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Episode 39

In this new episode, Dr. Sahni sits down for a one-on-one interview with Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator, Edward Byers (Seal). We were honored to have Senior Chief Byers as our keynote speaker at FAST18. Senior Chief Byers is the highest decorated active duty Navy Seal and was the recipient of the Congressional Medal Of Honor in 2016. Sit back and listen to his story, the events behind the mission in 2012, being a MOH recipient, and how he honors his fallen Seal brother Nic Checque....


Episode 38

In this new episode, the guys jump into the booth while at the State of Jefferson Conference in Medford, OR. They jump into some (deeeeep) conversations about men in tights, flutes, brass instruments and band camp! All kidding aside, the boys discuss their time in beautiful Southern Oregon and the Shakespeare Festival. Once they get going, Dr. Dave Slattery, the EMS Medical Director for the City of Las Vegas and Las Vegas Fire, joins Mike and Ritu for a great discussion on the October 1,...


Episode 37

It’s a brand new year, and a brand new podcast episode! Welcome to 2018, in case you missed the celebration! The guys hop back into the booth at McMenamins to try to stuff their faces and talk at the same time. (My grandma told me not to do that, but they take the risk of grandma’s revenge for your entertainment!) Ritu fills us in on what is happening at NAEMSP, and desperately wants you to join his PAC… you’ll have to listen to figure out what that means… unless you also attended the...


Episode 36

Around the holidays, some of our staff eat way too much turkey, and mashed taters, then curl up in the corner for a long winters nap. As the tryptophan starts wearing off, it’s time to get back to work. SecondShift has always been the “lighter-side” of our podcast family, and through that lens we have been able to have some very real conversations about difficult EMS policies, and laws, as well as opinion, politics, and life. With our United States in division over so many things, we feel...


Episode 35

Ritu called in sick to this episode, we think it may be something that rhymes with “Gerpes,” but we haven’t found any of the nurses in Vegas willing to give out HIPPA protected information over the phone. (Guess they have been down that road before.) We will keep trying to figure this out. Mike did happen to run into a guy without too many issues below his equator who agreed to hop on the podcast with him! From the green fields, and purple mountains majesty of Las Vegas, Nevada and the...


Episode 34

In this very special Extended Play episode of SecondShift, Mike and Ritu seem to have taken up residence in the middle of the 2017 Oregon EMS Conference to aggravate passersby. Some of those folks are astonishingly important to the past, present, and future of EMS not only in the Pacific Northwest, but in the nation. If you miss this episode then nothing else in your career will ever make sense again. (Actually that’s not true. That’s what we call clickbait in the business. Supposed to get...


Episode 33

In this episode of SecondShift, Mike and Ritu record themselves eating. And drinking. No, seriously they are really enjoying an incredible meal with tasty beverages while you slave away on shift. Talk about rude! At least you can enjoy their conversation! They cram-packed this 33rd episode of the podcast with tons of entertainment, EMS information and much more. You can't miss this episode! Download, rate, and review wherever you get your podcasts!


Episode 32

It's been a long hiatus for SecondShift. Which is pretty typical for this podcast, right? I mean we pretty much just stay on a hiatus. You'll be pretty surprised what happens in this episode though... other than the fact that it's actually for real a new episode. Looks like somebody missed the party? Our good friend Ritu is back (we missed him) as well as a very special guest known as the lovely, fair maiden Bobbi Sue McCollum who can performed rocket surgery with astounding accuracy,...


Episode 31

Mike and Eric are finally joined by… well… me. After a bunch of years I finally sat down in front of a microphone and polluted your ears for an hour, or so! Who am I? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out. Anyway, there is much more going on in the show. We talked about a couple real issues then dropped our top 5 list of childhood technology. So, download this episode from your favorite purveyor of podcasts, and rate and review so your friends can find us, too.


Episode 30

Luckily the guys haven’t forgotten how to record a podcast. All you SecondShift-ers out there know the drill. “No time” excuses and a bunch of blah blah stuff like that. At least they dedicated a little time to making it worth a listen. Sitting around a hotel lobby attracts a lot of unexpected (maybe even uninvited) guests when you have recording equipment set up. Your ears are spared though because our unexpected guest is the world-class Dan Rauh! Familiar with that name? No? Well you...


Episode 29

Mike takes a few minutes to give you a quickie! Isn’t he amazing! For FREE! Don’t forget to look out for those coconuts! They are huge and can definitely put your safety at risk. There is lots of other things out there that can put your safety at risk, too. We love you guys and want you to be safe. In all seriousness, put this message in your ears and think about what Mike is telling you before you climb out on your next scene. It just might save your life.


Episode 28

Mike and Eric record live from the conference floor of AMTC, right from their little slice of medical heaven (their booth). Exhausted and weary from their long days and nights, the guys resort to talking about NASCAR. They must be delusional… or perhaps THEY really are in a psych ward (gotta listen to get that joke). Anyway, you won’t want to miss this episode so download, rate, review and subscribe. Remember that your friends aren’t nearly as intelligent as you so if you want to help your...


Episode 27

Up to no good as usual, the guys have managed to sneak out of a review class in Portland, Oregon to try out their new tech. Can you imagine? Like 2 hogs looking at a wrist watch. In any case, take a break from all that studying and join us for some fun! I promise your level of intelligence won't be harmed too bad. (Unless you listen twice, which can in fact cause brain damage - not responsible for brain damage caused by the listening to of this podcast.) Download, rate, and especially...


Episode 26

Southern sunshine rises over the deep south as the boys talk about their trip to the World EMS Expo in New Orleans with the one, and only Mr. Tater. If you miss this episode, you'll probably wake up with purple hair in the morning. You wouldn't want that, right? Download, rate, subscribe and tell your friends (unless you want them to wake up with purple hair... and then they would arguably not be your friend anyway).


Episode 25

RALLY THE SENATE! Dr. Rita Sahni is BAAAAACK with the boys on the show with some great news and another desperate plea for help in the fight for EMS right to work in the way we know it now. They also talk about some stuff that you will absolutely love. What do they talk about? If I tell you what they talk about, you won’t want to listen. Might me something profound. Could be crap, too I guess. You gotta download, pass it around, beg your friends to download, listen, e-mail your senator,...


Episode 24

In this action-packed episode of SecondShift, the guys welcome Kyle Aitken to the show… and then proceed to contribute to his delinquency. You won’t believe some of the subjects the guys talk about. Who let Eric write the script, anyway? Enjoy this episode with an icy-cold beverage and listen to the gentle sounds of the top 5 rappers of all time. Download, subscribe, rate and pass this episode around on social media! You’’ll be happy that you did!


Episode 23

In this episode of SecondShift, the guys bring back long-time friend Dr. Ritu Sahni to download some super-smart EMS stuff into our brains, and more! By popular demand, the top 5 returns with a Hollywood twist and WOW do the boys show their potty-mouths! Not quite to Scarface (‘Say hello to my little friend!’) standards, but let the F-Bombs drop, gentlemen!!! Join us in this episode of SecondShift!


Episode 22

We got a whole lot of funny Shift for you to listen to this week! The guys bring back the 90's (for better, or worse), and debate the finer points of all things EMS, community paramedics, air medical, and even some light banter about nurses. Wether you are on a long transport, or burning the midnight oil in the emergency room download this episode, and subscribe to SecondShift. Why? Because it's funny. And possibly educational. Mostly funny, though. Sort of like if a really hot chick was...


Episode 21

In this episode of SecondShift the boys run to the border! Well they don't actually go anywhere. They just put in a call to our good friend Ryan Wyatt who is watching "the fence" from his cabana. You won't want to miss hearing about what he does with ultrasound probes! We also hear from Dr. Ritu Sahni, and then take a stroll back to the 80's for another top 5 countdown with the boys. Don't forget to laugh at the guys along the way! Share, download, and please subscribe and rate our show! It...


Episode 20

The most horrible thing you could ever imagine… has not happened. Don’t worry about a thing, we are still here and in this episode of SecondShift the guys have a special treat for you! Nope, it’s not pie! No, it’s not chocolate escargot flambé. The challenge issued from our friends on Twitter has been accepted and you’ll love the results! Don’t miss this episode. We know you have been missing other episodes. We are big brother. Just joking! Such kidders! Download and subscribe. Please. We...


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