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Domestic violence affects a quarter of UK women: the role of sexual health practitioners

Two women die a week in consequence of domestic violence and abuse in the UK. It is increasingly recognised that enquiry by healthcare practitioners can enable pathways to earlier intervention and support. Editor-in-Chief of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Jackie Cassell, is joined by two specialists in the field to discuss the special issue of the journal on domestic and intimate partner violence, published in March 2018: Neha Pathak (Wellcome Trust...


A century of military sexual health: the origins of the speciality of venereal disease

Dr James Bingham, regarded by many as a father figure of the modern speciality, tells Lt Col Ngozi Dufty about the beginning of the field of venereal disease in the UK and how the origins of the sexual health service developed in consequence of the need to protect the health of the military troops first, and then the general population as a result. This interview is one of two podcasts published by the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal to signal the Centenary of the Venereal Disease...


STI Outbreak Issue August 2016: two cases of success in England

In this podcast we explore the management of STI outbreaks. Ian Simms, of the HIV & STI Department, Public Health England, interviews two authors who have managed STI outbreaks. Kirsty Foster, of the Public Health England North East, investigated an outbreak of gonorrhoea in young heterosexual adults in that area of the UK. Read the full letter here: Giri Shankar, of the Health Protection Team, Public Health England, talks about hepatitis B in the...


ISSTDR conference - Jane Hocking

In this podcast Dr Katy Turner talks to Dr Jane Hocking at the ISSTDR conference in Brisbane, Australia. They discuss Dr Hocking's preliminary results from a Chlamydia screening trial across Australia and the logistics for testing and collecting data across such a large area.