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The podcast where we explore how ditching diet culture makes our whole lives more satisfying.

The podcast where we explore how ditching diet culture makes our whole lives more satisfying.


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The podcast where we explore how ditching diet culture makes our whole lives more satisfying.




#34 - Breaking Down Our Top 10 Hidden Forms of Dieting

This week, we're breaking down some of the most common forms of hidden dieting behaviors that we see in our work. Because even when we've started to disengage from the concept of dieting for weight loss, some of these behaviors can stick around & have a pretty significant impact on our relationships to both food & our bodies. As always, noticing these things is the first step to making changes, so in this episode we're: identifying 10 common hidden dieting behaviors (plus a bonus behavior...


#33 - Body Image & Body Grief with Bri Campos

This week we’re talking to Bri Campos of Body Image with Bri about all things body image! We’ve mentioned Bri so many times on previous episodes, we thought it was time to actually have her on the show! Bri is a licensed mental health counselor based in New Jersey. As a body image educator and the founder of Body Image with Bri, she’s passionate about all the things body image and practices through the lenses of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating. Utilizing a weight-inclusive...


#32 - Communicating Our Needs: Skills for Mother's Day & Beyond

This week, we're building on a conversation Sadie started on her Facebook page around Mother's Day last year about how we can better communicate our needs & wants in order to make the day more satisfying. In this episode, we're exploring how this concept applies far beyond holidays & talking about: the importance of treating communication as a skill we can hone; why repetition is kind; why it's helpful to understand the different ways that people prefer to communicate; the benefits of...


#31 - Intuitive Eating, Eating Disorders & Autism with Renee Hamati

This week, we’re talking to Renee Hamati of Sensibly You. We had an amazing conversation with Renee about her own experience with autism & eating disorders, how autism & neurodivergence can impact our relationships to food, and how the Intuitive Eating framework can work for autistic & neurodivergent folks, plus a whole lot more! Renee is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor based in NYC. She is passionate about helping people nurture a healthier...


#30 - Finding Your Eating Persona: The Intuitive Eater

This week, we're wrapping up our 4 episode mini-series on the eating personas with a look at The Intuitive Eater. Spoiler alert! "Becoming an Intuitive Eater" is not actually about reaching a single endpoint, and it's definitely not just about eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full. Instead, a practice of Intuitive Eating is about cultivating certain skills that can help us to be more resilient to diet culture. This skillset includes: critical thinking, meeting our needs...


#29 - Finding Your Eating Persona: The Professional Dieter

This week, we're continuing our 4 episode mini-series on the eating personas with a look at The Professional Dieter. The Professional Dieter is someone who has tried many weight loss programs (Noom, WW, Keto, Whole 30), thinks a lot about what they “should” be doing to lose weight, has lost, gained, and lost the same X pounds multiple times, may be someone who regularly has cheat meals/cheat days, and knows the calories, points, or portion sizes for many foods. In this episode we discuss:...


#28 - Finding Your Eating Persona: The Unconscious Eater

This week, we're continuing our 4 episode mini-series on the eating personas with a look at The Unconscious Eater. This eating style consists of 4 subtypes: The Chaotic Eater, The Waste-Not Eater, The Refuse-Not Eater, and The Emotional Eater. In this episode we discuss: what characteristics distinguish The Unconscious Eater persona, how these eating personas can show up as stress responses & how that can actually be a useful tool, the overlaps between many of these eating personas, and how...


#27 - Finding Your Eating Persona: The Careful Eater

This week, we're kicking off a new 4 episode mini-series! In the Intuitive Eating framework, we're introduced to 4 eating personas: The Careful Eater, The Unconscious Eater, The Professional Dieter, and The Intuitive Eater. Over the next 4 weeks, we're going to be diving deeper into each of these eating personas, and this week we're chatting all about The Careful Eater. In this episode we discuss: what characteristics distinguish The Careful Eater persona, how careful eating can be a way of...


#26 - Deconstructing Diet Culture Language: Authority, Discipline & Accountability

This week, we're deconstructing the common diet culture concepts of authority, discipline, and accountability. In particular, we're looking at: what systems are being upheld by these concepts; how these concepts can interfere with our self-trust and autonomy; how we address these concepts within our work with clients; and how interrogating the language we use can help us better identify & meet our needs. You can stay up to date on all things Satisfaction Factor by following us on IG...


#25 - Cultivating the Skills to Talk Back to Diet Culture

This week, we're each sharing some recent personal experiences of being confronted by diet culture, and discussing how we've both built the skills to talk back to diet culture over the years. There's a common misconception that being able to talk back to diet culture requires bravery. The good news? It doesn't! In this episode we're talking about: how responding to diet culture & assumptions about our bodies is a skill that evolves over time; the privilege associated with feeling safe in...


#24 - Finding Self Expression & Belonging in Writing with Kelly Cutchin

This week, we're talking to Kelly Cutchin of Casual Magic Writing. We had the pleasure of talking to Kelly about all things self-expression, including: how diet culture robs us of belonging, how discipline is a tool of oppression, and how writing is a place where everyone fits. Kelly should’ve been named YELLY because she's never not exclaiming something! She's a writer, writing coach, and founder of the Casual Magic Writing Community, a space where folks gather to express themselves fully...


#23 - Lent is Not a Diet with Rev. Carrie Carpenter

This week's episode is a little bit different and special episode for many reasons, one being we’re interviewing Sadie’s, older sister Rev. Carrie Carpenter! With today being the first day of Lent (Ash Wednesday) we wanted to talk to Carrie about diet culture and how it shows up in church culture, specifically this time of year when it’s a common religious practice for folks to either fast or give up specific foods for Lent…which can be triggering for those with a disordered relationship...


#22 - Movement & Wellness for All Bodies with Betsy Archer

This week, we're talking to Betsy Archer of All Bodies Movement and Wellness in Asheville, NC. We had the pleasure of speaking with Betsy about how her career as a fitness professional was molded by experiencing the negative effects of diet culture as a young athlete and into adulthood, and how she aims to provide a movement space (both in-person locally here in Asheville and online) that is accessible for all bodies; all sizes, all shapes, all abilities, all backgrounds, and all...


#21 - Finding Satisfaction in Anti-Diet Friendships

In honor of Valentine's Day, this week Naomi & Sadie are talking about relationships. Not romantic relationships, but platonic friendships! Ditching diet culture changes a lot of things, and the we way we make & relate to our friends is no exception. We're chatting about: how making friends as an adult can be hard (and why we really think there should be a dating app for friendships); why social media is actually a great (and very underrated) way to make new friends; how ditching diet...


# 20 - Radical Self-Love and Dating in a Fat Body with Caroline Quinn

This week, we're talking to Caroline Quinn...and it's also our first interview episode! Caroline is a confidence and body image coach, residing in Boston, supporting marginalized folks from all over the world on their journey to radical self love & acceptance. Caroline believes that body love is achievable for all folks, regardless of ability, body size, gender, race, or sexuality. We had the pleasure of speaking with Caroline about dating in a fat body & why it’s so important to do the...


#19 - Shame-Free Fitness Sneak Peak!

In today's Satisfaction Factor Podcast episode, Naomi & Sadie chat about Shame-Free Fitness, Sadie's new continuing education course for fitness professionals who are ready to do things differently! If you are a: group exercise instructor, personal trainer, gym manager, or other fit pro who values serving your clients in a way that's free of guilt, shame, manipulation, and weight-loss centered messaging, you've found the right place! Shame-Free Fitness is for folks who strive to be the...


#18 - Weight Loss Marketing Is False Advertising

On this week’s, Naomi & Sadie are diving deep into all things fitness and wellness marketing, calling out some of the more manipulative marketing tactics, and sharing how we can be both more conscious consumers AND responsible in our own work of marketing health-based programs & services. We're talking about: why weight loss marketing is false advertising, before & after photos, results-not-guaranteed testimonials, too-good-to-be-true claims, high pressure sales, pain points, and all kinds...


#17 - What's the Deal With Beauty Standards?

In this week's episode, Naomi & Sadie are talking about beauty standards: what they are, how they’re harmful, and how we can approach certain beauty rituals in an autonomous way that gives us the freedom to decide what we actually want to be doing vs. what society expects us to do in regards to our appearance. We also cover Hype House, grey hair, and how being told you look younger than you are is a weird compliment to receive. Plus, we’ve shared before that complimenting weight isn’t a...


#16 - Toxic Positivity & Why Negative Feelings Matter

On this week's episode, Naomi & Sadie discuss toxic positivity and how “good vibes only” messaging pushes us towards seeking perfection via external rules & societal constructs (and also bypasses ALL of the negative things that happen as a result of trauma, mental health issues, and experiencing marginalization or oppression). Plus, we share how toxic positivity is directly tied into diet culture & how the personal development industry is basically made up of rich dudes telling women they...


#15 - New Year, Same Us!

Get ready for a fun & candid New Year's episode! It’s officially 2022, and Naomi is still rebelling against structure & rigidity, and Sadie is still loving a schedule and a well-established plan. Even though we both function from two pretty opposite operational styles, we both agree that setting any kind of New Year’s resolution, intention, or goal should be something you WANT to do, not something you feel like you HAVE to do because it’s January. There’s nothing magical about January 1st....