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Sexologist and Relationship Expert

Sexologist and Relationship Expert
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Sexologist and Relationship Expert




Holiday Harmony Tips

Jess and Brandon answer listener questions about how to have a happier relationship this holiday season. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Touch-Workshops, Couples “Cruising” and an Alternative View of Swinging

They sold everything and moved to Mexico. They’ve touched over 6000 people. And they’ve been swingers from the start. Lauren and Richard, from the Room 77 Podcast, chat with Jess and Brandon about their relationship, unique lifestyle and their sexual experiences. Have a listen via the link above and check out the summary of this episode’s key messages below: 1. Don’t wait to talk about what you want. If something is important to you, speak up from the onset. You don’t have to wait until the...


Q&A with the Relationship Nurse

LaDonna Wright, creator of the adult game, Secret VII, joins Jess to address relationships and sexual health questions. Secret VII can be purchased here or on Amazon. Follow LaDonna on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Adult Film Star Kendra Lust on Confidence & Modern Relationships

Former Registered Nurse and Award-Winning Adult Film Star Kendra Lust shares insights and lessons on sexual confidence, working in porn, and how to have a lasting, happy marriage. Follow Kendra on... Instagram Twitter This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Sex & Cannabis

Are you curious about sex and cannabis? Do you understand between the difference between THC and CBD? And did you know that you can experience cannabis pleasure without getting “high”? Cannasexual, Ashley Manta, joins us and teaches us that we have a lot to learn. Follow Ashley on... Twitter Facebook Instagram Also check Ashley's online course, "The Ten Commandments of Hand Sex", available for purchase right now! This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


A Glimpse Into Jess & Brandon’s Relationship – Part II

Jess and Brandon continue the “partner interview” and share details about their greatest fears, fondest memories, where they hope to be in ten years and what they’re working on in terms of self-development. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


A Glimpse Into Jess and Brandon’s Relationship – Part I

Jess and Brandon interview one another in an attempt to better understand their own relationship. They talk about their initial attraction and what they want to work on in their relationship. This is part one of the “Lover’s Interview”. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts. One of the best parts of my job involves facilitating workshops on relationships, communication, and sex — both online and in-person. I swear I do more learning than teaching and I love receiving feedback from...


All About Polyamory

Is polyamory on the rise? Are throuples the new norm? And what’s the difference between polyfidelity, non-hierarchical polyamory, and relationship anarchy? Jenny Yuen, author of Polyamorous, joins Jess to share her personal experiences and professional insights on consensual non-monogamy. Follow Jenny on... Instagram Facebook Twitter Be sure to check out the 'Toronto Lit Up' book launch for Polyamorous happening on November 16th at Type Books. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Face-Sitting 101

Dee H. Black & Ladyee Vee join Jess in Atlanta to talk about their interactive Face-Sitting workshops. They share tips and techniques for this powerful sex act as well as insights into why it is gaining popularity. Follow DV Passion Love Experience, LCC here: Facebook Twitter Instagram This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Secrets of a Phone Sex Operator

Sex educator Domina Franco, a former semi-pro wrestler and phone sex operator, joins Jess and Brandon at The Sex Expo in Brooklyn. They discuss phone sex, Dominance, submission, dirty talk and how to make sex more exciting and authentic. Follow Domina on... Instagram Facebook This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Killing Kittens Sex Party

Are you curious about sex parties? What can you expect from a woman-focused sex party experience? Do you have to get naked and/or have sex? And what’s up with the name, Killing Kittens, anyway? Founder Emma Sayle, joins Jess and Brandon to share her story right before they attend their very first Killing Kittens party in New York. Follow Emma on... Instagram Twitter Follow Killing Kittens on... Instagram Facebook Twitter This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Getting Kinky With Bex

What is kinky sex? What goes down at kink camp? And how can you kink up your sex life? Bex Caputo joins Jess and Brandon to share his experience, insight, and expertise. Bex has been a proud and undeniable kinkster ever since he insisted on being served his meals in a dog bowl at the age of 8, so he knows his stuff! Follow Bex on... Instagram Twitter Youtube You can also check out Bex's podcast (with Kate Sloan), The Dildorks. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


A Bisexual Couple’s Story

What is the bisexual double-standard? How does erasure affect bisexuals? And how does bisexuality work in the Swing Lifestyle? Angelique and John join Jess to discuss their experiences as a bisexual couple. Follow Angelique on... Facebook Twitter Instagram Follow John on... Facebook Twitter This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


All About Tantra (Bringing Dr. Jess to Tears)

Amina Peterson joins Jess to discuss the practice and philosophy of tantra. What is tantric breathing and meditation? How can a body scan improve your sex life an overall well-being? It’s not all about sex, but sex is certainly enhanced by the practice. Amina closes the episode with a brief body scan that moves Jess to a state of deep vulnerability. Follow Amina on... Instagram Youtube Facebook This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


Sexuality & Gender Terms Defined

Pansexual. Cisgender. Sapiosexual. Gender Queer. Gender Fluid. Agender. Aromantic. Demisexual. Gender Non-confirming. Transgender. Award-winning activist, Aida Manduley, joins Jess on the podcast to discuss terminology related to sex and gender. Which terms are appropriate and which are not? And how we can celebrate inclusion and learn from our own mistakes. Listen below to learn more! Follow Aida on... Twitter Instagram Check out these links that will help you become more familiar with...


What Can We Learn From Celebrity Relationships?

Are on-again-off-again relationships healthy? How can we break bad relationship habits? How do you recover after cheating? And how do you know if your work crush is crossing the line? Therapists Eboni Harris & Eliza Boquin join Jess to share their insights on these topics and more. They’ve got some great advice so make sure you tune in! Follow Eboni on... Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Follow Eliza on... Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Follow Melanin Mental Health on... Facebook...


All About Anal

If you’re curious about the butt and its potential for pleasure, tune in for lessons in anatomy, pleasure, technique and more! For more anal sex tips, check this out! This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts. Podcast Transcript Anal Play What! what! In the butt! Your bum is one of the most responsive erogenous zones on your body, so exploring its pleasure potential is a no-brainer. Not only is the anus rich in super-sensitive nerve endings, but it is actually anatomically configured...


How to be Happy After 51 Years of Marriage

Uncle Mike (Captain Lyn - @lyn.mike) joins Jess and Brandon to share his insights on marriage after 51+ years. Have a listen! With age comes wisdom and even if his experience is different than your own, you’ll find pearls of wisdom worth taking to heart. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.


How to Talk About Sex, Sex Webcams & More!

Jess & Brandon model a “how-to-talk-about-sex” conversation in response to a listener’s question — they share their unprepared responses on the spot. They also weigh in on spicing up date night, watching web-cam models, sex clubs, sleeping after sex & how long to wait before having sex with a new partner. Please find a rough summary of the podcast below. We are working on providing full transcripts for all podcasts. Welcome to the SexWithDrJess Podcast. I’m Jessica O’Reilly, your friendly...


Single Girl Problems

Single? Dating? Coupled? Whatever your relationship status, it’s time to take responsibility for your own happiness. Andrea Bain, host of the “Single Girl Problems” podcast joins Jess to share insights and advice for both couples and singles. This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts. Follow Andrea on... Twitter Instagram Pick up a copy of her book, "Single Girl Problems: Why Being Single Isn't a Problem to Be Solved", here. Here’s a summary of the dating and relationship advice Jess...