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S4D 004 Serenity for Doctors Episode 4: Facing Difficulties

Episode 4 of the Serenity for Doctors Podcast - we talk about facing difficulties. We all face difficulties in our lives, and often it can seem overwhelming when we're in the middle of a crisis. But some simple steps and tips can make things a lot easier. Listen to today's' episode to learn some strategies to face difficulties in your life.


S4D 003 Serenity for Doctors Episode 3: 7 Rules For Your Wall

Episode 3 of Serenity for Doctors show : 7 Rules to have on your wall. One of the episodes where I was unwell with a cold and sore throat, but managed to record this short episode on 7 rules to have on your wall. These rules are things that can help most people, but especially doctors or GPs going through burnout and stress, and struggling with Mental Health issues. 1) Make peace with the past so it doesn’t spoil your present 2) What others think of you, is none of your business. 3) Time...


S4D 003 Episode 2: Finding Our Identity

Episode 2: We explore why we find it so hard to untangle our identity of a doctor from the person we are.


S4D 002 Episode 1: Physician Heal Thyself

Episode 1 of the Serenity for Doctors show. We cover a little about what the show is about, and how I got to the point of starting this podcast. We talk about doctors and how they're not very good at looking after themselves, and why that might be so.


S4D 001 Serenity for Doctors Podcast Intro

An introduction to the Serenity Podcast. What the podcast will be about, and a general overview for those new to the show. The showed will be mainly aimed at medics and doctors. But the advice and topics can be relevant to others.