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Two besties, unbelievably tragic life circumstances, who were determined to turn lemons into sunshine through positivity and inappropriate humor.


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Two besties, unbelievably tragic life circumstances, who were determined to turn lemons into sunshine through positivity and inappropriate humor.




No Filter w/ guest Brian Norris

Christine and Jenn welcome their unfiltered and hilarious guest for their Season 3 Finale, Brian Norris. They talk about the differences between men and women, embarrassing moments and comical fashion tips.


Nailing Mediocre Meh-therhood

Christine and Jenn banter about the stages of parenting and all the good, bad and the hilarious. They talk about differences and similarities of growing up in the 80’s vs today.


Let’s Get Lucky!

Christine and Jenn discuss recent travels and the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day. They delve into different traditions in Tokyo and Ireland as well as their traditional chatter and laughs about shenanigans, shillelaghs and malarkey.


Is This Thing On?!

Christine and Jenn banter with hilarious guest, Jill Connors, who, after 67 takes still makes us laugh as she talks about her business of funny and inappropriate goods, Hustle & Heart. Jill candidly shares inspirational stories of her amazing little family whilst sipping mimosas.


I’ll Be There For You

Christine and Jenn candidly discuss milestones and talk about the importance of frequent check-ins with loved ones. They discuss the current mental health epidemic, the importance of normalizing mental health conversations, therapy and the challenge of reaching out for help. Text 988 if you need to talk with a professional about any suicidal thoughts, depressive … Continue reading I’ll Be There For You →


Moist January

Whilst thoroughly nailing Moist January, Christine and Jenn banter and laugh about the New Year. They analyze theories of birth order and how it may affect personality traits while naturally sprinkling in personal commentary.


Everything Old Is New Again

New Year. New Beginnings. Christine and Jenn celebrate the New Year and explore the decades they have experienced including music, trends, funnies, and personal hits and misses of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s through today.


LIVE from New York…it’s SHEnanigans!

Christine and Jenn record live from 5th Ave in Manhattan on a girls’ trip and have two guests, Jill Panall (a.k.a. Jeopardy Jill) and their childhood friend, Christy Teel (a.k.a. Misty Feels). They discuss Jill’s fascinating life paths including her experience on Jeopardy and laugh about their childhood shenanigans with Christy.


Love, Loss and a Baby at 57: The Extraordinary Journey of Barb Higgins

Christine and Jenn converse candidly with guest Barb Higgins, who gained National recognition regarding her compelling journey through the devastating loss of her daughter, discovering she had three brain tumors of her own, redefining what family means and her miraculous decision to have a baby at 57-years-old.


Laws of Attraction

Christine and Jenn discuss what inherently attracts people to each other and subsequently what characteristics act as a repellent. They push the envelope with some suggestive topics in this entertaining episode.


Strong Swimmers

Christine and Jenn welcome this incredible guest, Nicole Torres, an attorney, marathoner, mom extraordinaire (and wife of local Boston celebrity DJ Ramiro Torres), who emulates greatness and strength through topics such as love, divorce with extraordinary circumstances, blended families, brain tumors, marathon training and self acceptance while embracing all the funnies life has to offer.


Is That Your Oxytocin Face?

Christine and Jenn candidly discuss statistics and personal self-effacing and hilarious stories about love, hormones, sex, divorce and the vast differences between dating in your 20’s vs. not in your 20’s.


Dirty Little Secrets

Christine and Jenn push the envelope and discuss illicit and hilarious topics. They delve into meaning of upside down pineapples, alternative lifestyles and secrets never before shared.


Polished Mahogany

Christine and Jenn talk and laugh with author, dad, educator, survivor and overall extraordinary human, Kevin Redman. Redman is funny and charismatic with a voice like ‘polished mahogany’ (according to our producer, Dan). He recently released his compelling and humorous book, ‘The Other Side Of Someday’, a follow up to his 2013 book ‘Fatherload’. Kevin … Continue reading Polished Mahogany →


Let’s Day Drink and Record

Christine and Jenn imbibed on St. Pete’s Beach whilst recording this little gem of an episode. They openly discuss vacations vibes, interesting beach bums and bars, bachelor parties and IV bars.


Why Limit Happy to One Hour?

Christine and Jenn take their podcast to the beach where they record during happy hour and spill the proverbial spiked tea. Listen to this one with your airpods in.


Pull and Pray

Christine and Jenn welcome guest, Kelliann Bazemore, who has had a plethora of life roles including daughter, wife, mom, foster mom, pediatric oncology nurse and professor shares her incredible journey with a full serving of entertainment, funnies and dark humor.


Cringey and Rent-free

Christine and Jenn playfully chinwag about recent peculiar and intriguing life events, risqué vacations, celebrity news and lingo that the kids are saying these days.


Badass Disney Princess

Have you ever noticed Disney Princesses have had a traumatic parental loss and yet are still fierce and determined? Our guest is just that. Christine and Jenn chat with endearing guest, Emily Sice, as she shares her incredible life chapters of resiliency whilst dealing with a myriad of traumatic events. She chooses to create a … Continue reading Badass Disney Princess →


Friends, Lovers and Dead Dogs

Christine and Jenn explore stats and benefits of long lasting friendships, the varying phases in life, “the smile curve“, words they dislike and exciting new vernacular of a younger generation. We apologize in advance for the excessive singing in this one. Cheers!