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Niki Davis: Mad-chill & Super-clitty

Niki and Wyoh talk about Niki’s work as a sex educator before getting into more personal stuff: giving partners feedback post-sex, dry spells, being topless, loving touch, difficult summing and mental blocks, talking about sex with parents, a cool Grandma, a first time in a boyfriend’s mum’s bed, sex parties, two-dude threesomes (or, kinda, mostly), and Wyoh pitches that Niki should go by “F. Bloom.”


Billy Poceda: Manwhore

Billy explains why he hates the word "creepy," talks about a lack of sex ed, feeling like an outsider in high school and having a dad who feels like his son should find ladies instead of masturbating, talking to the first woman he ever slept with about how pressured he felt to have sex with her, naked comedy, how he decided to start The Manwhore Podcast, public sex, play parties, craigslist bukakes, asking questions, "cheat codes," how to decide who to sleep with, and the turn-on of stranger...


Mia: Breaking the Bed

Mia and Wyoh talk about what it’s like to grow up curious (and horny) in a family where sex is not talked about, getting dragged out of a guy’s apartment as a teen, being introduced to BDSM in a real-life stable (yep, an actual riding crop was used), disconnected married sex and connected, hot separation sex pre-divorce, connecting with new lovers, practicing communication, and having aggressive sex on all kinds of furniture.


Bonus: Couples & Moresomes | Alice & Sam: We Really Are Amazing At Making Love

Wyoh talks to a couple, Sam and Alice, in this bonus episode! They cover all kinds of things: using squiggle pens as early vibrators, discovering masturbation using a vibrator — as a dude! Dry humping, energy buildup, making out, spiritual and body connection, open throat chakras and polite neighbors, and some shared details back & forth of what they love about each other and their shared sex life.


Leah: I Think I Broke My Nose Losing My Virginity

Leah and Wyoh talk about all the pop culture stuff that made early understandings of sexuality cringey, college hookups, and misfires in attempts to be a "modern" woman and forwardly express sexual desires and/or romantic interest. They talk about going down on women, inviting thirds (or being invited as a third) into a relationship, being in one's own body, and finding ways to diminish anxiety. They are also jealous women don't have a prostate.


Susan: The Fantasy Chamber

Susan and Wyoh talk about hot dogs and hairbrushes and early (and later) sexual explorations; teenage sex and getting caught, how casual partnership can feel different permission-wise; Susan shares stories about going to poly meetups, dating multiple partners and strap-ons. They also touch on navigating sexual trauma PTSD and knife play.


A Bi Guy

Steve tells Wyoh about sneaking porno magazines as a teen, details of his masturbation habits (they've both masturbated on long road trips) and Steve tells *incredibly* awesomely detailed stories of various experiences: losing his virginity (and gaining chlamydia), sleeping with dudes for the first time, sex toys, open relationships, a girlfriend pretending to be asleep, deep-throating, power play and how important it is to distinguish between dominant male role play in the bedroom vs. real...


The Virgin Barrie

Wyoh and Barrie discuss how sex wasn't talked about and the shame that can inspire, she tells a story of walking in on a friend's dad and his girlfriend doin' it on the floor, and her promiscuous-and-virgin teen years. They go into different types and feelings of orgasms, discuss pointing toes, and discover that they have different orgasm position preferences. They also talk a lot about work vs. sex life, getting into the kink world, and share hopes for sex to come.


Alison: The Turn-Ons of Tension-Building (& Turn-Offs of Expectation)

NOTE: This episode includes talking about sexual assault. Alison and Wyoh talk about sex at a young age, turn-offs, a LOT: how not-okay it is for dates to assume their sexual expectations will be met, how boring it is to have someone do their 1-2-3 moves, and we discuss the idea that it's okay to reassess and revoke consent and just peace out if you're no longer into it. Alison tells a couple amazing horror stories that are excellent examples of what not to do. Then we discuss turn-ons:...


Shaina Rose Woolley: Walk of Glory and Excitement

Shaina recalls early memories feeling underwhelmed dating dudes before they realized they were queer and preferred making out with female-bodied and non-binary people. They talk about sneak-watching Degrassi behind the couch, and they also tell Wyoh about their amazing first time with a woman at a summer camp where they were both working. Shaina and Wyoh talk a lot about how obvious the signs of identifying oneself as queer can seem so obvious in retrospect, and they share a story about...


TK: Cock Extenders Do Exist

TK talks about the effects of being raised in a very Christian household on her sex life, her (recent!) first time orgasming with a partner, a terrible first time in general, her explorations into the land of kink, fantasies around group sex, and how she bruises easily. She and Wyoh talk toys, small penises, switching back & forth between kinky & vanilla relationships.


Brenda: How You're Going Down On Me Should Be How You're Kissing Me

Brenda talks, in a hilariously candid way, about how she doesn't respond to weed whacker tongues, how she would ideally like guys to go down on her. She shares the struggle of what it is to be tiny and try to get dudes to believe when you say you like it rough, and tells a story that includes that phrase, "and then he PEED on me." She and Wyoh talk about the difference between fulfilling fantasies in an agreed-upon way with a partner vs. doing stuff for entitled randos, they talk about...


Kate: Mutual Pleasure, ALWAYS

Kate and Wyoh go super in-depth on desires and how to directly ask for things. Kate tells amazing blowjob and first-sex-with-another-person stories, talks about the specific types of touches she prefers, gives an AMAZING rendition of an orgasm description she gave to one of her best friends, a virgin bride-to-be who was curious about what to expect. And they talk a lot about talking about butt sex, and then Kate talks about explorations denied, and Wyoh shares her current favorite type of...


Quinn: When I'm Turned On, I'm Open to More

Quinn tells Wyoh about her virginity GAIN (we decide "loss" is a dumb way to put it) in...a bouncy house, talks about discovering masturbation at an early age, and discusses her discovered love of phone sex. They talk about how consensual rough sex is awesome, Quinn shares stories about scandalous public sex (including a work story), what it's like to be partway through a self-chosen year-of-abstinence, and how taking care of your self first is an important, often overlooked, step toward...


Brook: Fantasies Do Come True

Brook talks about what it's like to be in a four-year open, polyamorous relationship, discovering that electric toothbrushes are in some ways just as vibratious as an actual vibrator, she talks about why polyamory works so well for her, explains to Wyoh what a pillow princess is (among other things). She also talks about some AMAZING fantasies becoming realized, touches on her time as a professional Domme, and gives actual details on things like cock & ball torture (CBT) and stomping.


Alexa: Masturbating in Front of a Mirror

Alexa shares what it's like to grow up in a conservative, Christian, Mexican household and eventually realizing she was queer. She talks about her intense fear of semen and becoming pregnant, discovering porn while googling a Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior game (how did Disney not porn-check that name...?), having sex with her girlfriend for the first time and subsequent times, squirting, 69-ing, and go in-depth on masturbation, fantasies, a little kink, and some of the best sex and orgasms...


Raj: We WROTE the Kama Sutra

Raj tells Wyoh about the fear-based sex ed that he received in his younger years, parental insistence that nobody in India has sex until they're married, discovering erections, wet dreams, and how he masturbates (spoiler: no hands!). He also talks about the Kama Sutra and sex in the story of Shiva and Parvati getting it on. Wyoh talks about how she really believes everyone looks better naked, Raj emphasizes the importance of getting to know a partner sexually and they share some turn-ons and...


I Want Sex at Inappropriate Times

Nikki was Wyoh's first lady lover, and they talk about going down on boys and girls, humping stuff – like a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal – when little, how they finally became lovers after two-way uncertainty and confusion, orgasms through nipple, sensitive clitorises, the book Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, which Nikki originally recommended to Wyoh, and what it's like sexually to be in a long-term relatoinship.


David Zwick: Be Clear About What Holes Are On the Table

David Zwick, co-host of the podcast Try It You'll Like It, and Wyoh talk about virginity loss and the huge box of condoms his dad gifted him long before he was ready to use it, casual college sex turning into dating, asking girls to have sex using a picture book, and openness to the possibility of butt stuff.


Amreen Karmali: I *Have* Kicked Dudes Out of My House Before

Amreen Karmali, founder of The Real Talk Project, talks with Wyoh about teaching middle schoolers sex ed, early shame around sex and the evolution into empowered, communicative sex, quality over quantity, emotional and spiritual connections that happen during the sharing of bodies, taking time during sex, bringing in silliness and play, kink relationships, they lament the damage done by Fifty Shades (although Wyoh admits the dungeon is lovely), pre-sex conversations around sex and STI's,...