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Social Media for Seniors with Des Walsh – Smilecast 176

Social Media for Seniors Social isolation of elders is a fact. One thing can relieve that isolation – technology. Des will discuss the challenges for seniors wanting to use social media, the different platforms, and the pitfalls and the opportunities that await. Read more about our expert on social media for seniors – Des Walsh Des Walsh is business coach, social media guide and LinkedIn expert. A former senior executive in the Australian Government, CEO, communications consultant, industry...

Activities for Seniors – Gloria Hoffner – Smilecast 175

Activities for Seniors Beyond Bingo Gloria brings both science and music programs to nursing and assisted living homes around the Philadelphia area and is a sought-after national speaker who teaches other activity professionals new ideas to enhance the lives of residents. She will show us how to move beyond bingo to offer activities to older adults that are meaningful for their lives. Read more about our expert on activities for seniors – Gloria Hoffner Gloria Hoffner is the creator of...

Traveling with Seniors – Kathy Shoaf – Smilecast 174

Traveling With Seniors Kathy is an elder travel specialist and will cover what you need to know in order to travel safely with seniors, allowing everyone to have a good time and quality time with each other. Who know you may want to join Kathy and host Anthony on their Caregiver Smile Cruise after hearing what she has to say. Read more about our expert – Kathy Shoaf Kathy Shoaf, RN, BSN, ATP, is a Travel Professional with 20+ years of clinical and management experience in Geriatric,...

Bullying in Senior Living – Dr. El – Smilecast 173

Bullying in Senior Living The American Seniors Housing Association reports that bullying occurs in every independent living community; 10-20% of seniors have experienced some type of aggression. Those mean-girls who teased others about their hair, their clothing and more in elementary school didn’t change, they just got older. The bully boys who stole lunch money have found a new way to intimidate. It can be middle school with wrinkles! How do you identify bullying in senior living and...

Paying for Long-Term Care – Scott Morrison – Smilecast 172

Paying for Long-Term Care Sure my Social Security will pay for long-term care, right? Wrong. Medicare? Maybe. Scott will help us sort out how you pay for care. Pay attention because you really want to think about this well before you ever need it. Read more about our expert on paying for long term care – Scott Morrison Nine Years ago, Scott Morrison became the Owner/President of BrightStar Homecare in Johns Creek, GA. BrightStar is a national franchise and Atlanta’s trusted, premier...

Choosing Long-Term Care with Walter Coffey – Smilecast 171

Choosing Long-Term Care Choosing assisted living or skilled nursing care is hard work. With more transparency, the information overload is, well, overwhelming. Walter will show us how we can make choosing long-term care less stressful. Read more about our expert – Walter Coffey Walter is one of 5% of association CEOs who is a Certified Association Executive (via the American Society of Association Executives). He is also the Managing Partner of WD International, LLC and a part time...

Grandparents – The Club Sandwich Generation – Smilecast 170

Grandparents – The Club Sandwich Generation Grandparents are providing care – in terms of time and money – across a continuum that includes adult children, grandchildren and aging parents. And they do so at the risk of their own health and often their retirement savings – regardless of socioeconomic status. It’s pretty scary when you think about the pressure this will put on this generation to continue to generate income long into their 70’s. Many actuaries believe that government estimates...

Millennial Caregivers with Michelle Seitzer – Smilecast 169

Millennial Caregivers An incredible twenty-five percent of Millennials are family caregivers. Yes, you read that right. Michelle will talk to us about the challenges unique to millennial caregivers, how can we better support them while offering sound advice to cope as a millennial caregiver. Read more about our expert – Michelle Seitzer Before launching her freelance career in 2008, Michelle Seitzer was building her content platform—elder care—while working for the Alzheimer’s Association...

Changing the Workplace Culture toward Caregiving w Don Weber – Smilecast 168

Changing the Workplace Culture toward Caregiving Coming out of the closet with your caregiving can have dangerous consequences, which have been well-documented in research. Don is Founder and Chairman of Logistics Health and was featured in the PBS Special “Caring for Mom and Dad” because of his company’s progressive culture and policies to family caregivers in the workplace. He will enlighten us and empower us to bring this culture shift to more workplace. Read more about our expert – Don...

Battling Pervasive Ageism with Cathy Bollinger – Smilecast 167

Ageism The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act turns 50 this year. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 20,857 claims of age discrimination last year and found that 65 percent of older workers say age is a barrier to getting a job. What is ageism and why is it important to address it? What role does it play in attitudes about aging and why does it matter? What can individuals do to help dismantle these attitudes and embrace their aging? Tune in. Read more about...

Practicing Gratitude w Kristi Nelson – Smilecast 166

Practicing Gratitude One of the most noticeable traits our host Anthony has observed from seniors is gratitude. Practicing gratitude takes effort. Kristi, Executive Director of the Network for Grateful Living will help us distinguish between gratefulness and grateful living, how they differ from gratitude and how they can offer particular benefit for those who want to experience aging and caregiving in a positive way. Read more about our expert – Kristi Nelson Kristi is the executive...

Battling Caregiver Fatigue – w Shelley Webb – Smilecast 165

Battling Caregiver Fatigue Taking care of myself when there is absolutely no time to do it is hard. How can you get needed help in order to have some needed respite? Shelley will give you solid advice to help you battle caregiver fatigue and take better care of yourself. Read more about our expert – Shelley Webb Shelley Webb is truly the voice of experience when it comes to caregiving. With more than 30 years of service as a Registered Nurse and caregiver to her father, she has “been there...

Caregiver Support Networks – Connie Chow – Smilecast 164

Caregiver Support – Developing Friendship and Support Networks Caregivers often find out who their true friends are when they start to become caregivers. Often, they become isolated. How do you cope with that while trying to develop a new network of friends? Where do you seek support? Connie will help us sort it out. Read more about our caregiver support expert – Connie Chow Caring for seniors doesn’t have to be so hard. Connie Chow is an experienced caregiver and a founder of...

Laughter as the Best Medicine for Caregivers-Breeda Miller-Smilecast 163

Laughter as the Best Medicine for Caregivers Breeda is a comedic actor who is truly experiencing the sandwich generation and draws her materials from this experience. Through her unique lens, you will learn how to use humor and laughter are the best ways of coping with the stress of caregiving. Read more about our expert – Breeda Miller Breeda Miller is a talented writer, skilled comedic actor, voice-over professional and successful business woman. She is also a wife, a mother, a daughter, a...

The New Face of Grandparenting – Smilecast – Charlotte Today

The New Face of Grandparenting Grandparents are in the news more than ever today. Some are caregivers, raising their grandkids while others are separated or estranged from them. What’s going on? Has the role of grandparents diminished or is it needed now more than ever? Separated or Estranged In a recent survey by the National Association for Grandparenting, many adults (23%) had no memories of their grandparents. They were either deceased before they were born, lived far away, or made no...

Caregiver Stress with Joan Braaten – Smilecast 162

Caregiver Stress – from PO’d to Passionate Joan was caregiver to her 89-year-old mother. At first, she was resentful and angry. Then she went through a metamorphosis and looked on her journey as one of opportunity and optimism. What can we learn from her caregiving experience? How can we control caregiver stress? Tune in for this heartfelt interview. Read more about our expert – Joan Braaten Joan Braaten has a Baccalaureate degree in Healthcare from the University of Mary, Bismarck, ND. She...

Dementia Action Alliance with Jackie Pinkowicz -Smilecast 161

Dementia Action Alliance – Helping People Live Well We often find that people once diagnosed with dementia are written off by society. The work of the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) is to give an equal voice to those living with dementia in society and in policy making. DAA tools are helping people live well with dementia while advancing person-centered care in the culture. Read more about our expert – Jackie Pinkowitz As managing partner of FuturAge and Board Chair of the Dementia Action...

Digital Life Cloud – Interview on the Frankie Boyer Program Biz Talk Radio

Digital Life Cloud – How Cloud Solutions Can Save Your Bacon During Disasters Digital Life Cloud could have helped! A half a year after the Napa and Sonoma wildfires, NBC Bay Area reported on the plight of a homeowner locked in a dispute with one specific insurer. Thinking they were on to something, they partnered with Telemundo 48 to extend an open invitation to meet other people in similar circumstances. Expecting 55 people to turn out to a church assembly, they doubled that and some. When...

Dementia Friendly Communities with Nora Super – Smilecast 160

Dementia Friendly Communities Attacking dementia is not just a medical issue but a societal issue and dementia friendly communities have an edge. We will talk with Nora about Dementia Friendly America and how communities are becoming friendlier places for caregivers and people with dementia. Find out how your area can develop dementia friendly communities. Read more about our expert – Nora Super Nora Super is Chief of Programs and Services for the National Association of Area Agencies on...

Dementia – From Crisis to Comfort – Smilecast 159

Dementia – From Crisis to Comfort Shifting caregiving from crisis to comfort is Lori’s mission. She connects people to best practices and facilitates conversations for dementia care worldwide. Want to have your voice heard? Want to live in the present consciously caring? Lori will tell us how. Read more about our expert – Lori La Bey Lori La Bey is the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, a Minnesota based advocacy group making an international impact providing education and support for those...