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SND is a one stop shop for best practices in K-12 nutrition.

SND is a one stop shop for best practices in K-12 nutrition.
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SND is a one stop shop for best practices in K-12 nutrition.




Food Rescue and Eliminating Waste with Jim Conklin

As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, Cultivate is devoted to ending the cycle of hunger in the local communities of northern Indiana by providing a food rescue service. President and Co-Founder Jim Conklin joins us to explain how local networks of food suppliers can be formed to reduce waste and child hunger in our communities.


Dayle Hayes, MS, RD on Leveraging Social Media to Share School Meals that Rock

In addition to being a celebrated author, public speaker, and educator, Dayle Hayes has been a cheerleader for school nutrition for many years. A recognized master of using social media to support the program, Dayle has created go-to resources to help school nutrition professionals do their part to tell the real school nutrition story and break down the negative myths around school food. Find her online at This...


Continuing a strong legacy of school nutrition in Georgia with Dr. Linette Dodson

Dr. Linette Dodson PhD RD LD SNS FAND is the current School Nutrition Director for the Georgia Department of Education. Linette has a long history with school nutrition. During her tenure with Carrollton City Schools she built an award-winning nutrition and Farm to School program. Dr. Dodson completed her PhD at Iowa State University conducting research focused on registered dietitians in leadership roles in school nutrition. She is as brilliant as she is kind, taking out the time to mentor...


Allergies and Food Sensitivities - Keeping our kids safe with Sherry Coleman Collins

There’s a lot of confusing information out there about allergies and how to manage them in the school setting. Today we have an expert, Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD, with a background in school nutrition to help us cut through the clutter and provide evidence-based, easy to understand, and useful information.


Cathy Powers Introduces an Exciting Resource for K-12 Recipes

Cathy Powers introduces us all to a one-stop resource for K-12 recipes to help your program save time and money while improving food quality and serving kids meals they'll love.


Chef Sharon Schaefer - Mastering Menu Development

Sharon Schaefer is a classically trained chef with more than 18 years professional experience in catering, fine dining, culinary education and school nutrition services. Her training and lectures have been seen across the US. In this episode she shares tips to help us master our kitchen equipment, tighten our inventories, and improve the overall appeal of our menus.


Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

Everyone knows that customer service is important but it is rarely seen as an opportunity to add value to the client experience. Customer service can be used to set us apart from other dining options. I sat down with Heidi Aselton and Kena Green to learn more about how they use customer service as a marketing tool and consistently make the cafeteria a fun and welcoming place to be for their students and staff members alike.


Increasing Participation with Kern Halls

Prior to starting Ingenious Culinary Concepts, Kern gained experience serving as a culinary specialist in the US Navy and as a restaurant manager for Walt Disney. For years after that, Kern served Orange County Public Schools as a Training Manager and eventually a Senior Manager in charge of: marketing, special projects, catering, professional development, secondary menu writing. Kern has more than just theory to offer. He has years of practical experience increasing average daily...


SNA Membership - a must have for all school nutrition professionals

Not all professional organizations are created equal. SNA stands out from others by offering a number of membership benefits for no additional charge. Whether you are already a member of the School Nutrition Association or not, this episode will guide you toward getting the most out of membership. Would you like access to educational webinars that can improve your work life, CEU tracking, networking opportunities and more? Join SNA.


Chef Ann Foundation - Making healthy, fresh food accessible to all children

Chef Ann Cooper is a celebrated author, chef, educator and enduring advocate for better food for all children. Known as the “Renegade Lunch Lady”, Ann has been honored by The National Resources Defense Council, selected as a Kellogg Food and Society Policy Fellow, and awarded an honorary doctorate from SUNY Cobleskill for her work. In 2016, Ann was named “One of the Top 50 Food Activists” by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. In 2009, Ann founded the nonprofit Chef Ann Foundation (CAF) to...


Welcome to School Nutrition Dietitian

SND is here to serve as a resource for new and seasoned school nutrition professionals. Have you ever struggled to rollout a new process and later realized there was a better way that could have saved you hours of struggle? SND is here to make sure that never happens to you again. School Nutrition Dietitian digs deep with high performing professionals to share time saving tools and best practices so you can spend your time doing what you love.