there. They say that, “Motherhood can be a trying time with many ups and downs and tribulations.” It takes a village and these...


Astrid – How to Heal Naturally | Rumble Life #39

Astrid Hernandez-Vlahakis is a holistic and natural health enthusiast, and a mom with a background in web development and business programming. Years ago she took health into her own hands and started researching to find answers for family, friends and her own health struggles. That led her to start and the healYOUnaturally Wellness Podcast. Her work has built an amazing community and been featured in places like and the...


Allison Rassp – Hope with Hashimoto's | Rumble Life #38

Allison Rassp is a former Elementary School teacher and a Hashimoto's survivor. She suffered with symptoms for years while the conventional medical system told her she was fine. And then she discovered functional medicine and began the path of healing. Today she works by day an admissions rep and financial advisor for Palomar college and is making time to build a holistic health coaching practice to help others find their own paths to healing.Follow the journey on...


Wendy van der Grinten – Healing with Raw Fruits and Veggies | Rumble Life #37

Wendy van der Grinten is a Naturopath, Reiki Master, health coach and energetic therapist. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Physics, a Bachelor of Education in Physics, and Chemistry, bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Information Technology and Eclectic Energetic Natural Healing, and is a recognized ONE® Therapist. Wendy believes in the healing power of the body. So if you believe that nature has provided everything we need and want to learn to apply this knowledge to...


Cait Mizzi – Curing Disease with Proper Nutrition | Rumble Life #36

Cait Mizzi is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) at the Poppy Clinic in Oakville, Ontario, Canada—just outside of Toronto. At just 4.5 years old Cait was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases. Her lifetime struggle with health challenges created a determination to understand the intricate relationship between the human body and the foods that we eat. Cait graduated with first-class honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Canada and is passionate about educating and...


Sarah Savidge – One Decisions Away from a Totally Different Life | Rumble Life #35

Sarah Savidge is a certified health coach and yoga instructor. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York. She has a virtual practice where she helps busy, success-driven people get away from the all-or-nothing diet mentality, get healthy and balanced in terms of nutrition AND lifestyle, and get energized and confident enough to take on the world again! Follow Sarah’s journey on Instagram: Schedule a free health...


Kacy Shea – Digital Marketing, Brain Health and Raising Healthy Kids | Rumble Life #34

Kacy Shea is a certified holistic nutritionist and social media specialist. She has a passion for neurodegenerative disease prevention and improving human performance with biotechnology. In her practice, she helps her clients implement sustainable lifestyle changes that allow them to prioritize their mental and physical health and wellness, despite their busy schedules. Kacy also studied public relations with a focus on social media journalism at The University of Texas at Austin and has...