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A podcast of fucking inspiration for intelligent sex fiends who enjoy dirty details. Warning: has been reported to cause increase in libido, dirty talk, and twinkles in eyes.

A podcast of fucking inspiration for intelligent sex fiends who enjoy dirty details. Warning: has been reported to cause increase in libido, dirty talk, and twinkles in eyes.


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A podcast of fucking inspiration for intelligent sex fiends who enjoy dirty details. Warning: has been reported to cause increase in libido, dirty talk, and twinkles in eyes.






78 | Switchy Amazingness: Steph’s Sex Stories

Steph (22, pansexual) and her fiancée are both switches, and take turns dominating each other in the bedroom. And Steph tells her mom everything. And her mom is also super open with *her* as well when it comes to her own D/s relationship and threesomes. Steph hit the ground running sexually-speaking just a few years ago, and while she just started masturbating last year (bullet vibe FTW!), she tells us about the many kinks she’s exploring, plus all the stuff that’s still on her bucket list.


77 | Lunch Break Foursomes & Fire Escape BJ’s: Phil’s Sex Stories

Phil (24) has had big balls since he was a baby, mostly hooked up with chicks in high school and college, but discovered his kinky, freaky and queer side post-graduation when he moved to SF. He’s into Grindr, lots of sex, slapping, choking, spitting, tying, group play, recording, piss play, anonymous play, married men, hotel sex AND is a big huge sweetie pie.


76 | Cock-Heavy Threesomes, Her Big Dick & Fantasy Fulfillment: Hannah’s Sex Stories (+ a Husband Cameo!)

So many MMF stories, one cross-dressing miracle, and lots of sexy laughs, Hannah and her Husband love fucking and blowing dudes together (it started with a cuckold). Both open, curious, and up to try things, chance leads them into fantasy scenarios *often.* We get SUPER detailed in this one, she is amazing!!! AKA @svadhisthanah (for feet!) 31, heteroflexible female she/her, relationship coach, married for a year (together 8 total) to a kinky poly dude, SoCal.


75 | Cannon Cumshot Try-Sexual: Jon’s Sex Stories

Jon is an experience collector. It started with a stack of pornos, discovered with cousins as a kid, flipping through and picking something to try, it led to: (very secret) anal sex with a dude cousin, lots of sex during his musician life, voyeurism, exhibitionism, discovering booths in the back of adult book stores, all day foreplay, submission, pegging, switching, outdoor sex, a treasure chest of toys, 23 years of marriage (that remains v steamy!) and kids.


TEASE II | The Prism House: Continued { A Group Sex Party Story}

Written & read by Wyoh Lee, we're playing around with romantic-ish kinky erotica to give you a taste of what our sexy live show will be like Saturday June 20th. If you're into this and want me to write you and/or your partner into the next one that will take place on th edge of a fantasy lake, visit I feel like it's the closest we can get to a real sex party with strangers right now! The Prism House is whimsical to the outside eye that has no idea how...


74| A Kinky Brat’s Extreme Fantasy: Dani’s Sex Stories

Would you tell your mom (or stepdad, or coworkers) about the guy you’re pegging? Dani is a hyper sexual southern belle, kinky little girl/brat who’s into butt stuff, threesomes, getting beaten til she cries, loves roughness and face fucking. She’s been known to convert dudes into Daddies, explores (ethically & non-monogamously) with partners in private and public spaces — and she shares her very big, very extreme fantasy.


TEASE I | The Prism House { A Group Sex Party Story}

A romanticish mildly kinky erotic story, written & read by Wyoh Lee | The Prism House is whimsical to the outside eye that has no iThedea how practical a place it is for the most magical sex parties ever experienced by humankind. Only True Lovers are welcome here; and truly sex things happen here quite regularly. This episode features the Hot Pink (Sex!) Room & the Red (Life!) Room. Join us live for the next one:


73 | I’m a Huge Pervert and I Love Porn: Lorenzo’s Sex Stories

He lost his virginity in a threesome, has had tons of group sex, has been to AVN with VIP passes, makes getting women to come his primary sexual business (even though he doesn’t *love* going down on ladies, that’s why he has flavored lube!) and there’s so much he still wants to explore – stuff with dudes, domination, pain. He has his queer friends check out his nudes before sending, prefers porn to sex music, and use the phrase, “Two Girls, Three Guys, and we All Had Sex in the Jacuzzi”...


72 | Gonna Need a Dick Pic: Renee’s Sex Stories

Renee has been married for three decades, waited til marriage, and has dirty fantasies that are too much for her husband. She’s gleefully sexy and regales Wyoh with tales of quiet little sins, fears of dying a virgin, THE BEST SEXTING STORIES EVER, and adventurous things she’s gotten her incredibly sweet husband to try. (White, Female, she/her, 49, 30 years married, conservative Christian, raised Southern Baptist, Texan)


71 | Fisting & Pizza Boy Threesomes: Peter’s Sex Stories

(*trauma warning* — read description!) How does one man stumble into so many glorious group sex situations? How do you process being molested as a kid when the experience was not entirely unenjoyable? How does he discover his love of dildos, butt stuff both ways, and edging, even though he doesn’t identify as specifically kinky? And what’s it like to have a partner with a magic pussy? Peter (50’s, Canadian, Straight) is a true sexual connoisseur, and he & Wyoh delight in these dirty details...


70 | Asswhore Origin Story: A kinky slave’s BDSM Firsts

What goes through a kinky submissive’s head the first time she submits? And second? And third? And why does this sex podcast exist in the first place? In this episode, host Wyoh Lee shares her extremely explicit, personal journal entries, recording her first three sessions with her former Master, the origin story of her obsession with explicit communication, sex, and slavehood.


BONUS | Popped My Cherry With a Red Condom: Sex Stories in the Park

Coral shares her horrifying red condom virginity loss story and the magic of combat boots, plus Wyoh asks & guests answer questions like: What’s it like to have sex with a seizure disorder? What do you like about squirting? Does squirting have to do with love? Would walking naked on the streets cause fights? What does it mean to get “better” at threesomes?


BONUS | Zoom Sex & Foreplay Favorites

@tonytypes is on a quest for phone sex; instead, he got Zoom sex with multiple angles and amazing turn-on discoveries. He inspires @wyohlee with this cross-country video sex in a deep-dive single-story bonus episode; Wyoh also answers a listener question about her favorite forms of foreplay, and lets people know how they can talk to her one-on-one (which can be *about* sex, but is *not* video sex) in her new offerings.


BONUS | Sex Party Stories in the Park

Before there was COVID-19, people gathered in groups to fornicate; one such celebrant shares details of his first experience at a sex party in this bonus episode, along with details about Wyoh’s genitals & and a pleasure/pain question from a listener.


69 | 69ing and Threesomes: Sex Stories Season One Finale

We take it back to the sexy basics in this episode; Wyoh, listeners and friendly strangers in the park celebrate our 69th episode by sharing 69-ing stories and thoughts on threesomes in this medley of Sex Stories.


68 | Lady Horndog: M’s Sex Stories

In college, M (40’s, straight, mom of 4, lives in CA) gave up being “uptight” for lent and once came from a guy sucking on her wrist; in early dating, she describes herself as a horndog at the beginning of every relationship, but talks about how that urge snuffs out as the relationship wears on. Wyoh & M talk about how important the mental aspect of sex is, and M reveals she can get so turned on in dreams, all she has to do is wake up and finish herself off. #lifegoals


67 | Fluffer at a Gangbang: Jenni’s Sex Stories

Jenni (42, bisexual, kinky submissive, polyamorous in Los Angeles) and Wyoh talk early exposure to lots of porn both in print and on VHS, 80s lesbian aerobics porn, Daddy / little girl (DD/lg) relationships, getting the cops called on her because of sex sounds, clothespins, Saran Wrap, sex parties and gang bangs, and face cum shots.


66 | The Shiny Penis Situation

Tony and Wyoh talk about dick pics: small, large, solicited, and not, and Wyoh talks about a shiny penis she can't stop thinking about. Wyoh fills Tony in on how collecting Sex Stories in the park these last two weeks went (Is mojo real? Are there bumps inside women when they get turned on?, they discuss the ideas of queerness in sex parties, talk dating apps, Tony explains how Grindr works to Wyoh, no strings attached hookups, vacation sex friends, how submissive can initiate hangouts with...


65 | Buttholes Are for Everybody: Zee’s Sex Stories

Zee (32, they/them, on the autism spectrum, non-binary-trans, assigned female at birth, operates outside the gender binary, pansexual, kinky submissive, masochist, has PTSD) tells Wyoh about their love of butt stuff, including details of giving anal (especially first experiences), butt plugs and tails and pet play. They talk about great experiences with their first girlfriend/Domme as a teen, what it’s like to be a hypersensitive human being who is also hypersexual, and how understanding...


64 | Teasing, Tantalizing Touch & Tantra: Kamali’s Sex Stories

Kamali (f, she/her, sexually fluid, Brooklyn-born, LA-based, @wearespaceforlove) knows how to spark transcendent, full-body orgasms in her own body, at will. She is a love and Intimacy educator and in the first half of this episode, shares about her work with tantric and Daoist practices to help singles and couples restore connection, access pleasure, and create deeper intimacy. In the second half, Kamali gives details of her sexual journey, being aware of sexual energy at a very young age,...