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Sharing inspirations & explorations to make the world a sexier place. Let's lead better-laid lives.

Sharing inspirations & explorations to make the world a sexier place. Let's lead better-laid lives.


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Sharing inspirations & explorations to make the world a sexier place. Let's lead better-laid lives.






104 | You're Gay: Mr. Bullet Leather 2020’s Sex Stories

Have you ever peed in your own mouth? Our guest has, and also describes what it’s like for his cock to grow around a sounding rod—two kinks he never thought he’d be into. We were in orchestra together in high school and have both come so far sexually since then; he shares what it was like growing up in a conservative Latino household, the moment he accepted himself as gay, his discovery of the leather scene, domination, submission, dark rooms, Grindr, Palm Springs and so much more (28 cis...


103 | Vulgar Car Sex & Realized Fantasies: Wenky’s Sex Stories

He never thought his fantasies would go beyond his imagination, but for one year, he found his perfectly matched partner and they experienced everything from golden showers to surprisingly intimate “shit acts” to a high-speed getaway chase from the police for parking. We talk pleasure vs cultural taboo, how connection is the biggest turn-on, he gives so many incredible details, and speaks with the heart of a dirty poet. 30, straight M, married, from Rajistan, India. //...


102 | Butt-Loving Rope Kitten: Becky’s Sex Stories

“I play with my butt a little every day” are the wise words of this week’s guest. This episode includes lots of love: butts, musk, hair, cock worship, making out with girls, sex in general, homemade weed lube, tails, kink, rope explorations (AND) a rope daddy, buttholes, sucking toes, kink and rough stuff, sex on a double decker bus, and cock-biting. It’s juicy. Singleish, 27F heteroflexi, an artist who work in the cannabis industry, from Denver, Colorado insta: @beckylovesbutts // OF:...


Two Incredibly Sexy Years: Wyoh's Sex Stories

Sexy reflections & an episode where Wyoh shares her updated basic sexy details on the 2nd birthday of Sex Stories –– details on masturbation, sensitive clit, beatings, physical feeling details. Plus, an overview of ways to play in the year to come:


My First with Another Boy: CT's Sex Story Quickie

Could you imagine what the world would be like if we had gentle, encouraging guides for each new exploration? -- Share YOUR story or apply to be a guest: My guest waitlist is long, but I do have limited avails for private, one-on-one interviews where I will ask you the same reflective questions. See current calendar openings here: If you like these shares and want to watch our weekly...


3Fun: A Wonderful Squirt-tastic Sex Story by B.S.

Share YOUR story or apply to be a guest: My guest waitlist is long, but I do have limited avails for private, one-on-one interviews where I will ask you the same reflective questions. See current calendar openings here: If you like these shares and want to watch our weekly live-stream bonus episodes, become a Love Warrior for $5/month: If you’d like to see...


101 | Strapped to a Spinning Wheel: Z’s Sex Stories

Her first kink party–a very early kinksploration–included watching whipping and slapping and caning and getting spun on a giant wheel; though her formative sexual years were bumpy and confusing (TW), she’s shares about her healing journey and her current sexual empowerment, and proves once again how sexy safety and vulnerability are. We talk about crying during sex, loving squirt porn, how horny she gets when she’s ovulating, the vibrator her mom bought her, and so much more. New merch:...



A pegging miracle, a cock extender inspiration, penis and pussy and parts details, what not to do when you invite someone to stay with you, a freshly bold, communicative wife and a sex nerd husband with ropes, an ex-sister-in-law surprise, an *amazing* cuckold five-star fantasy-come-true, and the Manwhore himself, Billy Proceida, back to tell us about his NY glory hole and what it’s like to be on OnlyFans. A celebration of sex stories, and an invitation for many to come ;)


99 | Nipple-gasms and Lots of Lube: Chevelle’s Sex Stories

Raised deeply believing sex was for husbands and procreation, Chevelle decided premarital sex was for her after all, and after a long-term monogamous college relationship, she had bests and worsts of casual sex, and is now sexier-than-ever, including dress-up, submissiveness, and the glories of anal with her current partner who’s a couple decades older. We talk sharing nudes, an almost-threesome, a disappointing dream boy, touching lady boobs for the first time, feeling confident in NO, and...


98 | Empowered Tinder Dick Rides: Lauren’s Sex Stories

What do you do after divorcing a dude who made you cum 5 times in 5 years and did not give a shit? 24-Year-Old Sexual Lauren Found Tinder. She shares experiences linger-y, finger-y (in public), and talks about what it’s like to ride a 6’4” dude when you yourself are over a foot and a half shorter. She’s been known to suck a tongue like a dick, and is a champion of self-care after she was raped. 28, machine operator/baker. She’s into choking, facials, spit, slapping, exhibitionism, and...


97 | Fertile Goddess with Juicy Tits: G’s Sex Stories

Her husband’s dick is the size of her forearm, he makes her come at least once before he ever penetrates her, and getting off antidepressants, she’s horny as fuck and happily reports that their Sex Life is better than ever. We laugh our way through stories of cum stains on her shirt at church, disappointing dudes, accidentally coming out as a lesbian, we talk boundaries, cheating, aftercare, trust and connection, kinks, threesome and gang-bang fantasies, and numbers of partners. 22-year old...


96 | Hung & Animalistic (Der Hengst): Daniel’s Sex Stories

DO NOT SKIP if you like hot stories and thoughts. He likes spit, spanking, dirty talk, piss play, loves long jerk off sessions, has one of the sweetest threesome stories with sexy farmers sons, enjoys his open relationship, sneaking into public baths, oh and he had testicular cancer and he tells us what it’s like to have one ball that’s an implant. We talk in-depth about Kink, BDSM, and feeling into the energy of partners, what healthy masculine energy looks like, and exploring innocently as...


95 | Crossdressing Threesome Fantasies and So Many Kinks: J’s Sex Stories

Stories include: choosing his pussy & femme clothes, exploring medical play as a switch, how a finger up his butt multiplies an orgasm x5 (and a cock x10), what it’s like to be with a huge dick, being bottom of the sandwich in a DP, hookup dating, first times penetrating and being penetrated anally, fucking a husband with the wife watching, sexting & nudes, elusive assgasms, and inspiration from porn. Future fantasies: golden showers, more group sex, an FFM threesome while femmed up, wanting...


Fantasy Inspiration Story + No Live-Stream Tonight: A Wigglenouncement

Working side-by-side on the couch led to a special & hot type of footsie + rewards that anyone quarantining with a partner should definitely try. No live-stream tonight! But regular episode coming Friday as usual // @wyohlee // @sexstoriespod


94 | Mindgasm on a Train (And Then We Had Phone Sex): Rose Cooper’s Sex Stories

Obsessed with sex her whole life, Rose has written about taught, and lived in a turned-on body for nearly six decades –– and while she gives explicit, detailed physical descriptions in this highly-detailed share, sex is also a spiritual experience. She shares about her highly sexual first marriage, her hot-and-single periods first in her 30’s and again in her 50’s, and very, very sexy motherhood. She claims guys in the 90’s had more of a clue, talks about the delicious discovery of...


93 | A Unicorn with an Actual Horn: Matt’s Sex Stories

From adult store back rooms led to both sides of glory holes, Matt is a delightful sex fiend who loves to bottom with dudes and is happily marred to a lady. He had a small stint in porno, has had plenty of threesomes, and has been known to get a hotel room and invite strangers to come fuck him, one after another. “I wanna ride you while she sits on your face” is a standout FFM threesome moment, and he’s served a Mistress, too. (39 married bi white M, into orgies, anonymous sex, butt stuff,...


92 | Definitely a Lot of Spanking: Finn’s Sex Stories

Part-time culting during childhood, underwhelming sex with boys as a teen, and then a job at a pizza place led to her first time with a(n older!) woman, which also turned into an FFM threesome. Now at age 21, Finn (W Androgynous Cis F Pansexual) has a hot bratty girlfriend. Not only do they have an incredibly communicative relationship, they’ve had sex all over their house. Into choking, slapping, bondage, D/s play, exploring, full-time student and Certified Nursing Assistant from the...


91 | First Blowjob Handcuffed to the Headboard: Curt’s Sex Stories

A late-bloomer who dropped a bunch of weight in his 20’s, Curt was having threesomes with older women and exploring his dominant and submissive sides with ladies from church. He’s a classy southern gentleman and a sexy fireman, and now enjoys a happy marriage with a fiery wife who was his high school enemy. 31 year old straight white dude, married years, Switch, Firefighter / EMT from Texas


90 | I love Hard so I Fuck Hard, Too: Jess’ Sex Stories + Grounding Our Bodies with Meredyth Hunt

Jess (@india_chick) is a squirter who claims she cums harder when squirting. She loves role playing, hotel sex, and (consensual, discussed prior) choking just before she cums, she’s a pro at initiating on apps and finally has a consistent friend with benefits that might be turning into a FFM threesome soon. She has fantasies of hot candle wax and voyeurism and MMFs (34 Cis F, born in India / raised in Utah w family of 20 adopted kids, former Mormon). Includes a bonus caboose interview with...


89 | We Started Having Sex in Public: Em’s Sex Stories

She’s a(n of legal age) teen and already has a wealth of thoughtful, detailed sexsperiences (threesomes, experimenting with partners, dressing up), including really early explorations with explicit consent. Em tells us about her sexual curiosity as a kid, shares lots of details about blowjobs, hot and fun sex games (in the park!), how she communicates about sex with partners and navigates discoveries and boundaries in her sexual landscape, healing from trauma, and how supportive her faith is...