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A revolutionary, new approach to alleviating life’s emotional struggles

A revolutionary, new approach to alleviating life’s emotional struggles


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A revolutionary, new approach to alleviating life’s emotional struggles






A better, Self-Coaching way to manage stress

In this episode Lauren and I discuss numerous Self-Coaching techniques for understanding and managing stress. Everyone knows stress, it’s a reflexive, protective reaction to danger—real or imagined. When you feel threatened, challenged, or overwhelmed, stress starts as a chemical reaction in your body designed to get you to protect yourself. What causes stress in one person may be of little or no consequence to another. Some people are just better able to handle stress while others may start...


When is it okay to be selfish? Not all selfishness is selfish

In this episode my daughter Lauren and I discuss selfishness. You might be surprised to find out that not all selfishness is selfish, in fact, when it comes to being more effective, empathetic, and caring, taking care of yourself and your own needs is a prerequisite for genuine compassion and relatedness. But first, from a Self-Coaching perspective, we need to stop calling it selfish and find a “healthier” description of selfishness. Join us as we explore self-care, self-love, and...


15 neurotic ways to screw up your life

In this episode, Lauren and I discuss the many ways we inadvertently trip ourselves up psychologically in our day to day lives. Learn to become the person you want to be—not the person driven by habits of defensiveness or insecurity. Whether it’s feeling guilty, hostile, fearful, or plagued with incessant worry or self-doubt, we offer some Self-Coaching insights along with strategies to live a more happy, productive life.


Overcoming procrastination, laziness and other self-defeating tendencies

In this episode Lauren and I explore a very human tendency to procrastinate in an attempt to side-step life’s difficult demands. Although procrastination is a part of everyone’s life, a habit of procrastination can have a crippling impact on your overall effectiveness. Although closely related, we also make the important distinction between procrastination and laziness? If you’re looking to be more productive and aligned with your aims and goals, then this episode can offer Self-Coaching...


Grieving and finding purpose after the loss of a child

In this episode of Self-Coaching, Lauren and I discuss a very difficult topic that eventually affects everyone of us—grief and grieving. We were joined by Julie Balay, a registered dietitian/nutritionist and board-certified sports dietitian, who specializes in eating disorders, sports nutrition, and weight management. Her greatest gift has been being a mom to her two sons, Ryder, 15, and Chase, who died from a rare brain tumor almost four years ago. Chase would have been 14 this week....


Why is change so hard?

Do you grumble or cringe every time you’re faced with a need to change some aspect of your life? If so, Lauren and I discuss a Self-Coaching approach, not only on how to overcome your resistance to change, but how to foster a more resilient, adaptive attitude. Change, after all, is an inevitable part of life. For some of us change can be the root of much stress, anxiety, and fear. Why? Basically, it’s all about the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t. We’re comfortable with what we’ve...


The negativity bias: why it’s harder to be positive than negative

In this episode Lauren and I discuss the ‘negativity bias,’ an inherited human trait that causes us to put more weight on life’s negatives than on life’s positives. A genetic predisposition, such as the negativity bias, is NOT a life sentence, it’s only “tendency toward” clinging—Velcro-like—to negatives. We discuss various, straightforward, Self-Coaching ways to neutralize the negativity bias and replace it with an empowered capacity for positivity. Although the negativity bias has an...


What exactly is psychological maturity?

In this episode Lauren and I explore the value of psychological maturity when dealing with life’s challenges. We define psychological maturity as a willingness to handle life directly with courageous self-confidence; whereas psychological immaturity is a reflexive, neurotic way of side-stepping life’s challenges. But not all immaturity is destructive or neurotic. for a mature adult, there can be a “healthy” form immaturity that we call your “inner child” who is capable of allowing for an...


Are you a “yes” person? A “people pleaser?” Learn how to take care of your true needs and desires.

In this episode, Lauren and I address a rather common problem—saying yes when you mean to say no. The dynamic lies in insecurity. When you sell out on yourself and yield to someone else’s wish you feel safe knowing they will be pleased with you. If, however, you say no, the outcome is less certain. They may get annoyed or angry with you. It’s not a terrible problem, but as we discuss in this episode, your time is valuable and pleasing others at your expense is wasting your valuable time....


How to make–and keep–your 2021 New Year’s resolutions

With the close of this difficult and tragic year, it's time to change our perspective as we look toward 2021 with the prospects of reclaiming our normal lives once again. In this episode my daughter and I discuss the perennial practice of making New Year’s resolutions. If you’d like some Self-Coaching advice on how to make--and keep--this year’s 2021 New Year’s resolutions, you need to listen to this episode. Lauren and I would like to wish all our listeners a most happy, healthy New Year,...


Handling the holidays while handling Covid

As we enter the holiday season this year, we are faced with many new and unique challenges brought on by this pandemic. No longer, for example, can family gatherings be the norm as we ask ourselves who may be spreading the virus. It’s especially difficult for those who have lost loved ones or jobs to even contemplate a holiday season that’s supposed to be joyous when everything seems so bleak. Although the prospects of 2021 are brighter because of the vaccines that are being rolled out, we...


Embracing the Mind-Body Connection

In this episode we move beyond the mind in search of a different pathway that may bring us closer to our inherent "love state" We welcome Erin Pace-creator and teacher of the "Responsive Body Practice"-to discuss the power of tapping into body-wisdom in order to access true emotional expression and freedom from habituated ways of being. Instead of living our lives from our "neck up" let's explore the possibilities that arise when we experience the world with our full being.


Want a fresh start? It’s all about learning to re-frame toxic, negative thinking

Whether it be the stress of handling difficult health challenges, managing ourselves during this pandemic, or simply dealing with the Sunday night stress of beginning another work week, Lauren and I offer straight-forward, Self-Coaching strategies, not only for coping, but for re-framing your negative thinking and unhealthy perspectives, giving you a fresh new start.


Slaying emotional struggle: a guide to mindful living

In this episode Lauren Simonian and I discuss the many psychological advantages of mindfulness. If you’re looking to eliminate emotional struggle in your life, there’s no better foundation than learning to be “present.” Worry, anxiety, depression and other struggles all exist in a worrisome, abstract future or a guilt-ridden past. By learning to be mindful, you will also be learning to live correctly, realizing your full potential for emotional well-being.


The Importance of Carving out time to Cope During Stressful Times: For Parents, Children, and Adults

Children can be our best life-teachers. They often see the world from an unconditioned mind, approaching life with purity and non-bias. In this episode, my daughter Lauren joins me to speak of her experiences working with children in her Health and Wellness classes. Together we explore the deep need for all people--regardless of age, to find ways to incorporate peace and well-being into everyday life.


Why your past isn’t as important as you think

In this episode I dig deeper into the Self-Coaching rationale for ignoring your past and focusing on the true, here-and-now reality behind change and emotional liberation. You’ll learn why anxiety, depression and emotional struggle are resistant to change. Addiction-like these struggles become mired in reflexive and destructive patterns. Sure, it’s hard to change, but by understanding why you need to develop your self-trust “muscle” you'll begin to understand a real, legitimate path toward...


Understanding relationship struggle (and what you can do about it)

Understanding and eliminating relationship struggle, apathy, and conflict isn’t rocket science, not once you know what to do and how to do it. You’ll learn about relationship trust, partner and self awareness, fidelity, relationship maturity, and most importantly taking the leap and risking love. If I had one wish, it would be for every couple to realize just how simple and effortless true loving really is. It has never been that complicated. It only felt that way because of insecurity’s...


Reaching your goals—guaranteed!

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” (Pogo, 1970) Life doesn’t stop us from reaching our goals, we stop us. Self-distrust, pessimism, negativity, fear–whatever the circumstances that frustrate you, there’s a way. If not through the front door, then the side door, the back door…there’s always a way! Whatever your goals, in this episode you'll learn the three components necessary for guaranteeing success.


The Meaning of Life

Ever wonder, “What’s the meaning of life?” Of course you have. How did you answer? Did you solve this age-old riddle? In this episode, I’d like to present a Self-Coaching solution that will allow you to cultivate a better, more intimate understanding of how to live a more meaningful life.


There’s nothing wrong with you—stop feeling like there is!

Want to feel better about yourself? This episode of Self-Coaching will teach you how to embrace who and what you are. It’s time to recognize that in order to be your best self, you need to learn to 1.) understand your uniqueness, 2.) stop comparing yourself to others, and 3.) update your adolescent perceptions of self and life. Whether it’s your lack of self-confidence, a sense of inferiority, or simply feeling depressed about your life, this episode will show you how to see the truth and...