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Sexual inspiration from the explorations of fellow sexy humans. Host Wyoh Lee is eager to know details all things legal and consensual. Let's lead better-laid lives.

Sexual inspiration from the explorations of fellow sexy humans. Host Wyoh Lee is eager to know details all things legal and consensual. Let's lead better-laid lives.


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Sexual inspiration from the explorations of fellow sexy humans. Host Wyoh Lee is eager to know details all things legal and consensual. Let's lead better-laid lives.






116 | You Should Put It in My Ass: Edie’s Sex Stories

Experimenting with girls felt safer than boys; later Edie would go on to discover they are bi, non-binary, love butt stuff, and want to explore more with (thick!) women, bi guys, and BDSM. Music and their single Bolivian mama gave them a rebel streak, and after some trust breaches, putting up with discomfort in exchange for desire, and a pregnancy scare, this new phase of their life prioritizes their own pleasure. 24-year-old non-binary Bolivian human, they are bisexual, single and...


115 | Push-Ups with a Hard-On: Troy’s Sex Stories

“We fucked everywhere.” Yes, his girlfriend’s dad would kill him if he found out they’re dating, but she’s worth it. Troy’s sexual intuition makes him an amazing communicator, conscious of safety—and he’s 18. He gets turned on by soft skin and beautiful voices, is Into light BDSM, lost his virginity in a grandma’s house and had his first blowjob behind the gym and recently discovered how much he likes phone sex and being called Papi. 18 straight cis M from Portugal


114 | Sextras & Romance: Maria’s Sex Stories

Lover of sex, Maria’s firsts were with a girl, and since their anatomies had such different needs they explored together without judgment, she doesn’t have those orgasm pressure feelings so many women describe. Her Catholic/British upbringing was very hole-y, but her family is cool w her open bisexuality. We talk vagina and feeling specifics, losing her gay and straight virginities, dick pics, sexting, future explorations, and her pod: Sextras. 20 cis F bi Mexico-born, now lives in the UK.


113b | Dildos in the Glovebox & Waking Up the Squirt Dragon: Pouya’s Sex Stories PART II

This is a DIRTY Part 2, we talk rim job ambivalence, sex journals and masturbation, culture shock and sex shock moving out of Iran at 20, CBT in Dubai, poppers, un-virgining his ass, sex creatures, twins, gala parties, a sex-ready car, homo/transphobia, his trans girlfriend, bed wetting partners, and so many sexual hopes for the world!!! Pouya’s Sex Pod (listen & contribute!): R.O.Tik | پادکست اروتیک


113a | Sexual Checklist: Pouya’s Sex Stories PART I

>>TW: minor coercion origin story<< Would you risk extramarital sex if it were illegal? Pouya helped his high school friends get laid and gave them advice — which he learned from personal experience with very early exposure to sex. 33, male, bi-curious, non monogamous marketing consultant originally from Tehran, currentrly living in North Cyprus, we get detailed with masturbation and get to a few of his kinks and hot clear consent check-ins in part 1 of 2.


112 | Pegging, Cheating & Bondage Fantasies: Gem’s Sex Stories

Gem might be a cuckslut; she gets off on the idea of her boyfriend cheating on her. She’s never faked an orgasm, can’t get hickies, had her first orgasm with a girl, and has come a long way in her sexual communication. She recently acquired a leather harness and a rabbit vibrator (both are going *well*) and talks about her first threesome, her go-for-it BJ attitude, possible consensual non consent fantasies, and so many DETAILS. 25 CisF Pan Partnered Kinky...


111 | Explore. His. Butt. Jezz’s Sex Stories

Anal sex reminds her of frog legs, she has a serious case of cock envy, her pussy (Regina) can take a lot, and she’s a 3-bite person. Sex just happens to Jezz. Listen to how she finally got to peg her kinky lover (they met on a Christian dating site) who she made do calf raises while jacking him off and whose cock she sucks like a vacuum cleaner. Cis Bi F 40’s into strength, sadomasochism, spanking and rope. // @sexstoriespod


110 | Parading Topless Down Main Street: Rebecca’s Sex Stories

Can 14-year-olds get indecent exposure tickets? What’s a very curious, very horny, hyper-sexualized Catholic school cheerleader supposed to do? How do you restart your sex life after major trauma? Rebecca shares about her wild days, and her sexual liberation, first in her 20’s and again in her 30’s. We talk public sex, a hot threesome with surprise Domme energy, ongoing flings, hooking up with her drug dealer, how multiple orgasms feel different from each other, and her (now not-so) secret...


109 | Spankings Under the Bleachers: Cece’s Sex Stories

And not *just* spankings. How did Cece become a submissive fucktoy? Hear about Cece’s anal meditations, the almost-foursome, her thoughts on aftercare, getting caught by the police (twice), brief poly explorations, doing it in the band hall, hiding under the blankets except for her ass and getting “used,” and how she and her partner constantly review their awesome kinky sex life. 22 Cis F Married monog (now) from the PNW; into bondage, power play, role play, anal & more.


108 | Pinky Finger Sounding & a 12-inch Dildo: Pete’s Sex Stories

He wants to be used, but he’s also trained submissives to perform urethral sounding on themselves through cam sites. We talk butt plugs while picking the kids up from school, pissing with a boner, cum eating (his own) instructions, his twitchiness, fucking his ass with a cucumber, a threesome, interrupted, and what a toy with a 3” diameter feels like. Straight(ish) W Cis M married, early 40’s. Doesn’t explore as much as he would like because the wife and life he loves don’t quite line up...


A Buttslut-caster & A Manwhore: Wyoh’s Sex Stories | BONUS

For those of you who keep asking Wyoh to share more details, here’s her episode with the Manwhore himself – turning the tables, Billy interviews Wyoh. Join Billy’s new (free) Discord server: The Champagne Room! Follow Billy! Twitter: @TheBillyProcida Instagram: @billyisprocida Facebook fan page 0nlyFans: @callmebilly Venmo: @BillyProcida Cash App: $manwhorepod PayPal.Me/bprocida Amazon Wish List Join me on AltPlayground to start your next nonmonogamous adventure! The Handy...


107 | Fucktoy with a Breeding Kink: Phoebe’s Sex Stories

“You’re choosing my dick over breathing, what a good little slut,” is a hot form of appreciation Phoebe has discovered along with her submissive side. From early years of constant horniness to exploring bi-life in a way that feels like poly-life is inevitable, from looking for places to masturbate in private to a controlling husband who ordered a strap-on to indicate his pegging wish to receiving praise and gifts from online subs to messy kissing and blowjobs and a cow outfit and thigh-highs...


106 | How to Last in a Threesome with Two Dirty Bitches: Dino’s Sex Stories

Dino tells us about going from ground-and-pound-style fuckery to 26-song-long threesomes and the older woman who dominated him (in wildly inappropriate ways), taught him to last, and left him with lingering desires for older women who know what they want, water sports, and the thrill of taboo. We have details of a dirty sexting date, fucking moms and daughters, sex parties, navigating new partners, getting to know his butthole, BJs from dudes, race play, kink, role play, verbal hotness,...


105 | She Married Me for My Mouth: Alex’s Sex Stories

Do you get turned on by hands? Warmth? Using your DSL’s on a strap-on? Do you know what a FUPA is? Have visual representations of tiny inner labia affected your sexual self? Did you get away with romantic sleepovers when you were younger because you were gay? Or get two sex talks? Alex’s answer is YES to all these questions, and she shares so many other details about her hot new ladyfriend, her sexy wife, her myriad turn-ons. There are stories of threesomes, sex clubs, lesbian road head,...


104 | Urethral Sounding & Glory Hole Surprise: Mr. Bullet Leather 2020’s Sex Stories

Have you ever peed in your own mouth? Our guest has, and also describes what it’s like for his cock to grow around a sounding rod—two kinks he never thought he’d be into. We were in orchestra together in high school and have both come so far sexually since then; he shares what it was like growing up in a conservative Latino household, the moment he accepted himself as gay, his discovery of the leather scene, domination, submission, dark rooms, Grindr, Palm Springs and so much more (28 cis...


103 | Vulgar Car Sex & Realized Fantasies: Wenky’s Sex Stories

He never thought his fantasies would go beyond his imagination, but for one year, he found his perfectly matched partner and they experienced everything from golden showers to surprisingly intimate “shit acts” to a high-speed getaway chase from the police for parking. We talk pleasure vs cultural taboo, how connection is the biggest turn-on, he gives so many incredible details, and speaks with the heart of a dirty poet. 30, straight M, married, from Rajistan, India. //...


102 | Butt-Loving Rope Kitten: Becky’s Sex Stories

“I play with my butt a little every day” are the wise words of this week’s guest. This episode includes lots of love: butts, musk, hair, cock worship, making out with girls, sex in general, homemade weed lube, tails, kink, rope explorations (AND) a rope daddy, buttholes, sucking toes, kink and rough stuff, sex on a double decker bus, and cock-biting. It’s juicy. Singleish, 27F heteroflexi, an artist who work in the cannabis industry, from Denver, Colorado insta: @beckylovesbutts // OF:...


Two Incredibly Sexy Years: Wyoh's Sex Stories

Sexy reflections & an episode where Wyoh shares her updated basic sexy details on the 2nd birthday of Sex Stories –– details on masturbation, sensitive clit, beatings, physical feeling details. Plus, an overview of ways to play in the year to come:


My First with Another Boy: CT's Sex Story Quickie

Could you imagine what the world would be like if we had gentle, encouraging guides for each new exploration? -- Share YOUR story or apply to be a guest: My guest waitlist is long, but I do have limited avails for private, one-on-one interviews where I will ask you the same reflective questions. See current calendar openings here: If you like these shares and want to watch our weekly...


3Fun: A Wonderful Squirt-tastic Sex Story by B.S.

Share YOUR story or apply to be a guest: My guest waitlist is long, but I do have limited avails for private, one-on-one interviews where I will ask you the same reflective questions. See current calendar openings here: If you like these shares and want to watch our weekly live-stream bonus episodes, become a Love Warrior for $5/month: If you’d like to see...